No choice but to claim ESA but doctor refuses to backdate medical cert?

Does anyone know where I stand as I'm entitled to 3 months backdated ESA but my GP yesterday refused saying it's not the practices policy to backdate as they aren't aware of patients personal situations.

There are only minor ailments on their system as I'm under Rheumatology and endocrinology so at hospital all the time. My gp practice is aware of this as they receive letters. I've been off sick since April with Hashimotos Lupus and now a diagnosis of myositis. I think it would be even more difficult to get it from my consultants or hassle to get them to write and confirm I've been off sick for 6 months!

Should I complain to the practice manager but am scared I'll annoy my gp and I need him onside. He's always been very good but he got very annoyed saying he doesn't have to do anything and it's not practice policy to back date due to ppl fraudulently using this facility.

But I'm not one of them and he knows I've been genuinely sick. Any advice pls

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  • Hi MissFG,

    Does your rheumatology department have a specialist rheumatology nurse you've seen? Could you maybe contact them to see if they can do a letter for you?

  • I'm going to contact the secretary thanks

  • Hello MissFG,

    I have found one of the surest ways to get the wheels of officialdom to turn is to involve one's MP or the local media. The policy then has a miraculous transformation, rapidly followed by a statement, that it was one big misunderstanding.

    I think Paul Howard has also given a very good suggestion in his reply but, if nothing comes out of it, try your MP......Good Luck!

  • Thanks it's hard when we need the support from our gp's not to get their backs up but when they've genuinely seen you sick under several consultants for 20 months it's just a joke and an additional battle you don't need when your sick

  • You are so right!

    With all the heartbreak, worry and pain Lupus brings to one's life, the last thing one needs, is more stress and worry from someone who should know better.

    It really worries me the direction our NHS GP services are taking. It seems that the managers are running the show, rather than clinicians: A case of the tail wagging the dog.

    I hope it all goes well for you.

  • Worse thing is I've just been diagnosed and started treatment for Myositis and being referred to a specialist so it's pretty unbelievable he was so adamant and refused it for me!

  • It also seems weird that given this illness takes a long time to get a diagnosis that of course there have been long standing issues.

  • Hi missfg

    Sorry to read of your problems with your GP not willing to backdate your sick note for ESA. Contact citizens advice 03444 111 444 who will be able to tell you whether it's needed and how to navigate the DWP for ESA. Might be worth a try!. Good luck and hope it's sorted soon. You don't need the stress with your new health worries. X

  • Thanks I'm going to put pressure on my consultant as they're responsible for my care and know I'm off sick or ill just put a complaint in lol

  • Best of luck with it all miss fg. Hope you get it sorted. X

  • Go to the consultant, they can and would sign you off, do you get letter format sent to you after each consultant appointment as you could take these to the go practice although they should have these already to prove length of sickness and your diagnosis, but don't throw these away save for the ESA50, when you receive this form send as much evidence as possible, to prove your diagnosis and how this effects you, ESA love to refuse! see a different GP.? You have the right to.

    Good luck. Get better soon.x

  • So both my GP & Rhuemy have both refused stating they are not allowed to back date medical certificates???

    If this was true then why does the DWP advise that ESA can be back dated with a backdated medical certificate?

    The only hope I have is that they'll accept my evidence i.e. Hospital appts etc and that I was awarded PIP in July which was backdated to March.

    Potentially I could miss out on about £1000 because no one will help me get what I'm entitled to!

  • I can recommend a website called benefits and work, you can access some free information but for under £20/annual membership rate, you can get specialist advice pertinent to your situation. I've found they're much more knowledgable than free but limited welfare rights info from voluntary organisations/third sector charities. Good luck it seems you have an inflexible and unhelpful GP!

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