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Just seen this rather interesting article

Is Fluoride causing auto immune issues?

The Effects Of Fluoride On The Thyroid Gland

.......It has been known since the latter part of the 19th century that certain communities, notably in Argentina, India and Turkey were chronically ill, with premature ageing, arthritis, mental retardation, and infertility; and high levels of natural fluorides in the water were responsible. Not only was it clear that the fluoride was having a general effect on the health of the community, but in the early 1920s Goldemberg, working in Argentina showed that fluoride was displacing iodine; thus compounding the damage and rendering the community also hypothyroid from iodine deficiency.

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I posted this here as it also suggests that this is a route to auto immune illness


Wow if true!

Victases said on 18 April 2012

The International Council for Control of Iodine Deficiency Disorders reported in August 2011 that a national study in the UK showed that more than two thirds of schoolgirls in the UK have low iodine intakes. In February 2012 they concluded that of 193 countries worldwide the UK is in the top ten of iodine-deficient countries with the greatest number of school-age children with insufficient iodine intake in 2011.

Iodine deficiency during pregnancy can lead to irreversible brain damage in the foetus, which is the major concern. Goitre in non-reproducing people is basically a cosmetic condition that is readily remedied What is the Dept of Health doing about iodine deficiency?

Who is doing the studies to follow this up?

Is fluoride in the water supply part of the cause for the rise in auto immune illnesses?


The conventional 'solution' is prescribing life-long levothyroxine - it didn't work for me; synthetic junk doesn't work for me.

Fluoride in the water is one of the causes and in toothpaste, too, because of course anything in the mouth even if not swallowed is absorbed into the body through the lining of the mouth.

Any toxic substance has the potential to cause auto immune illness depending on how much toxicity the body is subject to because it is the immune system that has to deal with all the toxicity and overload just sends the immune system into over-drive.


Yes, there is so much about fluoride and other toxic substances and how they affect the body especially women for some reason.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2009, but actually I am sure it is inflammation that causes the low thyroxin as In other parts of my body.

I took information to my dentist on fluoride because she said the reason I have so many problems with my teeth is because I don't use fluoride toothpaste.

I used it all my life and yet always had dental problems- given loads of amalgam fillings - there's another means of intoxicating the body!

I stopped using fluoride in 2000 when I became seriously ill after surgery, the wrong drugs and complications.

I almost died, but then I started to gain knowledge of all the bad things we do to our bodies because we are told by so-called knowledgeable people that we need to do it.

My dentist is lovely, but just like all conventionally trained clinicians, she has been brain-washed by reps. of pharmaceutical companies.

Interestingly only this morning, on the news, was how research has shown that organic food has so many more antioxidants than non-organic and how non-organic is full of pesticides.

We don't need to be Einstein to work that one out.

Our bodies weren't meant to be filled with pesticides, mercury, fluoride or any of the other toxic pollutant substances we are subject to including traffic fumes and aircraft pollution.

No wonder so many of us are ill, especially here in developed countries and now we are contaminating the rest of the world - so sad!


Funny about the especially women bit. Google Dr Brownstein. He suggests possible reasons why.


Thanks, will do that!


Thank you for sharing. This is very interesting. I've never heard this but makes sense. I also have low thyroid and always looking foods to add or avoid but never thought of fluoride. My doctors have always told me to drink purified or bottled water which I do. I live in the USA and some states push for adding fluoride to the water. This article was really interesting. Is fluoride added to your water where you live?


Yes it is. I live in London, UK. And I think they started adding it roughly about the time that people experiencing auto immune illnesses took off.

Alzheimers is becoming common place in the eldery. I have read that they have now made some links between people suffering from diabetes and the likelihood that they will get alzheimers. Well IF fluoride builds up a toxic load in the body, then the eldery will obviously be more effected.

I think sometimes, you do have to test out things for yourself if you believe you may be onto something. The medical profession have largely been led to believe that fluoride is a good thing. But what if it isn't?

I have been drinking largely bottled water for a while but not checking what is in the bottled water :-)


I think purified water refers to distilled water. But you get the same battle of whether its good or bad if you try to find out more online.

There are some reports that it will kill you as it leaches your body of minerals.

There are others that say that it only removes the inorganic minerals that are doing you harm. Due to the fact that you should be ingesting the wanted organic minerals as part of your daily diet you should have enough of the required good minerals.

Who is right and who is wrong?


Let's face it, we are all different and we all need different amounts of good minerals. No-one knows what 'every body' needs.

Our lifestyle experiences and ancestry makes us all different and what we need is bound to be affected by this. Most jobs are so toxic these days with all the Wi-Fi and chemicals and the body needs good nutrients to protect itself.

I use muscle testing and I listen to my body - I listen to others, but in the end it is what my body needs that matters because if I don't look after it, I won't be able to help myself or anyone else.


But I also read that they use distilled water on submarines. So unless they do something different with their diet or all die early I sort of think that you wont die before you have a chance to test the effects for yourself.

Please read for yourself though, as I don't want to encourage others to take any risks.

Just gather as much info as you can. I believe that any knowledge gained may be useful in fighting this condition.



Forgot what I was saying with the diabetes....

Diabetes is auto immune as well. Same source???? Same outcomes???

Alzheimers for all of us???


Try to keep the brain active and may be not - use it or lose it, they say and don't worry about what we may get, just live a day at a time and enjoy it and try to look after yourself with a balance of work, rest and play or exercise, sleep, mindfulness, nutrition, hydration and laughter - could go on, but I'm sure you know what I mean.

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See this article

I think I may have some signs of dental fluorosis. In an area where fluoride IS ADDED to the water..

^^^^ I was wrong. I have dental fluorosis without being in a fluoridated area


From a comment in the telegraph article ^^^^ comments section

temporalsnag english_pensioner • 4 months ago

Follow the money. I understand that a number of water companies own (or run, or operate or are owned by) producers of bottled water. Now THERE'S no surprise. Vested interest at work, as always.

**** I havent yet checked this comments validity



Read the comments section for contrasting arguments


I am sure they are right - they are survivors and go with what is good for them.


I do think I am onto something however I have since found out that London water is not actually fluoridated by the water authority at present. It is however possible that water companies may not fluoridate themselves but Strategic Health Authorities can take responsibility.

This website contains links to where in the UK the high levels of fluoridation are.

If I have dental fluorosis, which I believe I do, it has come via other routes. My reading has however suggested that fluoride CAN harm the thyroid and potentially damage bones and teeth. As most people use fluoride toothpaste I strongly suggest that you do some reading for yourself.


Re fluoride being added to the water in the UK, it's not in Scotland - that was stopped some time ago.

There's a really interesting book by David Brownstein called 'iodine, why you need it, why you can't live without it' which goes into the impact of flourine on iodine and our bodies.

You can get toothpastes that don't contain it - that's what I use. I also take Lugol's Solution from time to time, and I really should get more kelp into my diet!


I have seen some stuff by Dr Brownstein online.

I dont know if you heard the controversy a while back that aluminium pans might be linked to alzheimers??

I noticed I was getting reactions to toothpaste a little while back. I posted about it on one of these forums.

But if fluoride is in your body and causing issues????? then it will probably continue to do so as long as it is there???

IF there is really a link who would have thought it from such a widely used product.


Michael Mosley’s latest series covered iodine in one episode. It was all about milk and how the fact that so many are not drinking cow’s milk these days in dairy avoidance means that many are iodine deficient. I don’t think fluoride was mentioned but I’ve recently booted out the Duraphat toothpaste I’m prescribed due to my Sjögren’s and replaced it with Dr Organics. I’m also drinking small amounts of cow’s milk again. So far I haven’t noticed that I’m bouncing in rude health but we will see.

Given what you are breathing in daily in London, I think worrying too much about fluoride might be a bit OTT? Wouldn’t you be better off just finding ways to improve your iodine intake perhaps?


Although I started the post referencing an article about fluoride, Dr David Brownstein also mentions that the body can confuse other members of the halide family whose atomic structures are all similar.

So you have iodine, bromine, fluorine, chlorine and one I hadn't heard of astaxine.

Bromine is used in fire retardants, chlorine in cleaning products, fluoride in almost all toothpastes.

If so that is potentially quite an assault if you are not ensuring you are getting enough iodine first and foremost from your diet.

Dr Brownsteins father was suffering from heart disease some years back and Dr Brownstein gave him extra iodine which settled his heart issues. So iodine has a multitude of effects in the body and lack of it possibly similar.


Yes the Mosley programme convinced me of the importance of iodine too. And I’ve dumped fluoride toothpaste now as I said. But I can’t take in the rest I’m afraid - life is too short fo me to dwell on toxicity on top of environmental poisons we all absorb. After all I grew up Aaron’s throw from a London motorway. It’s not just what we eat or don’t eat that counts - it’s things we can’t easily escape like pollution.

I live in a lovely part of Scotland so that’s got to help a bit.


Oh yes - none of my cookware is aluminium. I changed to stainless steel, cast iron, and ceramic versions of everything a while back. Although I have just moved house a few weeks ago and had to buy a whole new set of stainless steel ones so that they would work on the induction hob! (never had an induction hob before).

I also use an EVA water filter at home. I rarely drink tap water unless it's been filtered - and in Scotland, the water is already really good, it's just the crap they add into it that concerns me. At least we don't have fluoride to contend with too.

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