Brusing pain but not sign of bruise??

Hi all

I am on a 6 week course of Prednisolone lowering my dose each week. I am on week 2 now last week I was on 15mg this week 10mg! As soon I went onto 10mg I got a sore type of pain near my right armpit didn't think of it much but now it's spreading and even more sore like a bruise hurts to move and touch. It's all the way from my armpit to just below my elbow and now also on my hand and wrist. But it does not look bruised. I am confused has anyone experienced this before?

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  • Hmmm. Get to your doc I think. I had pain like an invisible bruise from armpit to elbow (inside of arm) that was ultra sensitive to touch and it turned out to be shingles. But not on my hand and wrist. It did hurt a lot to move or have anything on it, had to wear a sleeveless top. It slowly developed into a rash and spread across top of chest after a while. All just on one side. Shingles follows nerve pThs Anti- virals sorted it but best you see an expert. after all, with us lupies it could be a number of things or just one of those weird things that come and go!

  • That should have been "nerve pathways"! X

  • over the last week or so I feel sore from my shoulders to my elbows

  • Hi im the same in my arm its like iv done ten rounds at the gym,it does. rheumy said that's the way its going to be..he said its mild form of lupus. Don't feel mild.

  • Thanks for your replies. Just I'm sick of keep going to the docs, not sure if I should get it checked out or just let it be. Why can't symptoms just stop popping out of the blue all the time it's frustrating!!!

  • I think that's the most frustrating thing about Lupus, it's always got surprises waiting for you around every corner! I recently started getting nerve pain too a bit like you described (I thought it might be shingles at first) but it's actually 'small fibre neuropathy' and shows up as strange sensations (like hot, cold, tingling) and nerve pain on my skin. It reduced after my recent flare calmed down. It seems to be very tied with lupus flares and can be caused by lupus itself. Hopefully it will calm down when your flare is under control.

  • So I went to the doc. And it's an infection and now I am on antibiotics. Iv been feeling so unwell since last night. Am shattered my body is so fragile yet can't lay in bed as my two toddlers need their mummy!!!

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