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Will having a wisdom tooth pulled worsten my flare?

Hi all,

I am having a really bad flare at the moment and have a seriously bad chest infection. But I also have a broken and rotten wisdom tooth that needs pulling. It's lacerating my cheek and causing abcesses. But I am yet to get on any medication for SLE and need to know if taking care of the tooth is likely to make my symptoms worse? Should I just sit it out until I get some treatment (which isn't on the horizon as apparently I need to see a haematologist in two weeks and then get her to refer me to a rheumy?)

Please advise me! Thanks x

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this time last year i had two teeth pulled i take hydrocloxycorican

and methatrexate spoke to practice nurse before hand about antibiotics she spoke to one of the doctors who said no need i got one terrible infection so have a word with the dentist or doctor first


Better to have it done while not on immune suppresent medication. Go ahead xx


I am on imuno-suppressants and had a tooth extracted due to infection 2 weeks ago and it all went fine. Sore for just a few days and now no soreness and all healing well. As long as your dentist understands what meds you are on it should be fine,better than dealing with a nasty tooth.


Thank you x


If the infection spreads you'll be much worse- get it done ASAP!You'll probably be offered antibiotics if you've abcesses already, but if not, ask for them and explain why.Most dentists I've come across tend to play safe but I have had some very poor treatment at times.Last time I had a tooth removed( very long story, but due to shoddy treatment at my local teaching hospital, where my dentist had referred me for 'expert' help!I was told that policy on treatment for immuno-compromised patients had changed and I would NOT be receiving antibiotic cover- the consequence was an awful infection which really set me back, so be careful.


I had a tooth extracted last week due to abscess, my dentist is fully aware of my condition & meds and all went fine. Dentist strongly advises extraction when theres infection especially because my immune system is compromised - a tooth infection is a PRIORITY, hope all goes well :)


I should think that getting rid of something that sounds so extremely uncomfortable will make you feel much better in yourself and as one of the previous lupies mentioned the sooner the better before the likelihood of you being put on any drugs that further suppress your immunity.

God luck and all the very best hope you make a speedy recovery

Madmagz x


Fair enough. Will find a dentist and get it done. Thanks!


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