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Blue badge assessment experiences

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I've got an assessment coming up, and I wondered what people's recent experiences were, and what to expect. When I rang them to confirm the appointment, the assessor told me to bring down my current medication on the day. I said I am on depomedrol injections administered at a rheumy clinic. I don't keep the injections at home. So she told me to bring the prescription with me. I said I don't get a prescription on a piece of paper. I get an appointment letter telling me to turn up at the clinic, and then a nurse sticks a needle in my bum. So then she tells me to bring down the appointment letter to evidence the medication. I said, but it doesn't. It's just the standard NHS letter that just says turn up at the clinic on a certain day. There's no reference to the depomedrol in the letter.

Sounds like it's going to be an interesting meeting.

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I wasn't asked for any evidence of the medication I'm on she just wrote a list of what I told her. Also the assessment was totaly stress free, she recognised my brain fog and made suggestions of what issues I might have.

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Hi I have just had one may I sugest that you ask your doctor to print off what you are taking and what you go up to the hospital for also put down who you see at the hospital your doctor is the best person to help you at the end of your appointment the person who has done your assessment will walk you out they will have a stop watch with them they will time how long it takes you to walk a short distance in the meeting they will have a chart for you to point to 1 being no pain 10 being a lot of pain take as much information as much as possible good luck

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My assessor never asked for any evidence of medication or letters of diagnosis. She was friendly but never asked about my limitations just told me to do a series of physical tests. She said she would walk back with me to my sons car. My son was not there & had parked further down the road. So I had to walk further. - i. Was refused. I appealed the decision & said she had not asked about any evidence & sent it in. I then got issued my badge. Make sure you give the assessor all you can to verify your problems. Good luck xx


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Neonkittie17 in reply to Castlepoint

I have never been asked to produce evidence of medications taken etc of injections received. They didn't want any proof from my GP or rheumatologist as they said proof of higher mobility allowance/DLA issued 2017 was all that they wanted together with passport and a bill etc proving home address etc..

When I was retired on ill health, they came out to see me after I had filled the form in. They examined my upstairs with my hubby present then asked me a load of questions. I did not realise that they were watching how I got up and down stairs and in and out of bed which my hubby has to do anyway. They asked how far I could walk without pain etc and who helped with housework etc. took over an hour and then a couple of weeks later I got the Blue badge through and it said on the letter 'Awarded for Life'. Good luck, but when you get it Please don't let anyone in your family use it if you are not there as a friend of mine did with her sister who went to a shop for her, she got fined and told if that ever happened again she would have it taken off her.

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I never had an assessment,just sent in PIP award,medical evidence and latest prescription and was awarded it within a week

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If you receive the Higher rate of Mobility either DLA or PIP, the Blue badge should be awarded automatically Just renewed mine a week ago, no medical or medical questions, as soon as they new I had that award, I was given the badge, just had to post a copy of the award letter and photo to the council offices, along with the fee.

Good luck

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Hi. Can u not have the clinic where u receive the injections to fax the other about the type of shot?

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I didn't have an assessment when I got my badge last time, I hope they will renew it without any problems due in August this year! Good luck with your assessment.

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Get your gp to write a letter if you need evidence.

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I recently renewed mine over the phone. Went through a list of questions primarily about mobility. Think that is what they are concerned about so let them be in no doubt how difficult and painful it can be to walk a short distance at times if that's the case. I can manage a little on the straight and level but anything uphill or uneven does me in quickly. Also, I quickly tire and get pain. If you have the same problem, make it clear would be my advice.

Best of luck

PS. Why do so many motorists think that blue badge holders never need their spaces at night?

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Hi, to receive your badge it is very rare for you to attend an assessment, if you can see your doctor beforehand ask him to provide evidence about your mobility and if you have letters from DLA/PIP that is what they usually make a decision on. If you still need to go then beware they watch your every movement so if your having a rare goof day then think about your very worst and walk like that because you could be refused. Good luck

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Oops it should say rate good day not good sorry sore fingers x

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