Gums and mouth sores

been struggling along for a couple of weeks now. The gum around one of my lower wisdoms fluffed up and is very sore. It has started to track alone the other teeth. Also I now have sores on the roof of my mouth. I have had slight relief from ibruprofen. Is there anything that the GP can do or would I be wasting his time? I am pretty sure there is no infection just inflammation. I have only recently seen the dentist and hygenist.

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  • Have this also. It's so painful. Mine comes and goes, doctor gavr me a mouth wash called diflam, it's brilliant, numbs it also. I had it worse when I was on methotrexate, terrible mouth ulcers. On mycophenolate now so it has been better but do still get it.


  • I am now on hydroxy and asprin so hopefully i may ease

  • Hope it does for you. The diflam definitely helps when it's bad.


  • Hi, I wouldn't go to the dentist after my own experience of this the dentist told me it was down to eating too many sweets. I have lost a few teeth as my gums fluffed up and receded this is all down to dry mouth - as we have dry mouths there is nothing to protect our teeth so bacteria builds up and we get mouth infections after mouth infections.

  • Hi Maximillian

    For a dry mouth I can recommend Biotene Toothpaste or Mouthwash. It's an anti-bacterial and it's so improved my mouth, I've had similar problems to you. It's expensive but you might be able to get the mouthwash on prescription.

    It's great you've newly joined the community. Cheerio .

  • Thanks for the advice Misty I appreciate it's so nice to have joined, I did join a group on face book but it turned out to be American and all they were doing was preaching and blessing each other not good to me as Athiest. I just wanted to talk about SLE :-)

  • Hi Maximillian

    Have you been newly diagnosed with it?. Can take some getting used to!. You'll find some great responders on here and some chaps too! Cheerio.

  • these sort of oral probs Are me too. Life long. Despite always taking good care of my teeth. Dentists & hygienists always told me: your teeth are great, this periodontal inflammation is normal. Now I'm finally in treatment for sle, my rheumatologist tells me this is characteristic of my version of SLE. So....Ok, yes, for some of us, it turns out, our frequency and scale of these symptoms is more or less "normal"! Do I sound bitter? Hope not. but part of me does feel cynical. My vvvv lupus experienced rheumatologist says my version of this is mainly down to sle & sicca syndrome (pretty much the same thing as sjogrens)

    This subject matters a lot to me....hope I don't ramble on too're right: this is often more about inflammation than full blown infection

    I agree with misty: biotene products do help. I found the full range online. Unless my oral inflammation flare is throughout my mouth, I avoid bathing its delicate tissues in stronger mouthwashes etc. but corsodyl sugar free mouth wash bathed in corsodyl and painted on the sore tissues does help...but healing can take weeks & weeks.

    I'll try Joanna's diflam: a new one for me

    Maximillian's point about oral hygiene is also key, and my rheumatologist emphasised this too: I see my dental hygenist every 3 months. I scrub my gums, tongue & teeth first thing when I get out of bed, and do flossing & electric toothbrush work after breakfast & at night, I use all the new oral care toys: electric brush, tiny interdental brushes, floss etc etc

    What i eat & drink is key for me too: a mainly anti inflammation diet & supplements helps for sure - avoiding caffeine, elcoholic etc (ho hum...10 years of this means I've learned to appreciate going to so much effort, but it can be boring...I admit)

    I'm sure all this helps...but there are few weeks when i'm not managing some oral inflammation, lesion, ulceration etc 60 now, and my lupus meds don't seem to have slowed this oral stuff down much, but they have helped a lot with other aspects of my version of SLE.

    so, best of luck, take heart & take care

  • Hi I took a Betnosol mouth wash for this for many years but it was only when my Hydroxy was increased that it really got under control

  • I get Difflam on prescription, have been using it for a few years now. The dental hospital prescribed it along with BioXtra toothpaste and mouthwash, and I've been very grateful to the dentist that sorted those for me.

    Have also lost several double teeth thanks to drymouth/Sjogrens and sugar. Whether my teeth would have been so vunerable without Sjogrens I'll never know but the dentist said both were to blame. I've been assessed for partial dentures and am hoping to have those done some time soon, be nice to chew properly again.

    Had the last broken tooth out about 2 months ago and it didnt heal well, needed antibiotics. My gum was swollen before the extraction just as you described loublou, it's been so sore and its taken a while to mend but it seems ok now. The dental nurse said when you have a tooth out the gum needs to fill with blood to protect it from infection while it hardens up...the student that took my tooth out didnt allow it to bleed enough so infection set in and I had to go back....

    I would definitely recommend the Difflam for mouth sores :)

  • That is all brilliant advice folks, thank you. I dont have dry mouth and my hygenist and dentist are always very pleased with my teeth. Hoping the inflammation will settle soon. No salt and vinegar crisps for me!

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