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Has anyone experienecd lupus rash randomly apprearing on say your arms or feet when they havent been exposed to sun? Rhumy has confirmed it is a Lupus flare, but why in these odd places. Usually face and hands with me. Hands are clear but have had 3 episodes on my face this year..... Always covered or factor 50 on exposed areas so I am wondering why?

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  • Hi! Some clothes still allow the harmful sun rays to get through, although doesn't explain your feet! :) Maybe try wearing suncream all over, even under clothes? I have some excellent clothing that blocks the sun, it keeps you cool and protected. I hope you are not in too much discomfort and let's hope for cooler weather soon. Take care!

  • Hi agree with tinkey, I find that I have to apply sunscreen on all areas that are subject to flare, even if covered up

  • Yes, I get the same, as does my sister. Seems she can't even sit under a lamp in the evenings to read without getting a rash. Even getting overheated will do it for me if I am near the tipping point. So in other words, when you are close to a flare, it does not take much to push you over and for us, and perhaps you, this rash is your first sign. I take that as a good indicator and call my doctor at the fist sign of it.

  • Thanks, for the advice. I did have a waterproof bomber jacket, gloves, hat etc on at the time and thought this would be sufficient coverage! At least its not on my face for once. Saw my rhumy and back on the steroids with another appt next week. Just soo depressing. once you are on the roller coaster it seems impossible to get off.

  • I only get a rash on my feet. And more so in winter.

  • Hi, I get random patches appearing all over from time to time, but it's always been on my face and hands. It's on my bum too. Looks like I've sat on top of the cooker. And I've definitely not been out and about butt naked !!

    I had my first depo injection two weeks ago. When the nurse said it goes in my bum and it may cause a rash and skin discolouration around the site so don't worry, I just laughed. I told her it was a right mess down there anyway.

  • There just doesn't seem to be any connection as to where the rash develops unless you enjoy bare bum sunbathing :-) thanks for sharing we have to keep a sense of humour although that's not always easy.

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