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Hello again

Hi guys. Not been on for a while. Haven't been too bad over the past few months but hay ho a flare has started. Pain in my joints. Ouch. Been to my docs who has signed me off work for a week and just waiting for a call back off rumie nurse about wether to put my meds up. God I'm so fed up. This really gets me down. Had a good cry the weekend but still felt like s**t after. Wish they could find a cure!!!!!

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Hi Clarebear....good to see you back:) Hope your flare up isn't too long and that they give you sometime to take away the pain. It's awful because it feels like life comes to a standstill every time there is a flare up....hang on in there and keep posting while you are off work xx


A cure would be amazing!!! Fingers crossed, ay.

Sorry you're not well, hope a tweak in meds will help.

Take care.


Hi there... I can fully sympathise with you. I am a teacher in the UK and I gave been having some physical difficulties with my joints and general health for which I had to have 2days off last week, though not nearly enough time off to get completely over my recent episodes of terrible joint pain. Also, I am experiencing other serious symptoms too... But I will save that for another post!

On return to work my immediate colleagues were supportive, though one suggested my pain was worse due to stress! I remained calm though I really did want to rant at her and ask her to so end a week in my shoes. She intimated that as my lupus diagnosis isn't confirmed (UCTD) then surely I should try to relax and that will improve my symptoms... All thus did was patronise me and I felt humiliated. Still, thanks to people on here, I know we can all understand each other. I could spit feathers!


Ohhhh I don't think I would have been able to hold my tongue with her. I work at a nursery and my colleagues are really good and understanding. I've been quite lucky last year and only had 1 day off so I hope they will be understanding this time. It is hard when people don't understand about lupus and how it can make you feel. Doesn't matter how much rest you get you can still feel shattered. It is nice that people on here know what you are going through and can cheer you up when feeling down xx


Smile & try to stay positive, I know its so hard when this flares up, mine always flares with joint pain, its how I was diagnosed 30 years ago. Do you use ice or heat packs i find that can help?


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