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Be positive with a positive attitude and positive things will happen

I am a person who suffers with lupus trace that has affected my kidney function and ive suffered from kidney failure i was diagnosed when i was just 18 years old and at the peak of me trying to embrace life i got knocked back with this illness. I was in and out of hospital i remember feeling so unwell not having the energy to eat, drink or just get out of bed a lost a lot of weight i was 7 stone and i went down to 6 stone in weight. After being diagnosed with this illness i was put on steroids that as we know are not enjoyable medication to be on and the side affects are horrible the weight gain and other side affects my face swallon up it felt like it was the worst time of my life i lost my self esteem and i lost my friends because of the way i looked so i suffered with mild depression but lucky i had my family behind me all the way helping me to get better and to keep thinking positive and drumming it in my head to just get on with life and don't let lupus control my life and i did i tried to just block out my illness and try and life and accept i have an illness but not accept it to take over my life and to be strong and be positive and now 10 years on i can thankfully say i haven't been in hospital for the last 6 years and i have a bit more self esteem. I have now had a little boy is 18 months old his my bundle of joy and i am just thankful that i never let lupus control me or my pregnancy and i had a great pregnancy i know a lot of woman with lupus find pregnancy hard or have to make real hard discussions regarding to there baby and to there self e.g. where to abort the baby because there illness could cause them to have a miscarriage or deformities of the baby or the illness could get 10 x worse) but i choose to stay positive once again and carried my son the whole 9 months so my advice to all the people that feel really low because of having lupus and feel negative about life i would say i know it hard right now but it will get better and positive thinking is always a good way to think and Dont let Lupus control your life you control your life :)

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A very positive story x


Aww Thank you x


Here here, we'll done. You are an inspiration.

I have done exactly the same I accepted the illness but would not let it "get me"

Keep it up. I do believe you get out what you put in. X


Aww Thank You

Thats really good that you have a positive outlook on life too and you have accepted it and you are still living your life that's really good X



Thank you very much for sharing your story with us as you've answered many questions and doubts I've had regarding the whole 'having children' dilema.

You've also given me hope....

Congratulations on becoming a mum and remaining Positive throughout it all. I do belive that your outlook has a deep impact on the outcome of life.

Best of Luck....Big hug xxxxx


Aww Thank you

Im so glad that i was able to answer some of the questions regarding having children and giving you hope im really really happy about that, That was kinda my goal to just give the people who are suffering with our illness hope and show that you can have a nice life and just to put that positive feeling back in to individuals because this illness can bring you down and make you feel negative about life, You just have to try hard to think positive and take every day as it comes because some days can be harder then some

Best of luck to you also x


Hi Brandy28,

Well it's been on my mind for a while & I got to a point where I was really against having kids. (Lupus was a factor but other reasons as well, hugee list)

Constantly wondering if would I be able to cope mentally.

When at times I can just about deal with myself & with situations (as i'm a major stress head not to mention a huge worrier and then the responsibility of looking after another human being...)

I know I would be a good mother & many people have said the same thing.

But too many other things overshadow the thought.

I would say i'm a realist but then others would class it as being negative.

Lupus had made me more on edge in the sense of i hate feeling like i'm not in control of situations and always try an avoid a situation before I see it happening.

Funny thing is I was in a really good mood when I read this yesterday and now since writing this I feel quite emotional...(wahhhh)

Another thing: I've has Cyclophrosphrmide back in Feb 2012 and was told in could make me infertile.. my periods were always regular as clockwork until Feb this year where it started going awol, coming every 32 days or so so i don't know when or if i'm actually ovulating...

So many questions i know!!

Here's something though: I have given myself the nickname 'Worry Murray' to rhyme with my surname!!! :p

Hope this post doesn't tire you out just trying to get through reading it all haha x


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