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Anxiety attack


Just been directed here from... Wearewithyou.... as my anxiety is making my throat feel tight... just wanted someone to talk to about it.

No idea if this is how you do it?

Got checked out last week and know it's just my muscles contracting as I'm feeling tense, my breathing is ok at the moment as I'm telling myself I'm fine it jusr doesn't feel like I am, does anyone else get this?

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Sounds like typical anxiety and if youve been checked out try and have peace of mind that its nothing serious just try to breath in and out slowly telling yourself i am fine this will pass x

Thank you hun, It's passed now, I did the breathing and distraction techniques but it was so intense.... It's nice to of found a place where people really understand, my bf is really supportive but it's hard to explain that what I'm feeling is real even though it's me that's making it feel like it x

Yh unless you go through it its hard to understand x

Hi,I also suffer from anxiety attacks I learned to stay calm by breathing. What helps me is keeping the same rhythm on my breathing I remember when my anxiety attacks were just starting I would panic and run out of air because I would breath really fast and scared. I also try to focus on music while I’m driving I still get anxiety attacks till this day like last weekend when I went grocery shopping with my wife It hit me hard I felt like getting out of that building because it was so crowded but I stayed focused! I was telling my mind No! I’m okay I can do this Trust me it’s really hard!!but I always try my best not to think about it. Good luck I hope you manage to deal with anxiety in a better way for you

Maisie2020 in reply to jocorod

Thank you for your advice :)

The thing I found though in the beginning, was the more I thought about my breathing the more I seemed to forget how to do it, sounds crazy... I've since managed to get it more under control... My first full blown attack was in February, I had a sore throat and was struggling to swallow which made me panic, I went to the doctors and he said to gargle with salt water and that he thought I was suffering with anxiety and he said he'd see me every two weeks until we got it under control... then the covid situation came so I couldn't see him.... So then I started having a constant feeling of pressure around my throat which in turn made me feel like I couldn't breathe, which then made me think I must have something sinister! After all these months of convincing myself I must be dying and not being able to go and see the doctor. 3 weeks ago I ended up phoning 999 as I it all became so intense, I thought it was the end.... Since then I've recieved more support, plus the doctor explained the pressure is because I'm so tense and he suggested yawning and on the exhale to breathe out while emphasing the ahhhhhhh, I do this now every time it comes on and I feel relieved that it goes.

I still get it but it's made me feel so much better that it is anxiety and I can and will fight it, I've made all this harder on myself as the tablets he prescribed me I can't take as I drink everyday to block other shit out (I'm my own worse enemy)

Sorry for the essay reply.

I wouldn't wish anxiety on anyone, but like I've said before.... So pleased I've found this site.... It's nice to talk to people who know what you're going through.

I'll take on board what you've said too about when I do go out, as at the moment, I hate leaving the house.

Better days are coming for us all :)

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