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Hi, finally getting around to introducing myself. I found this community when I was looking for information as I was expecting to be diagnosed with lupus. I appreciated how helpful and supportive people in this community are. I joined even though I am from the US and not the UK because while nationalities and health care systems might be different, the disease doesn't care.

I finally got my diagnosis; I'm not surprised as I've been expecting it for the last 15 years. It has shaken me up a bit more than I expected. My rheumatologist was next to useless (at least for me). Basically what I got out of the appointment was, "I think we can stop calling it autoimmune and start calling it lupus." Well that's definitive (not). And "Stay out of the sun and limit stress," which is not easy as I am a graduate student in physics - we live on stress. I've forgotten what life was like without it! And oh, yeah, I'm a mother of two children, 9 and 11.

I would love advice on how to start reducing stress in a very busy, full life. I never seem to have enough time for anything. How do I take care of myself, too?

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  • Welcome eliza (love your full forum name! 🌻)

    Glad you found us!

    Your timing is perfect: Paul at LUK head office just posted here on stress management & his post he gives the link to December's LUK Blog Article which includes loads of feedback from forum friends here

    🍀🍀🍀🍀 coco

  • Thanks definitely l

  • oops didn't mean to post partially finished sentence. Looking forward to reading Paul's article.

  • 😆...if you click on the tab to the right of the Like tab below your reply copy, a drop down menu gives you the editing function (my wooly brain means am constantly editing my stuff here...OMG: the crazy typos that get past me ALL THE TIME 🙃)

  • You might like a blog called Despite Lupus by Sara Gorman who lives over your side of the pond and does a lot of lupus advocacy as well as running a business and having two daughters! She's very in to caring for herself as well as everyone else so I'm sure you'll find something to help if you have time to look. It will make a change from physics...

    Yes - doctors are really a bit other-worldish sometimes aren't they!!!!

  • Thanks, I will check out that blog. It does help just knowing other people are going through the same things.

  • Hi elizaSunflower,

    Welcome to the community. We may be based in the UK, but we have plenty of members and visitors from the USA in this forum, plus everybody understands lupus, so you are in good company.

    I hope that you found the article that Barnclown suggested helpful. Good luck with your studies. Is your college/university aware of your diagnosis? They may be able to offer you some additional support which could help relieve some of the stress?

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