Is it advisable to get the flu jab?

Hi, I have SLE and UCTD and was wondering whether I should be having the flu jab ? Am feeling pretty rough at the moment and I saw my rheumy yesterday who said I'm having a flare at the moment. Really don't want to be catching the flu too!! She made no mention of the flu jab. My GP hasn't mentioned it either. Is this something I need to be sorting out myself?


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  • I went and got it from my GP surgery. I have enough going on and decided I did not want flu, it's taken 8 weeks to get over a chest infection. 😞

    Call your surgery and ask them if you qualify 😀

  • Thanks barcardibabe76. I will call them today.

    Sorry to hear it took you so long to recover from chest infection. Hope you are well now xxx

  • Thank you Belee I am feeling much better now.

    I just asked if lupus qualifies and the receptionist said yes and booked me in 😀.

    I hope you get it sorted soon, however if they refuse I'm pretty sure tesco pharmacy was doing them for £11 last year x

  • Well that was interesting!!....I've just spoken to GP surgery to ask if I am eligible and they said they don't think so, only if I'm 65 or over!....I asked her to confirm this with GP which she is doing and going to call me back. Fingers crossed!

  • Wow. Weird how if differs, She asked me if I had a chronic condition and I told her and she was like yes you do.

    I found this.

  • GP just called me back, very apologetic that I hadn't been 'flagged' as a high risk candidate for flu jab! I'm having it week on Saturday so I'm hoping this flare will be gone by then.

    thanks for your advice xxx

  • That's great Belee, hopefully they will remind you each year now 😀.


  • Wrong, flu jab is for anyone over the age of 65 or in any of the "at risk" groups. You certainly do qualify for a jab. Also a Pneumonia jab.

    Babs x

  • Sorry I didn't reply last year, you definitly do qualify for a free flu vaccination. I'm in the East Kent NHS area and I get it so you can too. Best wishes Eddie

  • Hi Belee,

    It is advised that most people with lupus should have the flu jab and you should be entitled to a free vaccination from your GP Practice.

    You can read more about the flu vaccination and lupus in our article at

  • Thanks Paul. GP has just called me back to confirm that yes I am eligible and that it was their mistake and I should have been advised to have it when I was first diagnosed (3 years ago!)

  • Yes, most definitely, go get it, and by the way, get a pneumonia jab too, you only have to have this one once. As a lupus patient you can get both free, go to your GP and ask them. I have my flu jab every year now.......

  • BTW, you get them free if you are on immunosuppresents also, this is one of the criteria.

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