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Hi everyone this is my first post, just wondered if anyone has had any problems after a flu jab.I had a flu jab Nov 5th fine tuesday apart from a red and swollen arm woke up wednesday morning feeling dizzy unable to walk in a straight line,still feel as though I have a lack of balance if anything moves I feel as though I am about to fall over bending down is not a option.I have have flu jabs other years and haven`t had a problem I have dizzy spells with my lupus fatigue but think this is a reaction from the jab.Not sure what to do now. Take care everyone and wait for your replies x

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  • Hi - I've also been wondering if flu jabs do affect these autoimmune diseases. I have a crossover between RA and SLE, and have had the flu bab for the past 2 years with no problems. However for both of those years I've been on MTX and RA in particular has been quite well controlled. However this year I am only on prednisolone (quite low dose) and hydroxy as I'm waiting for funding for rituximab - had the jab on Saturday and my ankle joint has flared up so badly I can barely walk! I upped my dose of pred today just so I could get up and about and that made a ig difference, but had been wondering if it had been caused by my immune system kicking in to fight the vaccine, but attacking my joints instead! Hope your problems settle down!

  • i think you are right. i had my jab yesterday, today i have a bit of a temperature but all my joints are painful.

  • Hi Liliypad, I think you should seek medical advice on you symptoms you have discribed. I think that might have been one of the symptoms on the list to look out for but not 100% as i had my flu jab on the 6th October and i do seem to forget thing i'm told at the moment (brain fog)!!. I've had a flu jab for the past 12 years and this year i get the flu a week later which took me two weeks to shift, but i'm normally ok. Hope you feel better soon take care Heather x

  • I am not a Doctor and don't know if the things you are describing are due to the flu jab or not if they are bad get medical help.The 1 thing i will say is if you don't have the Jab and have flu this would be so bad for you and your recovery from it could set you back years.

    Take care x

  • I have had the flu jab for the last 10 years and each year I do just feel a 'bit off colour' for a couple of days and my joints do stiffen a bit. But once I did had Real Flu and was in bed for nearly SIX weeks, so my feelings are better to feel a 'bit off' than ever get Flu again. Good luck.

  • i totally agree, there is sooo much flu around here at the moment leaving healthy people in bed for a week, so i had my flu jab for the first time, feel very achy and rough today, but as you say much better than full blown flu

  • ring your docs just to be on the safe side :)

  • yes, i had the flu jab last week, i have been a bit dizzy, really really fatigued, a bit sweaty and joints all sore...

    but i feel it is essential for the winter months.. the actual flu is sooo much worse..

    if your symptoms continue, go back to ya doc!

    good luck x

  • Funny you should say that. My husband had his last night and woke up this morning feeling awfully dizzy, unwell and as if he could not stand up straight. Never any previous problems before with the flu jab and suffers from no medical conditions.

  • i had flu jab three weeks ago and ended up in hospital my blood count was 3, i dont care what they say i wont be getting it again!!!!!!!!!!!,

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