What should I do?

Hello everyone,

Not sure what I should do I left my job as pharmacy tech in 2012 because I thought the stress was causing me to be sick, after 5 years of resting, changing my diet, and having test done I'm still in not well although feeling somewhat better. My last blood work came back normal but have been referred to rheumatologist. That appt. is the middle of May

My old employer where I worked for over 15 years tracked me down to offer my position back. I really want to do this but don't know If I will be able to even get up and get ready and get there on time much less stand all day and process prescriptions all day

I didn't tell him no, just waiting to hear back from them now with what they will pay. Afraid I will just get worse again, maybe rheumatologist will give me some treatment that will help.

Any thoughts will be helpful !!

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  • I did a similar thing - I stopped working in 2012 thinking a year or two eating properly and being away from stress will improve my health. Wrong. I feel worse. At least at work I had people to talk to and I was part of something.

    If you want to go back, could you try it part time first and see? Maybe less hours during the day, or less days per week? It doesn't hurt to ask. Your previous employer clearly values your work, so he's probably prepared to make allowances for your ill health when it hits.

  • Life is a gamble.....give it a try.....what have you got to loose? be brave and enjoy. If it doesn't work out, so what!

    Choose life, good luck :-)


  • They may give u some treatment that will make u feel better but would the job be full time or long hours? I'm only 38 but haven't worked full time since about age 21 as it just killed me! I just ended up being off sick for months so had to just accept that I couldn't do full time, I used to do 3 days a week but since having my 2 kids 1 and 4 now, I only do 2 days.

    So yes it just depends, I think it would be a good idea to go part time if possible as there's no point making urself ill and like u say it's a stressful job and also a job that u don't want to be making mistakes in!

  • Thanks Purpletop, Tripitaka and Sara for your very helpful replys. I will talk to them. Really don't want to get worse or make mistakes. There's always a Pharmacist that checks all my work. Choosing life does sound better than not. Thanks again!!

  • My guess would be that you will feel better about it if you are completely honest with your employer, and say something like, "I'd love to work for you again, but I am afraid I won't be able to manage because of my health issues". If they are reasonable, they will be glad of the opportunity to have a discussion about what arrangements would suit both them and you. It might mean reduced hours, a later start, or an adapted work station (obviously, I don't know what a pharmacy technician does!!!) or whatever. But at least both of you will know the score and even if it doesn't quite work out, there will be no hard feelings on either side. Good luck, whatever you decide X

  • Thanks Whisperit for taking the time to respond. Honesty is the best policy! Guess I'm just worried they won't want me then, wish I could start after Rheumy appt. but they need someone before that I'm pretty sure. Monday I will talk with him.

    Thank you again!!!

  • Hi rxtcjw1,

    Could your employer make any adjustments to the role to help you manage better and facilitate your return? Perhaps flexible hours could be helpful if you struggle to get in on time some mornings? Could they provide a chair/stool so that you don't need to be stood quite as much?

    We have a couple of guides about lupus and employment which gives some advice about adjustments and information about your rights in the workplace. You can read and download them at lupusuk.org.uk/working-with.... If you need physical copies, please send me a private message or email paul@lupusuk.org.uk with your name and address.

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