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Want to claim dla but don't want to get turned down :'(


Hi guys Sorry iv not been on for a while, been sorting myself out. ANyways I wanna try claim dla but I don't think they will give me it tbh, with me being a stay at home mum are they just going to say "you manage to get your son to nursery ok and do the housework" but It's not that simple :/ I don't always get my son to nursery because I'm so tiered or in so much pain that I can't leave the house, but they look at everything black and white. JUst the money to be able to get a taxi there and back if I'm having a flare? It's not much to ask tbh but I doubt ill get the help. Not to mention that iv been in a flare for 2 week now so iv put the stone on I worked so hard to lose :'( not a good week

XXx loubie xxx

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Hello lovely

First time i aplied for dla i was turned down, then i was given advice about filling in form. "Imagine your worst day ever,then answer questions! In boxes fill in your worst experiences.. I.e my partner has to bathe me sometimes.. Im 26 this upsets me i wrote it all down.

So tell them about how this affects you getting your son to school i was awarded low dla but it helps! Lots of hugs danie xxx

Go 4 it Loubie, u have nothing 2 lose. Ideal if u can get Citizens Advice or Disability Advice Service 2 help u fill out the forms as they know exactly what 2 put x

Thanks guys, its getting depressing being stuck in the house because I can't walk too far incase I start getting pain and get stuck on my own. Think ill go for it :)

Xxx loubie xxx

Hi you must apply for it make sure you put everything down on you bad days also try to get as much medical evidence from GP, and Consultants as this will help, i was given it over 20 years ago for 2 years then had to re apply that went through again for 3 years then i was told i was not entiltled to it, so i had to appeal and won it back, then the new rules came in this year its now called PIP, I had won my award for life under the old system this was done last may but have been informed nobody gets transfered straight over so i received letter saying they would be in contact around 2015 as it only been reviewed last year but its still a nightmare to think we have to go through it all again. The system is crazy especially for anyone all ready given it for life.

Good Luck x

Iv had a look through the website and i don't think ill qualify tbh, seems i will probably be told i manage well enough, hmmm, still gunna go for it tho i think xxxx

You go for it girl!!!

Try contacting your council and ask if the welfare dept can help you fill in the paperwork. They are also brilliant in helping re appeals etc.

Good luck and remember you deserve it! :)

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