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Could I be having a Lupus flare?

I have been feeling really poorly for last couple of days my whole body aches I am extremely tired, my throat and ears are sore. I am due to go on holiday soon so went the doctors to get checked out basically they said there was no sign of any infection. I was only diagnosed with lupus in January and I am still trying to get to grips with it. I was diagnosed with mild lupus so don't like complaining or taking up my specialist time as there arr plenty of people worse off. I just wanted little bit of advice if possible I have just spent all day in bed!! Thanks Emma

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Hi Emma,

PLEASE never think that you and what you are going through is any less important than any other person!!!!

YOU are the most important person to yourself and those that love you and you owe it to yourself to get as much help and support as is called for.

I used to be exactly the same as you, to my detriment, and even though i admit it is hard to look at yourself as important sometimes.........YOU HAVE TO DO IT


please go to see the specialist xx


Hi Emma, I agree with MandieR, it's so important to respect this disease, even when it's labeled as 'mild'... as I have found out myself recently it is misleading to call it mild when it can dominate your life... and if it's not treated it can progress. It sure sounds like a flare to me. Do rest and take good care of yourself and get the treatment you need.


Thanks. The problem is I don't even have a contact number for my specialist other than the hospital phone number so not much help. I have always just tried to get on with having Lupus and not really acknowledge it but I have been reminded big style the last couple of days fed up now I thought I could just continue like normal but today I can't even get up!

Would you contact your specialist if you felt like this now? I dont like being a pain

thanks and sorry for being miserable I know I am one of the lucky sufferers just hoping it wont ruin my holiday.


Hi Emma, if you ring the hospital number ask to be put through to your specialists secretary. The secretary will take a message and speak to the consultant then she/he should call you back. I've done this a few times now and my consultants secretary is fine about it. Take care, Angela x


Hi Emma ,

Sounds like your haveing a flare. I'm feeling the same at the moment to. Try and take it easy. Although that's hard to do when you probably have work and family commitments. Plus the fact most people don't understand what's wrong because you look fine to them. It will take a while for you to adjust and understand all the signs of when your becoming unwell.

Hope it doesn't spoil your holiday x



It is important to listen to your body. If you feel awful and spend the day in bed it is because you need to. Also, just because an infection doesn't show now do go back again to your GP as sometimes you can feel bad before they can pick it up. Make sure you get right before going on holiday so you can enjoy it. Hope you feel better soon,


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