Hello from rainy China!

Hello all! This is my first holiday since being formally diagnosed and, even though I have remained slightly cautious about the diagnosis, being away has confirmed it for me, in my mind.

My first five days were spent in the blazing heats of Hong Kong. No sooner had I arrived when great big welts appeared on my shoulders, chest and arms. I have also found myself taking cat naps during the day - sometimes up to three!

The past four days, I have been in China, where the weather has been a mix of blazing sun and torrential rain. Still beautiful welts on my shoulders, etc, but my friend and I have been bitten several times. Her bites are neat and small, but mine are huge and have been oozing for days. It's still raining and am off to Macau today, to see what else I can pick up! :)

Hope you are all staying as healthy as possible.

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Hi chrissiij. You sound just like me in Hong Kong this time last year. I am going out again on 16th July and will be wearing factor 50 and staying out of the heat as much as possible. Stay well and enjoy the trip at a very slow pace :-)


But isn't Hong Kong lovely? Am considering moving out there. :)


Hi chrissiij. Having lupus is great fun. Facter 50+ and half an hour in the uk sun and my legs and upper body are a mess then having people telling me i should have put sun cream on! happy days. Have a great time.


Hi you are certainly having a holiday to remember, unfortunately not for the right reasons, lucky you being able to go somewhere else, I am so photosensitive that I cover up all but my face in England in all weathers the only time I dare to bare flesh is when it is dark and I am outside! I even cover up and wear factor 50 on all exposed areas in places that have low energy bulbs or flourescent lighting to the extent that I wear gloves and scarf with most of my clothes have affectionately been nick named a Vampire by some. ;-) So a holiday for me seems unimaginable I hope that you can manage to enjoy the time that you have left out there and that you are not in too much pain, if you need the naps take them, then enjoy the time you are awake I've heard that it is a beautiful place.

I hope you manage to have some holiday fun

Madmagz x


I am now taking it easy and mostly relaxing by the pool, apart from yesterday when I walked 8 miles and was asleep by 7pm. :/


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