Broken hip

Broken hip

On the 18th October I slipped on decking landed on my hip and broke my hip. I am 56 years old , have lupus , aps and raynauds and have never broken a bone before. I was shocked to be told I would need a total hip replacement. The recovery has felt very slow and as you can imagine having lupus has not been easy. At times I have felt very ill tired and just didn't think I was getting anywhere. However this week I feel I have turned the corner , the pain is more manageable and my stamina and concentration are getting better. This site has kept me going every day and I would like to thank the volunteers who offer such sound advice and help me to keep things in perspective when I feel low. Happy new year to everyone and good health to all


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4 Replies

  • Im 30 years old found out in 2010 i had lupus (sle) i jus had a total hip replacement due to steroids and lupus seems like whn u get better you go back a foot. They tried the stint which was the rod that was useless they only did that b/c they said i was so young so this has been very painful for me but then there also are the emotional stress. Staying strong is the only way i can make it through this but knowing i have supporters like you all make things so much better. But you will be fine that foot will take you a very long ways.

  • The doctors said that a splint was not very successful so they did a total hip replacement. It has been a major operation and the recovery has been very painful . Hopefully I will make a full recovery but have been told this could take up to a year. I too had steroids when I was diagnosed 12 years ago with lupus .i am going for a bone density scan to find out if I have osteoporosis. How long ago is it since you had your operations?

  • My surgery was Nov. 14 2014 so im around 9 r 10 weeks now. Still alot of pain seems like its im my tailbone he still uncomfortable sleeping on my right side. Just had a follow up yesterday and the doctor said everything looks fine on the xray. But with lupus if i start back having severe pain to come back in b/c thats a sign that can be an infection. So i know your pain and what you are goin through but everything will be just fine! Its easy to say but i went through it as well and i wanted to be alone there were times i bust out into tears b/c of pain and felt useless. This is a big deal not everyone will see it that way but i wish you the best!.purple

  • Yes I agree it is certainly a big deal. I think too when you have to have a replacement because of a fall you are totally unprepared for what's involved . Nobody prepared me for what to expect. I'm a few weeks ahead of you and feel like I'm at last making some progress. The lupus side of things , joint pain and terrible flu like symptoms made me feel like I would never feel well again but hopefully soon you will start to feel like you are making some headway. Hang in there you'll get there

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