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Can you feel anxious without having high heart rate? And health anxiety

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Wow well today I woke up from an ok sleep apart from waking up with a really bad dry throat to the point I needed water had a sip every time it woke me and went back off.

Anyway on waking this morning I had a terrible dry throat not mouth just throat. I drank a lot of water didn't help gargled salty water didn't help, had some honey didn't help, it's still dry.

This was freaking me out, I googled it nothing bad came up, but then noticed a dull ache just above my left elbow it didn't ease and thought oh its getting worse, then I started to panic a but more then a few niggles in my chest headache and I panicked even more to the point grabbing my car keys, telling my partner I need to go to hospital I think I'm having a panic attack. I really don't deal well with them but it subsided a little I sat down and said yo my partner I had a headache and the pain in my arm, Feeling Light headed dizzy, I'm constantly check8ng my pulse, blood pressure, oxygen levels,

I think I've admitted to my self today I defiantly have health anxiety.

I ask for reassurance from him ask hum to check himself also.

Is any of you guys Like this? Or is this hospital treatment behaviour? I feel like I'm cracking up in tense all the time i have tense shoulders and neck and realise sometimes i need to drop my shoulders.

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Hello :-)

Will get back to you later on other post and just a quick reply now but have you forgot it was only a couple of days ago you had a pipe down your throat !

OK you might think yes but I was ok yesterday but sometimes it can take a couple of days before you react to procedures you have had done

I would put my money on this is what all this is , stop checking yourself , everything will be all over the place anyway you will just make yourself anxious even more

I am the same but we are our own worse enemies , you really need to give yourself a break

Sip cold iced water , ice cream and things like that and allow yourself to get over what you went through on Friday as well as your grieving you are going through

Take Care x

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Thank you lulu-1

Honestly today has been terrible I feel like crap.

Well anxious wise anyway.

I have a lot of checking tendencies and they are all mounting up. I think the wait for our mental health services are ridiculous.

I'm there on Wednesday it's just an assessment though.

There is a residential clinic down in Kent, I'm thinking I will prob have to go to as I can't start meds on my own with no support they made me feel horrendous last time.

I hope you slept well last night and hope your son is feeling better also.

Thank you, you also tale care.

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Hello :-)

Try to stop checking yourself , I have Health Anxiety and as tempted as I am I never check myself I let the Doctor do that because I know when I am anxious I will get different readings and so on and it will make me worse

Plus my Doctor would g mad at me if I started that one as well :-D

I am shocked you had not been complaining about your throat before today , not many have that done and don't get a bad throat at some stage afterwards , I think you are really running yourself down here and I wish I could show you that you are fine but need to take care of yourself :-)

I have been having pain in my shoulders and back and I said to hubby O dear what is this it hurts so much , now I know I have Fibro but shows how anxiety will help you forget common sense because straight away he said it is your Fibro I bet and as soon as he said it I thought O yes I forgot about that because my anxiety wanted me to forget and start me down another path !

I think my Son has had gastroenteritis if tat is how you spell it

He had it once before some years ago and I did think the symptoms were very similar , he has started talking only a little bit today but one of the first things he said was the same

He still has pain in his stomach but thank goodness so far not been sick , he is hungry as well so we have started him on very light things like one slice of toast , then at dinner he just had a very very little amount of soup with one slice of bread , later I think he is going to try a little bit of jelly and that will maybe be it for today because if we are right in what he has had you have to introduce food very slowly , small amounts as well as been bland but like I said to him compared to Friday night , then yesterday to today there are little improvements maybe not what you want them to be but looks like you are heading back in the right direction :-)

I know the Mental Health services are pretty rubbish to be polite where I am , they keep saying they are going to do more for people that suffer but when I am not sure as ours seem to get worse not better !

Hope you are feeling calmer and please you will have a sore throat and hurt inside because of what you had done , don't let your anxiety try and make you believe otherwise :-) x

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Oh last night was a bad night my health anxiety is getting worse, I was constantly checking myself, my blood pressure was up a tad 129/89 but that's when I was starting to panic all over going to the toilet and my crap been a light colour I googled it shouldn't have.

Had no appetite last night.

This makes me worry too.

I managed to calm myself down,

I was freak8ng out I was crying I'm just fed up of it I really am.

I'm not doing myself any favours checking but I check because I feel drained light headed.

It's lovely he supports you with what your going through.

I know they will never fully understand until they have been there.

My throat hasnt been as sore but mainly dry which again panics me.

Wasn't bad last night I think I slept with my mouth closed as well.

My partner has taken my fit bit away it's a heart rate watch that also tracks sleep too with calories.

He was going to take my other things away but I said don't you dare I will only buy others.

I know I need to stop as the checking and reazsuranc3 is getting worse.

Do you want during the night?

I'm glad your son has not been sick anymore bless. I bet he's fed up hopefully today he can eat as normal.

He's had it quite bad it's not nice when your babies are poorly, but when you suffer with this crap it's not good thinking you might catch it. You've done well.

Yep mental health services are not very good to access at all.

I think I might have to go on meds, but will really struggle with it quite bad with side effects because they are not nice. Do you take any meds for OCD health anxiety?

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Goodness me what are we going to do with you !

Well done OH taking one thing away fro you , should have took them all though and your money as well so you can't get any more :-/

Seriously though you are not helping yourself one little bit here and I know how hard this is , I think you have Health Anxiety as I suffer to with it but as hard as it is the little things we have to do to help ourselves and that is no checking !

That could be the first step in getting somewhere :-)

If I took my blood pressure ( which I do suffer with high BP and have to take medication for that one ) but if I kept taking it I know for a fact I would get different readings all day long , your BP goes up and down all day as well as your pulse , heartbeat etc and the fact if you take it worries you then it goes up even more

Also when you leave it to the Doctors who know what they are doing to check these things they don't just go on the readings they go on your age , weight , history and so on before they decide if there is a problem , you seriously need to take that first step , bin them and when you are tempted that money to but this rubbish buy something nice for the house or you , it would be a lot better spent that way as a treat does not give you anxiety , this monitors do !

Now as for what colour when you go to the toilet , well I have been there many times , but thing is what you eat , how much you eat can all change the colour of what leaves you when you go to the toilet and I have a feeling you may not have been eating all that well recently that will have an impact to , I don't think there will be anything wrong

You are doing exactly what your anxiety wants to do and I speak about feeding your anxiety , you are well and truly feeding yours , in fact over feeding it till it is having a great time in making you totally ill and above all the things you are worrying about your anxiety is the worse one as it is making you physically ill and that is the thing and none of what your anxiety is telling you that is making you ill and feel as you do , please a day at a time just tell yourself no matter how bad you feel you will not check anything , I know it won't be easy but in the long run it will be and you will be the one that will benefit from not doing it :-)

I do wake up in the night a lot but I do go straight back to sleep most times , I tell myself whatever I am about to worry about can wait till the morning :-/

I don't take medications for anxiety or ocd just the Valium , I have had a bad reaction which with a med fear as well has prevented me from doing so but I am not saying I am right in not taking them because I know they can really help and who knows eventually I might if needed

Now see how long and if for today you can not check anything else , ask yourself what good does it do when you do , do you feel better for doing so or do you feel worse , does it solve how you are feeling , does it actually reassure you or make you even worse ?

Give it a go , set yourself a goal that everyday this week no matter how much you are tempted you won't check :-) x

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I know right I was a mess yesterday.

Few little panic attacks too, and I know I need to stop checking. I went to check my pulse oxygen levels this morning and said to myself before do I really need to do this and put my phone back down.

When I check it makes me feel worse when I see it's gone up or down so it's not helping.

I'm looking for something I think docs are missing.

My diet hasnt been all that good I've been trying to put weight on so eating what I can when I can and not really healthy. But before all this I was eating so healthy, then I started losing weight around when my sister first went into hospital.

My brother who I had not seen for some what 3 years as he's in prison when they brought him up the day my sister passed, said that I look like a bag of bones and of course this worried me even more.

Then his wife said I looked ill and pale. And again this worried me but said to her I'm not been funny but I have spent the day in hospital (which I struggle with) and my sister was dying I'm not going to look airbrushed.

But my anxiety leading up to this terrible day had been do high days after huge and attacks I couldn't eat.

Do you ever have panic attacks?

I feel ok this morning, although I'm sat on my bed still, had breakfast, watching videos on health anxiety I need to nip this in the bud.

I've a nurse practioners app this morning about my poop as I have polyps in my gall bladder I want them to check to see if it's something to do with bile why my poop is so light brown.

How was your day yesterday? Is your son better now and eating?

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You sound like you have had so much to deal with and to be honest I am not surprised one bit you are in such a state

Watching your Sister been so ill will have no doubt contributed to how bad you are at the moment , I feel you are looking for something to be wrong now with you which I get as when my Dad died with cancer every time I have something I feel is wrong I focus on could it be that but like my Doctor said , you are not your Dad and you are not your Sister , it was and is dreadful she was so ill and now not here but nothing other than your anxiety says something will happen to you because it won't except you possibly making yourself so poorly with your anxiety

Some people do loose weight and cannot maintain it when they suffer with anxiety but if it had been anything more than that they would have long picked up on it

So when you check your oxygen levels , never checked mine to be honest :-/ but when you do and the reading is what you think it shouldn't be then what ?

What happens then ?

Do you phone an ambulance , do you get the Doctor to see you asp ?

No you worry even more and then check again or something else until you are in a state so checking them is not helping you

You should have your check up's with the Doctor when they are due , let them check things out when and if they feel they need to and start trusting them

What would they achieve to miss something ?

What would they gain ?

Have they trained years at medical School ?

Do they want to loose their job by missing something in patients ?

They do not want none of these things and especially when people like us go so often they would have a lot to answer to if the missed something !

Someone once said to me and she had a point

Why keep going to the Doctors if you are not going to trust what they tell you , you are wasting their time and yours , I know it sounds a bit harsh but they were trying to get me to see what I was doing :-)

It must be hard having brother in Prison to this must have affected you , like everyone around you in one way or another is not there

Has he long left ?

Well done resisting , try and keep it up , have a good talk with the nurse when you go and hopefully she might reassure you and maybe ask if she can help chase up this Counselling

I also understand why you watch programs on Anxiety but sometimes doing that ca just keep reminding us about it all it can be better to try and watch or do things not anxiety related so our minds are been distracted :-) x

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Thank you lulu-1

I have had it tough lately.

But I don't recogn8se it I think thats my issue.

As you explain it when you sadly los5 your dad and hoe it affected you is so sad im sorry you had to go through that.

I think I just need to try and like you say leave the check8ng for the Dr. It was driving me crazy Last night.

The checking I don't call an ambulance my oxygen levels are good.

The nurse is doing more bloods to check my liver.

With my poop been light in colour.

It is tough seeing him in prison he hot 10 year and has done 4 but hopefully he will get to a cat d prison for weekend release in a few year.

It must of been so hard in him having to leave and go back after the funeral.

I have counselling on Wed but it's

More of an assessment.

I watch the ones thatchive good advice and tips or those who have overcome it.

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Hello :-)

Well you must start to recognise everything you have been through and how it will have affected you , I am sure this must have had a massive impact on how you are reacting now :-)

O dear 10 years is quite a lot , do you mind me asking what he did ?

Can they sometimes not get out on tag after half the sentence if they are good ?

Again this must have had a affect on you to as well as loosing your Sister , you need to sit or eve write down all you have been through and then you may possibly see more clearly why you are suffering so much at the moment

That is good then the nurse is checking something else , I am sure it will be fine though , I have had every colour under the sun at times it usually comes down to what I have been eating , I am sure yours will come back ok :-)

An assessment is brill you are one step closer than me and hopefully once they have done that it won't be to long

Don't hold back though , spill it all out because they have to know so they know the best way to help

I know years ago I would hold back afraid because not like now where it is ok to have MH issues back when I started it was not as accepted so through fear I would make it sound better than it was but it never got me anywhere , now I say it as it is because I know there is no point holding back as they can't work with just half a story , so you let them know just how this is and fingers crossed you get the support you really do deserve :-) x

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I know I've started writing down my symptoms and how I feel.

But I've kept a journal before which I think might be in the shed from 9 year ago not sure if I threw it away though when I cleaned my shed out. It will be interesting to see how I was back then.

No not at all, he's in for drugs I think don't quote me on that though there might be or her things too.

No 10 years and over they serve the sentence and have to apply for parole.

It has yeah it's effected me quite a bit I think I've just been a little to embarrassed around my partner to actually admit I have problems and think I've bottled it up for too long.

He's not a one that even wants to understand mental health, he's from an army back ground so he's very head strong and stuck in his ways has very high expectations too.

Sometimes i don't even tell him if there's anything up.

They are checking it because I'm under a gallbladder specialist might have to get it taken out if it's that.

I've 8x 4mm polyps in my gallbladder.

I used to hold back when going to counselling for various reasons to scared to open up to what i had been through incase ppl thought I was weak.

I'm not holding back this time I need to let it all out.

How have you been doing?

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Hello :-)

O right I did not know that I always thought all sentences could be halved if you were good , shows I don't know much about all this :-/

He might have done a bit of something else to go with it because 10 years is a long time , let's hope though in that time it is enough for him to realise the path he went down was not the right one , it can be family though that suffer just as much as it must affect you to

O right Army background I can just imagine then :-o

Only thing is he is not in the army anymore , but it seems they cannot always shake that of when they leave

Part of why I was an anxious child and then grew up as I am now was because my Father might as well have been in the Army , he was the strictest most frightening , even his voice would make me jump man I have ever known !

Also the expectations he had well I could never meet them and because I tried so hard to do so I was a wreck !

No one should want you to be any other than yourself but it is an awful way to live when you have that feeling all the time

I then went on to get married at just 16 trying I think to escape my Father and what did I do marry someone that basically took his place maybe even worse at times !

It nearly destroyed me well it certainly played a big part until after 9 years of trying to hang in there I walked away and was the best thing I did

I went on to meet hubby as now and we will have been married 25 years this year been together 26 and you know what he expects nothing of me and anything I do he is grateful for

He lets me be me , he praises me and accepts me just the way I am , I still after all these years wonder why he does and sometimes even wait for him to change because I was so used to been treated differently but of course he won't change now but it was the best thing I ever did as he has been so good to me and looks after me so well I am not sure how I would cope without him :-)

Not sure how I would cope now with anyone expecting anything other than what they see and what they get , I think it would make my anxiety worse :-o

Never ever hold back , no point , if you are going to do that you might as well not bother , I have learnt that over the years and now they hear so much and no matter what you have to tell them they will have heard it all before and more !

As for weak , have you ever looked at all you have been through and you are still here ?

And you think that makes you look weak ? I think not !

Many would not cope with a quarter of what you have been through so forget thinking people will look at you as been weak !

We are the strongest people out there coping with this illness that no one can see but we can only feel as sufferers , you are no way weak !

Well see what these results come back like and that will tell you if you need it out , polyps and fibroid s were the reason I had to have that hysterectomy done but taking the gallbladder is easier for them to do you would be ok if it came to that but remember it possibly won't :-)

O I have pain in my back still and have started to wonder if I have a chest infection but I have no cough but a couple of years ago I had pain in my back with no cough and it was a chest infection which I was shocked that is what it was so now anxiety is playing with me as it will as it always looks for a little opening to get back in like an unwanted visitor !

So feeling quite rough to be honest , I am seeing my Doctor next week so hope I can manage till then because I don't like seeing any other one but her and will stay put even when I do feel ill till I can get to see her :-)

No checking this evening have a night of :-/ x

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Sorry it's the seriousness of the offence buy those that tend to be over 10 year are serious.

His sentence should have only been 8 year but the judge didn't knock any time off for an early plea.

He was classed as like a gang leader so I think that's why it was so big of a sentence.

Yeah he's stuck in his ways.

Oh sorry your dad was so strict. And you felt you had to try and please him I suppose we are all like that with our parents even kids now too.

I'm happy you found happiness after what you had been put through.

Well done you though for walking away.

It sounds like you have found a good gem bless him.

He's a keeper well must be wow 26 years that's lovely.

My partner makes my anxiety worse he doesn't help what so ever.

Aww thank you I do feel weak sometimes not been able to just get on with it seeing these ppl go to work earn a living. I'd love to be able to work. But my councillor said she doesn't think I should at the moment.

I think I look at myself and think I should be able to just get on with it and that maybe I shouldn't have any issues. My family have always looked at me as been a rock but I'm no good at the moment and I feel guilty for that. My mam says to me you should of been at the hospital more but I did try and explain to her why and I was struggling.

I think that's partially why I feel weak.

Because I stayed in hospital with my nana through the nights she was in, i stayed with my sister's child through the nights when she was in hospital (my mam has custody of my sister's children) but I just couldn't I wasn't strong enough it beats me up too that I couldn't be there as much as I wanted to.

Have you had your gallbladder out?

My aunty is getting a hysterectomy Wednesday and my partners aunty is had one today.

You could maybe go get it checked do you have walk in centre down where you live?

They could do an x ray.

Just keep an eye on it.

You could maybe ring and ask to see if you can get in any earlier.

They might see you sooner.

I know it's hard try not to worry might be nothing.

Nope not checked anything all day 😄 even though I've wanted to mind.

Not checked a single thing.

I'm reading a book at the moment called fuck anxiety lol it's quite interesting tbh and just received another called dare.

Do you read much?

I hope your feeling better and your back eases off.

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Hello :-)

O I see now why he has got so long , maybe while he is in there he will make his mind up to never go back again and get on track hope so :-)

I had no choice with my Dad , you had to go my his rules or you would know about it but his expectations for me were well beyond what I was capable of , it does leave you a mess when someone is like that with you

Your OH if he is making you feel so bad why do you stop with him ?

I know years ago I thought anyone was better than no one then I saw the light and realised that was not true and I had a few years on my own till I met hubby :-)

We can tend to become people pleases and when we do we start to become everyone's rock even when we cannot even hold ourselves together but we cover that up and not till we get to breaking point do we let it show and when we do people if it be friends or family can be so selfish because they have come to relay on us so much and they lash out and say hurtful things , sometimes this has the result they want by we become their rock again and sometimes we just cannot do it and why should we , they are old enough and just as capable as we are

You have no need to feel guilty , even if it be family you owe nobody nothing only yourself

I feel they see your weakness and know they can put you on a guilt trip and play on it , try and start to rise above it , yes it is hard I know but for your own sanity you have to :-)

You did all you could when you could , what more can one person do ?

You did your best and your best trust me is good enough !

They are the one's that have the problem putting it all on you and expecting more from you than you have to give

I used to read a lot , more Romance novels as I found these would distract me , I always say I should read more but never seem to find the time :-)

In life you get to a stage where you have to start accepting yourself and telling yourself I am ok and what others think is not important as it is not , they are not you , they won't pick you back up when you are down we have to do it ourselves

You need to let go of this guilt that they have helped you to feel , that is their opinion which everyone can have an opinion but does not mean they are right in fact like now they are wrong , sometimes people behave this way because while they are busy making someone else feel guilty they don't have to look at themselves and what maybe they did wrong or what more they could have done !

If you let everything out when you get Counselling they should help you work through all this :-) x

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I think he will of had a wake up call.

Sorry you had to go through what you did as a child it must of been so tough on you having to live to expectations you couldn't meet.

Frustrating and tbh all sorts of emotions.

It's just because he doesn't understand, some things he does is not very nice, like having a go at me when I'm anxious or having a bad day if ive not done anything round the house, he expects me to thank him for cleaning up lol.

Just little things like that.

Your right there mind, ppl pleasers I'm not no more though I'm concentrating on me I need to even if it looks selfish to others.

I know I need to let go of the guilt I'm hoping the counselling can help with that.

Didn't have a very good sleep last night, have you ever felt jittery or jumped a few times falling asleep.

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Hello :-)

Late reply I have not been feeling physically great today

I am taking some antibiotics already for a sinus infection but my stomach has not been great either today and not sure if it is the eds or a bit of what my Son has had just know I don't feel very well :-(

Yes the Counselling will certainly help and hopefully something they will focus and work on with you

I have been chasing up where my Counselling has got to in between feeling rubbish all day and no surprise but they are still waiting to hear from my Doctor so had to phone them up and ask if they will remind her , sometimes I feel fed up as all I do is chase and wears you out

Well I could not cope if someone got on at e because of my anxiety , like I have always said do you think I actually want to be like this ???

Or if it was that easy not to be anxious I would not have anxiety !

Hope your day has been better than mine today and you have a good nights sleep :-) x

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Ohh sorry to hear that lulu-1

Hope your feeling better today.

Good on you for following it up I've had to do the same chasing it's very tiresome.

I hope your not getting the bug could just be am upset stomach from antibiotics.

I've been feeling morning anxiety quite a bit, from waking up.

I slept ok I think.

Do you ever get a little anxious feeling before a bowel movement? Odd question I know lol.

Hope your feeling better.

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Morning :-)

Still feeling Yuk , not sure if it is the meds or a bit of what my Son has had

Love the fact you " think you slept ok " made me laugh with the " think " :-D

I would say you had an ok sleep if you think it was ok which is better :-)

O gosh do I get anxious about going to the toilet , you have hit a nerve one of my main issues at the moment and the answer is yes !

With this diverticulitis you can go from constipation to the runs so I dread which ever it may be as neither are great , then with the hemorrhoid's which mostly bleed even though I know it is them my anxiety will kick in and I might as well have a colour chart on the wall because I check that all the time to !

Husband does look at me gone out and wonders why I just don't go to the toilet do what needs to be done and not bother looking :-/

I sort of envy you in a way as my Health Anxiety worries none stop but at the same time I am petrified of having tests done as that worry they will say things are not right over powers the other worry yet you seem to have the courage to get the tests done and I know if I had and everything was fine even if I still got the symptoms I would stop worrying even though I possibly would then move onto something else

So yes I get more than anxious , I find it the worse part of the day especially the last 6 months or so !

Hope you have the best day you can :-) x

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Hi lulu-1

Oh dear feel well soon, what meds are you on?

Haha I know I woke up a few times and it was better than the previous night.

Been to the cpn nurse today I'm not getting anything from her she has a follow up app to see how I'm doing on the 15th Feb. So I need to make an app for counselling aga8n yet another waiting list my word.

She doesnt think I need counselling hmmm. But she also said that starting anything like ssri is bad for me at the moment and I should be on valium short term.

The follow up is to see how I'm managing with grounding tech and doing things everyday to push myself into things I'm avoiding.

I'm so pleased I'm not the only that gets feeling of been anxious before a bowel movement. Isn't it crazy how we/us get feelings and we interpret them as been threats but ppl like our partners don't. We must be so sensitive or body aware of what's going on.

I know hemmeroids are a pain in themselves I use box vapour rub works a treat.

I don't get the often though.

I think getting things checked like the tests is a must. Most tests are quick and painless.

And you can also get sedation.

Thank you I hope you are too.

What have you been up to.

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Hello :-)

Sorry not great again today , I feel ill but can't pin point if it is an infection or what but I know I feel rubbish so have been trying to relax all day even though not working very well

I am on antibiotics for sinus infection

Hope your day has been a lot better than mine :-) x

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Hi lulu-1

Hope your feeling better,

How's the antibiotics going?

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Not been feeling great to be honest and finished the meds now

Hope you are not doing to bad :-) x

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Aww hopefully you will pick up soon then.

Did you end up with your sons bug?

I'm good thank you.

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No not his bug , not sure what is wrong with me , if it be anxiety or my anxiety wants to tell me something else !

I am really pleased to hear you are good , whatever you have done to make you feel good , keep it up :-) x

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Sorry your not feeling to good, could you not try some breathing or meditation?

Valium as a last resort maybe?

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I have resorted to the Valium , just taken 2 today though :-)

I am pleased you are sounding so much better than you was :-) x

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Good good glad they are working, I am still having moments.

Hopefully your counselling will be soon.

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I was meant to chase that Counselling up on Friday but I just did not feel up to it , hopefully I will next week , Christmas will be here again by the time they sort mine out way they are going , I hope yours happens sooner :-) x

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I'm sure you will feel fine soon, the antibiotics might of just made you feel run down.

Hope your having a better day today.

Do you go out at all?

Might be worth you trying to force yourself to get out even if it's just to the end of the garden. Or at least until you feel s little anxious and go back. Even though it's small it's still an achievement.

I still feel it everyday, I'm just trying to ride the waves as they come and go same with all the anxious thoughts.

My biopsies came back clear. But the gastro doc is sending me for an mri to check my small bowel and stomach.

Because I've lost weight.

Hope your day is good.

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Hi :-)

No I don't get out because of the agoraphobia , I do love my garden though but just not the weather at the moment to be out there :-(

That is good news that they were all clear , I thought they would be and I think this next test will be to , I have a feeling this will come down to anxiety and if it does it shows how powerful it can be and what it can physically do to you :-o

I admire you though getting the tests done and I hope when you have got the all clear with the help of Counselling it will enable you to ride those waves even better :-) x

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Hi lulu-1

Do you feel you could go out with support from someone if they come with you to explain the stages of your Anxiety as it comes?

You could start just wrapping up and sitting in the garden. Or on bright days getting rid of some weeds if you have any.

I know I'm not so sure how i will be with the mri as it's a tunnel. I'm going to ask if my partner can stand at the top of the bed with me if he's off work.

I was ok going to the hospital on my own the other day too which surprised me. But on the way back I got stuck in traffic which it kicked off me feeling anxious a bit.

When is your app with the doc?

I think you will thrive with counselling. I think I will too when we eventually get an app lol.

How are you today?

Thank you

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Hello :-)

It is to cold in the garden at moment even wrapped up , I do pop out though and do little bits and bobs when it is ok but you don't stop long as you are freezing :-o

No I would not be able to go out even with someone explaining and thing is the reason I need counselling is to get the rubbish out the way because even if I started going out with help the demons that caused me to stay in would still be there and would come back and I would go back to square one again , my opinion is and experience if you don't deal with the crap that created the problem the problem will always come back and send you backwards again

Well I think I would be better wit a MR scan , and if you let them know how anxious you feel and are they could come up with a signal so if you did a certain thing they would get you out

Not sure if you are allowed to have something like a walk man or some kind of music for distraction could be something you could ask ?

You did the other procedures I know you will do this one , I have every faith :-) x

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Yeah I know it's freezing today but some days have been ok. I'm not a garden person although I'm an outdoor person lol.

I think that's a good way to look at it tbh. Getting to speak about other things first then dealing with that.

I'm not to sure it's the first time I've had one although my mam has said they let her husband stand at the top with her.

They put headphones on with music on, don't think the music would distrac5 me though if I'm anxious.

Thank you. How's your day been?

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Hello :-)

Sorry for the late reply I have felt worn out

They will let him be there and I know you will do it because you did the last procedure you can do this one and will , you are strong even though I know maybe you don't feel like you are :-)

Bit of good news today for me , I have my assessment over the phone about Counselling on the 11th , I am apprehensive she said make sure I have a few hours to myself after because it will be emotional and draining , I suppose I know deep down it will be but just scared me a little

I hope your day has been the best it could have been :-) x

For the past month i had severe health anxiety that im pretty sure had for the majority of my life , for as long as i can remember , from a very young age i had a fear of doctors , and getting sick and stuff , seeing shows , close family members dying , my mom and aunt and grandma and many close and distance family members getting cancer , it was scary thinking what could happen to me in a world where there are countless diseases and illnesses and injuries and etc.., for these past months though were different , it was more severe , i started worrying about the slightest but of rise in bp and any change in pulse , i was worried about any activities , or any stress that can cause high bp , which made more stress and panic attacks that i never wish to happen to my worse enemy , you will master a way to recognize the difference between physical and mental health problems , and realizing you could easily be fine regardless of what you recognize, because if something is bound to happen it will happen and as bad as it sounds you dint have control on everything, so why think of controlling it , the only thing you can do is check up regularly your heakth , mentally and physically , dont give in to thoughts because you never know 100% if you are right unless you have proof , and not everything is what it seems so dont get ahead of yourself , diseases have very similar symptoms

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Hello Kevin160 :-)

Everything you say makes sense but sometimes depending how long someone has been suffering with Health Anxiety and the trauma that may have created it putting that sense into practice is not always as easy as said and done if only

I know for me mine started as a very young child loosing a loved one and it was not talked about , there was none of what there is today or people talking like there is today so that grew with me until even though I know the answers maintaining them can be so difficult as the fear seems stronger than common sense at times

I am glad you did not suffer long with your Health Anxiety and maybe because of that it has helped you get to what sounds like a better place dealing with it and I hope it long continues :-)

Take Care x

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I mean dont get me wrong its still comes and goes , but its more managable now , like its not as intense and scary like before , i truly believe that a person will get stronger because we grow and become more knowledgable , had i not known the facts i would probably be thinking all sort of things and just panicking over a cold , its becoming easier to accept the fact that i have this problem and i need to pay attention to it while still maintaining control , for me this happens by regular doctor check ups , monitoring my body but not self diagnosing , trying not to obsess as much ..i ditched my bp device ,and i dont like focus alot on myself except when i seriously think there is something wrong or it just has been a while ,it lasted a while , for me its been since i was a kid , and i always feared that i have cancer or im gonna die for no reason , but thats simply not the case ..i also became superstitious about things , that i thought are healthy but werent ..

What you are feeling is normal so dont panic thinking you are alone , you are doing a good job reaching out , thoughts can be powerful but just know that u allow them to have power and that is what you can control , not your body but your mind , its hard but we all master it at some point.

Look for what helps and works for u most and try ..have a good day and i hope you feel better if u need any extra help message me ;)

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Thank you kevin160

Its not a n8ce thing to have health anxiety is it.

Because of the way I feel it makes me think something is wrong.

I know a lot of ppl that are like that and it's very energy consuming.

I hope you have it under control now.

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It comes and goes , sometimes i would feel a slight difference in my pulse or energy and bp , and i would start to freak , any simple symptom to me is like a warning for some terrible disease , but at some it became easier to control after realizing that i go to the doctor regularly and what ever happens will happen wheather i panic or not , so it became easier to cope and face facts and i feeling better now , it was one of the hardest things to do , to try to ignore some of the things that im so used to focus on so much ,,it does happen to many and we can overcome it its not impossible , once you keeo that in mind and you dont try to limit your potential in what you do , things will start happening more smoothly

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I think that's a good way to keep control of your health anxiety but would prob think not going to the docs as much is a good thing.

I'm reading a book called dare at the moment so hopefully I can start making changes I need to get me out of the house and change my unhelpful style of thinking. Which I think has resulted from loosing my sister on the 28th December.

And also seeing her go through what she went through.

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Hi Kevin,

I read with interest your posts this morning re health anxiety.

I have recently been made redundant again & I'm at an age where it's not easy to find another suitable job, hence the reason my anxiety has kicked in big time. It started off last week with a stomach bug, which made me feel really poorly and from then on it steadily got worse, now I've got a full blown anxiety attack into my 3rd day, with palpitations, sweating, dry mouth, feeling of impending doom, I really thought I had managed to put all this behind me.....but when ur feeling down it comes in like a roaring lion. I do find comfort reading through the posts on thus site & u realise that it's a very real problem which affects so many people in various walks of life. Even typing this response I find a little theraputic.

Would love to know how u are coping now.

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Well i think it depends on the day , sometimes i feel super strong , calm and positive, i dont feel any physical symptoms , i dont feel the urge to measure my pulse and bp every second , other days im panicking over simple things and get panic attacks like,crazy, things like meditation and breathing techniques certainly help , sometimes i just relapse and feel really dissapointed ,but advices on this website made me realize im fine and my fears are not always rational , so i guess im feeling better for now

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Good to hear ur positive reply, I guess I too was feeling positive for a while & then bang it hits me like a train again. Trying my best not to let it overtake me, but you forget how powerful anxiety can be.😠😠

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Yeah , its scary sometimes thinking about how your anxiety can take over , which makes it worse trying to face , breathing techniques help me whenever i feel like im panicking

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Hi Kevin, just been a bad day for me thing on top of another, then the anxiety rears it ugly head. Trying to calm myself down & relax and beat this demon.

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Hi Kevin,

Have you read the book called dare? It's quite good.

Glad your having some good days to where you don't need to check i know the feeling.

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