18 weeks pregnant and so down are things just going to get worse?

Hi everyone thanks for reading I'm 22 and 18 weeks pregnant with a unplanned baby and pregnancy is kickin me up the bum lol I'm in so much pain and my mobility is reducing everyday and I feel completely alone. My consultant has said she won't see me til after baby as I have to be seen in a pregnacy and lupus clinic but I haven't seen them yet. Gp has been crap and I've seen 4 I just have no support they keep saying to go back to work but I can't get out of bed it's not exactly my choice to be on half pay when I need the money more than ever I just want someone that I know will back me up to get disability as I really don't think I can go back and the fact that things are getting worse isint helping I was struggling really bad before baby and wanted to give up but got rejected for DLA as I had no back up from gp then sorry for the rant :( I just don't see any light at the end of the tunnel x

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  • Im in Canada, but are there any type of advocates around for situations like this? Over here there use to be advocates came in once a week to the employment center, to help people that had life crisis. They would discuss with you about things like disability benefits, paperwork, who to see..,or any other help they could offer (for free)..They came up with some great ideas...

  • Hi I am off work on less than half pay at moment , I know it's hard being alone with this condition and a baby on the way , but believe me it's harder if your with someone that would resent you I was in that situation for a long time because I thought it would be harder on my own ,it's not , as far as the money side of things go get in touch with C A B citizen advise , I did that this week . They are helping me personal indepence payment the job center put me in touch with them , you will get help with a weekly allowance and gas elec and water bills , I am being treated for lupus , but have not as yet been given an official diagnoses . I know believe after a lot of reading I have had lupus all my life but no body picked up in the 70s when I first started showing symptoms had rash on my face at the age of 11 was told I had some sort of pox and it went on from there , your baby I know was unplanned but it is part of you children and I talk from experience from having 3 have been my saving they will give you unconditional love and give you the will to carry on at least they have been with me ,my baby girl is on her way home today from uni to help me I have days at the moment when I can't get down the stairs stick with it you will have good days and bad ,but take the joy from the good days they will keep you going .x

  • hi love,sorry you are feeling down and alone,just wanted to say if you are on facebook please join the group called lupus,pregnancy and motherhood,its fantastic, you really need to chase up your app at clinic and be telling the doctors how you are feeling xx

  • Hi Zoezoe - can't recommend too highly that you go to your local CAB for help. I don't know where you live but the CAB should be able to offer you help with advocacy with benefits etc as they should have someone who is a specialist in this type of work; you may have to help them understand the 'lupus bit'. They can also help with advice on lots of other things which you might find helpful.

    Good luck with the baby -stay strong and get the help you need.

  • Hi love I just had my baby .. You will be ok and the baby will be just fine ... Lupus will kick you're behind but it's all worthed .. I felt the worst and I am still recovering two months after birth it's the worst my son was a month early but a strong small baby ..I was going true the same thing and honestly I got so depressed but I'm fighting for my life

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