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Skin peeling from inside mouth after eating certain fruit, and smell hypersensitivity through the roof. Can anyone identify?

Hi all.

I just wondered if anyone can identify with this problem? I find now that many fruits, especially grapes, (I could make a long list of fruits but will not bore you) have become bothersome in that, my gums puff, the skin from the roof of my mouth shreds, and then, perhaps within the day or day after I develop a very sore mouth. My tongue feels burnt and swollen and has the shape of my teeth in it. My tongue looks like my mother's pie crust decoration! And it feels like its just a bit too large for my mouth. I have ulcers appear on my tongue and palate and quite literally it is a pain. I feel unable to supplement my diet with anything in its raw state anymore. It puts me off trying to eat any fruits. I eat plenty of vegetables but find my diet becoming very limited, unadventurous and downright boring.

My hypersensitivity to all things perfumed is also through the roof. Anyone wearing perfume, deodorant and aftershave etc makes my mouth tingle and burn and causes nasal congestion. I feel as though I can actual taste it on my tongue. I do take anti-histamines and have a steroid inhaler (the smells make me breathless too. I have asthma). Not only that, but it makes me feel dizzy and lightheaded. The locum GP I visited today asked me- "what would you do if I told you there is nothing I can give you to alleviate that and you have to live with it!" I was taken aback to be perfectly truthful and found his bluntness a tad rude and dismissive. I said to him that it does impact on my ability to be around people and that 'avoidance of triggers' is nigh on impossible! I dared to ask if my sinuses were possibly affected and causing the reaction to the smells and dizziness, headaches etc. He nodded and muttered something about 'a possibility' He then suggested I visit the dentist to see if there could be anything related that's causing my oral problems. I do have an appointment at the Leeds Dental Hospital in November so I will ask at my consultation. Obviously there is 'nothing that can be done' to help at the surgery.....

He examined my ears to see if there was a problem that could also be contributing to the dizziness. "Mmm, very blocked with wax. Put olive oil in three times a day and if it doesn't improve come back and we will syringe it!" Examined mouth. Apparently nothing untoward and the ulcers are 'quite small' I wanted to say - "size is immaterial, they are still painful as hell!"

And unfortunately I am still here floating around in the 'undiagnosed' ether. Hanging by a thread on the 'wait and see' diagnosis. Daily!

Thanks for reading. x

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Hi, I can't really help, but just wanted to offer you my sympathy. Methotrexate's made my mouth skin shred very easily whenever I burn it, so i can sympathise.

I find cordysol helps it heal more quickly and a friend with very bad mouth ulcers (not AI related) also uses it. On the down side it causes teeth to stain.

Out of interest can you eat tinned or cooked fruit? I ask because I find cooked apple much easier to digest than raw when my stomach is playing up, so I wondered if it was the same for your mouth.


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Hi Jenny.

Thank you for your kind reply.

Apples are not my favourite fruit but I have had them stewed and been relatively ok. That said, I could repeat with the same another day and have a reaction. Perhaps not quite the skin peel but the puffy gums and tingling tongue. Skin eruption later.

Also, as I mentioned to the GP yesterday, (he suggested this too) I have used Corsodyl in the past and Difflam too. Unfortunately they did seem to aggravate the situation. I'm hoping when I visit the Dental hospital come November there might be able to give me some suggestions I haven't yet tried. All crossed.

Sorry this seems so negative. I truly appreciate you taking your time to reply. 😊Connecting with someone is a big help. 👍🏼Just recently, for some reason the situation appears to have worsened. I just wondered if anyone else had experienced this type of symptom.



Oh, that must be so frustrating, getting different reactions on different days. Good luck at the dental hospital, I hope they can help.


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Thank you 😊 x


Hi Minnskimoo,

Acidic drinks like fruit juice can sometimes be the cause of ulcers. We published an article on our blog about coping with oral and nasal ulcers which I hope you will find useful: lupusuk.org.uk/coping-with-...

The NHS Choices’ website provides a range of healthy recipes which you may like to check out here: nhs.uk/Livewell/healthy-rec...

Before attending your appointment you may like to read our blog article about getting the most from medical appointments here: lupusuk.org.uk/getting-the-...

Also, you may like to read our blog article on getting a diagnosis of lupus here: lupusuk.org.uk/getting-diag...

Good luck with your appointment, please let us know how you get on.

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To me this sounds like oral allergy syndrome… Have you looked into that yet? It creates reactions in the mouth with certain raw fruits and vegetables that have protein similar to different pollens that you might be allergic to.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply, stacie296.

I have had a look at ‘oral allergy syndrome’ and I can identify with a large number of these symptoms.

I have had an allergy test (although not intense) and mentioned to my GP who said I had been tested for allergies RAST allergen test ...returned ‘normal’ Had Ige test which came in below normal and classed as satisfactory but have never been referred to an allergist (in spite of numerous requests) for ‘specifics’ I am overly cautious when eating and still feel unable to tolerate fruits and salads in their raw state. Rocket leaves burn my mouth and cause many tiny ulcers to collect in my mouth. I avoid at all costs.

It is grim and no fun and I feel lacking in the health stakes while not able to eat nutritious, vitamin packed foods At one time there wasn’t really many food types I couldn’t eat.

It’s a job!



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