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PIP / Lupus / Delay?


PIP - hi everyone,

I'm having a super stressful time with my health at the moment and in 7 weeks it's going to be my brother's wedding in August. On top of that the DLA have written to me and said if I want to apply for PIP, then I have to let them know by July 15th.

Can any of you tell me how long it takes for those forms to come through, whether I can tell them to delay and how many weeks you have to fill them out? I want to call them and tell them not to send till September. But I'm scared to pick up the phone.

On top of that, I've been dealing with a tremendous leak in my flat, which came in gushes over my electric meter, through the ceiling and in two other points in my kitchen!

Thanks guys.

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Don’t put it off cos they will see it as DLA not needed by you. Just go with the flow sorry about the pun with the water leak. Just pick up the phone and request the forms, do some research on the Internet, it’s a bit of a mine field with the questions, but you need to make sure you only answer the questions they give you, don’t volunteer extra inf. I can’t remember the questions asked but there are many. You can always mention the trauma with leak. It takes them a long time to respond and then they may need to interview you, in which case try and take someone with you. Any excuses to put things off can go give go against you.

Hope leak gets fixed.

Good luck.😀

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Thanks for your reply. You're right. It's these small things they're testing you on. Just have to be brave. Just can't fill out the form the few weeks of the wedding as I'll. r exhausted then. Thank you! X

I got the forms 2 weeks after I phoned them , you are suppose to get a month to fill them in but they count the month from when they send them and it took two weeks to get to me which only gave me two weeks to get them back to them , why it takes two weeks for benefits forms to get through the post God only knows , I had only had my forms for 4 days and they text me saying we still have not received your completed forms . The whole process takes 3 to 4 months I have been told . I had my assessment at the end of may and still haven't had the results .

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Thanks for your reply. It's really helpful. I've decided to call them today to get the forms. Fingers crossed. Thanks so much.

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Good luck with it , the man on the phone when I rang was very nice and explained that it's not a quick process , I would fill in your form straight away if I were you when you get it and then you probably won't hear anything until after the wedding and so you can relax and enjoy it , try not to think about the pip until after the celebrations , they do ask you to say if there are any dates that you wouldn't be able to go for the assessment and so you could give the wedding dates so that they don't ask you to go then . Send as much evidence as you can like copies of consultant letters to your gp etc , you could be getting all that ready while you wait for the forms to arrive .

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Thanks for your reply. The consultants forms is a really good idea. I kind of forgot all about that side of it. Thanks for the reminder and your ideas and wishes.

When I get the form I had two weeks to send it back but I rang and asked for more time and I got another two weeks. I wanted to get the letter from my consultants and GP and send them with the forms but the man on the phone from PIP said not to bother as they would get it.

It took some time before Capita got in touch and then they send the appointment for someone to visit me for the assessment.

Keep a copy of the forms before you send them off because you will be asked the same questions again at the assessment. Try and have someone with you for the assessment especially if you say you have problem with your memory.

You can change the date of the appointment for the assessment but only once.

You might be able to get your local Welfare Rights officer (from your local council) to help you fill in the forms or someone from the Citizen Advice office. My husband filled in the form after I answer each question.

All the best with the PIP form and the wedding.

Thanks so much for your advice. I will definitely get someone to accompany me as I definitely get foggy. I appreciate you getting back to me.

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