Hello again. I'm back!!!!

Well it's been about 5 months since I've been on here. Hope everyone is coping as best they can with there bits and bobs. Update: still plodding along. Still having my down days and panic attacks and seizures, but thankfully they are only every so often so feeling ok about that. Been on holiday to New York so that cheered me up lots. Got some great friends to keep me going and my best bud has asked me to be her maid of honour. Something to look forward to. Now to lose some weight to get in to a dress. Lol hope everyone can keep smiling xxxx

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  • Hi I don't think I've meet you before but we have something in common I need to loose some weight too. So maybe we can support each other.

  • Hi. Well I go to slimming world. You could always find your local group. I find it help to go every week and I've made some great friends too. It's all about healthy eating and you can still eat everything. It's a great help to me. Hope you do well xx

  • My sister goes to SW as well have thought about going but because she's there I decided against it. She's older that me by 10 years and makes everything a compatiom with her winning. I'm down to 25mg of steroid and reducing 5 mg a week. for next two weeks then 5g every three days until zero. By then this break through flair as my rheumatologist called it will be over an I can get to bring a bit more human

  • Hi Clairebear, good to hear you had a good time in New York!! Wow, lucky you! Glad you had that opportunity and that you have another to look forward to, it certainly makes life more fun :)

  • Welcome back Clairebear :) Sounds like you have been having a fabulous time! Good luck on the weight loss project, I'm sure you will look stunning :) All the best!

  • Thanks silvermyst. It's nice to have some responses. Especially when you've come in from a hard days work. Makes you smile xx

  • Most definitely :) Lovely to see you back x

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