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I don't get what tier 1--3 mean

Ok so what does tier 3 Ana dada w/ reflex mean? And what happens if you don't get the medical help you need? And I do want it but I just don't have a ride to get there but then again I don't have no one so. Gives a **** so why shoumd I?! I'm try I g to strong and go through all the weirdness but I can only take so much and in a whole yr and half iv been through separation, divorce, my ex turning kids on me, loss of home then bit with this disease and no remission! Can k get a break!!!

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Hi, this is a difficult test to explain. ANA as you know is the test for lupus and some other autoimmune conditions. It very basically works by being diluted. The amount of times it is diluted and still showing is the titre number, so 1.08 etc. Then there is chart, tiers 1-3. If the titre number is tier 1 it indicates SLE ,MCTD, strongly, (that's where the dsDNA comes in). If its 2 then possibly SLE, sjorgrens, polymylitis. If 3 then Crest syndrome, neuropsychiatric sle. This means that the central nervous system could be involved.

It would explain feeling down or depressed. It can effect all parts of your body. If your have had these tests I am sure your doctor will follow up and it is important that you try to attend. Help is there. All the best.


I tested tier 3 and positive positive for ds dna is there a web site I can read abkut it


Hope this helps:


Lupus U.K have lots of great information if you click on their website at the top of this page.

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Idk it's confusing


Hi Lilrosie,

Don't try to get medical help here. You need to get yourself to a 'good' Doctor/s any way you can so they can explain what's going on and help you. A Lupus Specialist would be good. When you test positive to any anti nuclear DNA blood tests you need to get medical help or you'll become more ill. The blood tests indicate how active these antibody cells are and how they could be damaging your body. These antibodies - instead of fighting germs like they should - attack you instead.

Sometimes when you're very run down and unwell its easy for the people around you to misinterpret who you are and whats going on with you. This includes family and Doctors. You just have to keep turning up to Doctors - perhaps with a medical advocate (or hospital social worker) - to help make sure you get the help you need. - I've had to use advocates more than once when I've been sick.

Ring your local Hospital Social department to make sure you can access the care you need.

If all else fails - ring the ambulance service and see if they can help with transport.


Hi Lilrosie1,

It's not really possible for this community to advise you about your blood test results because we are not medically trained here and it is not really appropriate to try and interpret results in isolation.

If you are unhappy with your current medical care then I recommend taking action to address any problems, or change doctor. You can find information about doing this towards the end of our article here - lupusuk.org.uk/getting-the-...

In addition, have you considered getting a referral to counselling so that you can talk to someone about your low mood and stress and get some more assistance? You can read more about support services that are available in our leaflet here - lupusuk.org.uk/lupus-and-de...

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