Roof of mouth itches like crazy!

When I wake of a morning my mouth itches like crazy sometimes and the only way it can get at it is with my tongue. After the itch subsides, I am left with a type of rash on the roof of my mouth which I can feel. Also, sometimes my nose itches or my ear. I know these are minor compared to the terrible joint pain I have, ( I have coeliac and I am hypothyroid as well) but I wondered if anyone else gets these symptoms?

My rheumatologist is treating me for lupus though on my letter back to the GP it says UCTD.

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Dear Bestbuddy, what is UCTD? Insofar as mouth, nose and ear rash/itch is concerned, I have to take steroid puffers for breathing problems, do you? If so, these can cause thrush, which itches. I suffer from what feels like massive (anything in you mouth feels huge) blisters which come up with no warning and make even drinking problematic. If you have sjorgens you will have a dry nose which also makes for itches you can get a spray for this from you gp. Mouth, ears and nose are all interconnected by the Eustachian tubes so it could be an irritation travelling through. I wish you the best of luck with this.


UCTD is undifferentiated connective tissue is when the rheumatologist treats symptoms of lupus or other connective tissue diseases but do not necessarily find enough evidence in blood work for a definitive diagnosis of any one type.

The itch and blisters come in runs every few days...for no apparent reason and is definitely not thrush but they drive me mad. I just wondered if this is a familiar symptom for those with lupus or sjogren's


I would like to know if the roof of mouth blood blisters are lupus or sjogren's. I had one so big it blocked my throat, until my choking burst it! since that one they have been much smaller thank goodness.


Morning. Yes those symptoms are cefinitely linked to Sjorgens and Lupus. I am guessing other autoimmune connective tissue diseases do too.


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