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Living with Anxiety
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Problems, Heart Attack or Acid Reflux caused by Anxiety?

I have never been diagnosed with a heart problem or Gerd, however my family has a history of both. Once again though it is usually only found in the men of the family. Anyways, for the past week to two weeks I've been having a plethora of problems. The first week was constipation, bloating, nausea and lower left abdominal pains along with a nasty taste in my mouth and some pains in my left chest area. I went to a emergency medical place, they said there wasn't a blockage so that's ruled out. Pain or discomfort, not really sure which was coming from different parts of my left arm too. I've was fairly good that last week and the abdominal pain has passed, by the way the abdominal pain was centered in the left abdominal an inch to the left of my belly button, it was sharp and hot like being stabbed with a red hot poker in the same spot over and over again. Anyways, the abdominal pain has passed, but the diarrhea has remained (at least now I can actually go to the bathroom). I've been able to go to the bathroom, my urine is clear, however my lips are chapped and my hands are scaly. Also the arm pain from before is back along with a tingling in my back a little lower than the left shoulder blade. Still nauseas and the pain in my chest has turned into a sort of cold burn on the left side close to my arm. Yesterday I was experiencing sharp stabbing pain in my arm pit along with the feeling that I might black out. It still feels like something's crawling along my back and my neck has felt like there was either a bubble in it on the left side or the crawling feeling. It comes off and on since last night, but I feel like the left side of my chest is being weighed down, doesn't matter if I'm standing or sitting, but if I pick up my breast it feels like some of the discomfort is relieved. I also feel like a lump is in my throat and the nasty taste hasn't left. I should also mention that I recently reconnected with family that I hadn't seen in years, side swiped my car, stressed out over halloween, and was late for my college class last night. Other than that I did have spicy food yesterday along with some chocolate, sugary substances, and yogurt which tasted funny to me and yes I know these irritate, but I took two Tums in intervals and nothing improved. I've been up all night worrying over this and I've been up previous nights over this. I'm tired and although I could also stay awake, I would like to be able to sleep again without worry. I also don't have trouble breathing, but my nose likes to run and I feel like my head is airy, sorta like when you have congestion. In the past two weeks I have been waking up and feeling like something was wrong and I ask for multiple opinions, even when I get an ok from a professional nurse. If it is reflux caused by anxiety what should I eat because when I took a gas x it was mint and made my stomach a whole lot worse ( I am still burping often with occasional farts and some noise from my bowels) I also took Miralax and a laxative lat week along with an aspirin. I should also mention it was my time of the month last week, but I had never experienced bloating that coincided with that time period. I did a work out for maybe forty minutes last week as well, haven't done anything this week. The week before this all started I went off my regular diet and binged out with Chinese and sugary foods. Still experience hunger or at least the growling sensation of hunger. Stiffness in neck, but I work at a desk with computers and have been on one for a while. Before this started I also slept with a fan on and my nana (grandmother) had an intestinal infection while a stomach flu was going around. If it's acid reflux, how do I reduce the problems and what can I eat? Over all I just want to know, should I be worried or should I go see a shrink?

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Hello. You should always consult a doctor if you have pain that persists. However, I can say that heartburn can trigger anxiety and vise versa. My first panic attack was when I got sick from the stomach flu and was not feeling well for 10 days. After that there was still some residue of my anxiety not helping me recover. I changed my diet to eat bland foods while my stomach recovered which took about 3 weeks. After that I inteoduced food that was not so bland back into my diet but it did create some acid reflux at first as my stomach settled to the food. The web has a lot of suggestions for bland diets, but as stated earlier if you are having physical pain anyways see a doctor. Hope this helps and you feel better soon.


It is definitely worth checking with your doctor. They'll be able to check your symptoms out and assess your family history and give you some peace of mind. Once you've had a check up, you'll be able to start working on managing your anxiety and worries (: xx


Hey how do deal with this I got all that to it sucks man I have bad anxitey and it gave alk that


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