Flu vaccine?

Am I supposed to get a flu jab? GP is nice but clueless. Louise Coote clinic not helping me despite my lupus positive skin biopsy, blood tests showing anti Ros but no anti las, swollen fingers, painful ribcage, hips and back, and Sacroiilitis showing up on MRI scan. I'm barely able to walk some days and yet am having to manage my illness myself. So please, any advice welcome - flu jab or not?

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  • If you are on immunosuppressive medication, then yes - Plaquenil and Prednisolone included.

  • Nope. I'm not being treated. I'm i. The middle of what will be no doubt a decade long diagnosis. But I have however got a positive lupus skin biopsy and was extremely ill over the summer with a fever, swellings, pain and eventually a wheelchair. So should I get jabbed? Thanks.

  • It depends how you're feeling now. If you're not feeling well, it is possible that your autoimmune disease is flaring. In that case the immune system is so focused on creating autoantibodies (I.e. Antibodies against self) that it leaves the door open for outside invaders, e.g. Flu.

    If you are feeling ok, then your immune system is likely to be able to deal with the flu.

    If you're under 65, have not been diagnosed with autoimmunity, and take no immunosuppression, then your surgery might refuse to give it to you because each vaccine costs, so they'll focus on those who are definitely needing it.

    However, if you've been offered it, then why not have it? You know there's something autoimmune going on, despite the lack of diagnosis, so I'd go for it. Even if the surgery doesn't offer it free, pay £10 at a pharmacy/supermarket and get it done.

  • Really appreciate that thank you so much. I want to feel well but fact is, I'm still flaring on and off albeit not as badly as in the summer. I will go for jab.

  • You might want to have a look at our post about flu jabs here, hopefully it will help;


  • Thanks a lot.

  • Hi: I just had my flu vaccine. Wish you the best. Better to be safe than sorry as they say.

  • I was diagnosed with Subacute Cutaneous Lupus (SCLE) last November and so had the flu jab last year and this year. Fingers crossed I have suffered no adverse reactions. I am on hydroxychloroquine. My understanding is that us lupies are not allowed live vaccines but the flu jab isn't live, so it is safe. But I am sure Paul's article above will be the best advice. Good luck.

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