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Living with Anxiety
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Anxiety and weight loss or gain?

Can anxiety cause weight loss?

Over the space of 3 weeks I have gone from 9stone 8lb to 9stone 1lb, the first of those 3 weeks I could barely eat due to anxiety attacks. I am eating well again for the last 2 weeks but I'm not gaining weight still looking.

Also during the first week of really bad panic attacks it moved my bowels somewhat like I've never seen before and I'm normally constipated. Sorry for the info. But I'm not constipated anymore. I'm on iron tablets too which I thought caused constipation.

Anyone have the same with anxiety?


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Hi yes I've had asll of those things snd more. Anxiety can do terrible things yo our bodies. Do you have any otjer symptoms?


Hello Dorsey,

It certainly can, I have terrible dizziness, I've seen a doc for vertigo at the hospital but they said it's cleared not sure if it's come back or it's the anxiety,

Lately I've been getting a tingly crawling feeling in my head, tiredness, fear heart rate out of no where, feel like I'm about to freak out for no reason.

What about you?



Oh i have tingling in myh feet and legs strange feelings that go through my body and fream me out. Sometimes dont want to walk around i just feel so ill. Some days worse than others but symptoms there dasy in day out some days i co constantly google symptoms which make tbem worse. Dont find doctors very helpful jusy seem to get a chat with no answers

I worry about my health from the moment i wake up. Not good.


I'm sorry you are feeling like this I have also been there with what your going through it does get better. Have you tried meditation? Are you on meds?



I’ve not had this myself but know of others that have.

My anxiety often causes the flight mode of body trying to get rid of eveything as your last comment says - but I’ve not experienced weight loss myself from anxiety.

I hope that the dizziness stops or if your vertigo is back that you can manage it ok.:)


Thanks ellie34,

Got a doctor's app the so will discuss it with her I want to referred to vertigo specialist again.

The weight loss I've had this before but you know when your just not sure.



Hi Ellie I got suspended from work, Made the complaint Monday.

How's your week going back at work hope your settling in again?



Hi jjb

Oh no! How long for? When you say suspended , do you mean they are punishing you for complaining? If so that’s not fair! 😔

I didn’t go back in the end. I have another 2 weeks off as my dad is still out of action until the end of the week so I have a little more time as things are rather hectic at the moment. Thanks for asking.

How are you doing with everything? x


Not sure i have a meeting in a few days to speak about it, it's to do with behaviour lol.

Long story short I phoned head office to ask a question not just for me but all staff and the manager said I'm undermining them.

That's the only thing I can think of. But I've spoke to my union and getting them involved as I think it's unfair.

It's made me so anxious I keep getting pulled by a person at work and yesterday I told them I've put a complaint in as I'm fed up of them doing it they have nothing to do with me but they keep trying to tell me what to do.

I'm applying for other jobs anyway as I don't want to work full time like 44 hours I want to work nearer 30.

I'm sorry to hear your dad's no better, look on the bright side you have extra time off work, it's a shame you can't stay off till after Christmas.

Hope your dad gets better soon.

How are you feeling?



That’s awful. Speaking out and telling them they are treating you wrongly is not under mining them. I hope your meeting can solve things a bit. This must be very stressful for you. It’s good that you have the union involved. Hopefully they can help sort it quicker for you.

I hope the job search also goes well to find hours that suit you better. Sounds like finding another job may also make your life a lot less stressful.

My dad is getting there now ta. He hopefully can be back to normal from this weekend:)

I have been feeling really anxious and shaky and worried a lot. I’ve tried to do mindfulness a lot but my thoughts seem to be stronger and it makes it so much harder to do then.

Hope that your day has been the best that it can be. :) x


I will sort it I'm sure if not me the union will. They have said that my work place has been under radar quite often lately but couldn't go into it.

They just don't like the fact I stick up for myself and have an opinion.

My union said they don't have a leg to stand on the but we will see as my manager is a born bread liar.

I'm glad your dad will be back to himself soon.

Aww I'm sorry you are feeling like you are I have had the same today. What support do you have?

I've spoken to talking changes today during a horrible panic attack.

There's a site called centre for clinical interventions there is lots of info and help on there.

Have you been stressed out today?

Hope your feeling better.



Yes the union will definitely sort it. I am a member of our union, it’s worth it as you never know what can happen. If your work have been on the radar quite a lot then hopefully that will work in your favour. Let me know how it goes. What a horrible stressful situation you shouldn’t have to go through.

Support therapy wise I am doing CBT online and also doing phone counselling at the mo. Plus mindfulness meditation and self help books. I listen to the books while cleaning etc. People wise I have my hubby and I guess doctor. I was a little stressed yesterday. I did a lot for mum in the day and then by evening when it’s time to relax the thoughts begin and I feel uneasy and a sense of dread and fear which I can’t shift. Sleep isn’t great either but it’s a new day today. Although a very windy one I hope it will be a better day.

I hope you slept ok last night.

Also what’s the site all about , I’ll have to have a look x


Morning Ellie34,

Your up early just like me could you not sleep?

I'm alight sleeper it's crap.

Didn't have a very good sleep last night.

It's prob the stress your feeling making you feel like that.

Your doing all the right things for recovery.

It will pass remember we all have bad days and today is a new day.

It must be hard caring for your mam can you not take a break from it?

Just a day or 2.

Look at that website there's some useful info on there.

Hope you have a better day.



Yes I’m a really light sleeper. I got to sleep about 9.30 I think which was really good but I had awful nightmares that I can’t remember now. I was awake every 2 hours then every hour and I woke up and gave in just after 5.

Do you have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep?

Yes you are right. Each day is a new day:)

Dad should be ok to do more today after his docs so means I can have a rest and will go back to sharing the caring with my dad. So I will have more time to rest :) when I am back at work it will be harder but I will make sure I find routines to have time out as well:) it’s very hard caring for her.

Yes I am doing lots of good stuff to try and manage it. But with how mum is I just don’t think it can all work as daily life is upsetting and difficult. But I’ll give it a good go :)

How is your sister doing?

Yes I will have a look at the site :)


I'm sorry you had a bad sleep ellie34,

Hope tonight's is better it's crap been a light sleeper.

Do you nap during the day?

I can't nap during the day even though I'm tired sometimes.

I sometimes have trouble getting to sleep bust mostly ok getting to sleep all depends how anxious I've been or am at the time.

And staying asleep like I Saud I wake like you do, if my partner moves in bed I'm aware of it if my kids make a noise I'm aware of it.

I might try some earplugs actually see if that helps with noise, but then the dreams wake me sometimes depending how bad they are I cannot get back to sleep and I think about them.

I had a bad dream last night.

I always remember my dreams all of them they feel so real.

Aww that's good I hope you have a day to chill when your dad is sorted, I'm glad your dad is better.

I think that's it ellie34 when we have upsetting moments that are long haul we struggle to deal with the stress, like others can destress my partner drinks smokes that's his distress I font have one and don't know how to distress

I need to find something.

Deal with the stress.

I didn't speak to my sister yesterday but she is having a lot of blood given as her blood is low from the chemo.

She has coped so well I'm really proud of her that she's so strong.

Hope you have a good day.



No I don’t nap during the day. I also wake up so easily, my little dog needs to get up for the loo and she’s been poorly in the night a couple of times so I am always very aware and wake even if she stands up on the bed. She has meningitis so that probably makes me more aware plus like you say anxiety and worries.

I normally can remember my dreams too. I’m not sure which is worse to remember or not. When I don’t remember I feel unsettled but not sure why and when I do remember like you said it’s horrible too.

Sorry you had a bad dream last night. Sleep is for re charging and when we are having bad dreams it’s really tiring isn’t it.

Yes it’s good to have some way to de stress. Is there anything you like to do as a hobbie?

Sorry to hear your sisters blood has been low. She sounds amazing for staying strong through something so terrible. you are strong too as it’s very hard to watch someone so close to suffer and be so unwell.

Thank you. We’ve just been shopping and now home with duvet on sofa - hubby’s off today so in-between checking on mum I hope to have a rest. I hope you have a better day today x


Aww I'm so sorry to hear your dog is not well, what kind of dog is it?

So is your dog going to be ok?

Yeah I'm like that with dreams too it's horrible, I now how you feel.

I think if we don't get sleep we don't function properly our body's like you say need to recharge and especially us anxious lot we need to recharge just that little bit more.

It's draining.

No not at the min I don't have any hobbies anxiety has removed them from my life I loved going out on the bike, and love walking but can't I need to stay close to home again.

Thanks ellie34 for asking about my sister, didn't make it in to see her today as I had my union rep out for 3 hours trying to sort this horrible mess at work.

Work are trying to get rid of me, and can do so because I'm in my probation period.

But I have a case according to my rep. Just have to wait and see.

I hope your day went well and you managed to get something nice.

How is your mam?



She’s the one in my profile pic and a cross between a bichon frise and cavalier. She is the best ❤️ she has had meningitis nearly 2 years now. It was 80% curable so she must be in the 20% as she relies on steroids to keep her well. If she doesn’t have a steroid for even a day it comes back. So she would die without them but on them she is happy and well. It just May mean she may not live as long due to the effect of being on the steroids for so long. She’s under care of the vets all the time but I don’t think it’ll change after so long. I just enjoy every second with her.😊

Yes I know the feeling of anxiety removing you from your life. It’s horrible to have to feel like that. Maybe when the work stuff is sorted things will calm down a bit for you. I hope so as you are going through so much. I am glad the union say you have a case. It’s really wrong that they are trying to get rid of you and can because you are on probation, probation or not you should have the right to be treated fairly.

Mum had a bad week but we have my brothers wedding today so she should have a nice day out and enjoy herself. Thanks for asking😊

Hope you slept better last night. x


Your dog is so cute such a lovely little face.

I'm sorry your dog has health issues. Hope she manages to fight it one day.

It is horrible to live with and sometimes I feel guilty moaning about it as there are people worse off than what I am like my sister and others too.

I try to keep that in my mind when I'm having these anxiety attacks but it doesn't work.

I've found some loopholes last night in the reports they have made about me. I cried reading them as they have said so many lies about me.

I can't wait till the app is done.

Sorry your mam has had a bad week, hope she's feeling better soon.

I love a wedding, Well I hope you all have a lovely day today. You deserve to enjoy today and have fun.

I did sleep a little better anxiety tried to kick in and I just ignored it and fell asleep only 1 dream.

How about you?



Hello jjb1983 :-)

It is always a worry if something is happening and if we start loosing weight we are always going to think the worse because anxiety will want us to so it can keep control

You can be eating but nervous energy will make you burn it of quicker as to why we don't put weight back on very quick and of course if you have not been eating much prior then that is a good reason you lost some weight to start with

Try and eat high calorie food at the moment , you can afford to and see if that helps put the pounds back on in a few weeks if you are not gaining any more then have a word with your Doctor for reassurance

Iron tablets can make people constipated but sometimes they have the opposite effect to as well as anxiety can make us be one extreme to the other

Let us know how you get on :-)

Take Care x


Hello lulu-1,

Thank you, I think I'm just a worried wreck at the moment lol the dizziness is horrible I'm saying dizziness it's more like when I'm sat still I feel like I'm moving or spinning. But I've just done one of the excersizes that the vertigo doc gave me and boy I went dizzy so just to be sure I've a telephone doc app on tue going to ask her to be referred to him again.

But the weight loss I think is from the anxiety/stress at the moment.

Gave my boss my fit note and she has told me it's been refused so going to have to ask the doc to add a little bit more info on the note to give them a kick up the backside.

They other accept my reduced hours or I'm go on sick full time. I'm only reducing my hours because I feel bad leaving work all together.

How are you lulu-01?



Hello :-)

I get vertigo to so I know how you feel , in fact I have an ear infection as well at the moment which I am prone to which makes it worse

Those exercises never done them personally but can imagine they would make you go dizzy , some where among the idea of them it must eventually help how not sure , you will have to let us know if you ever find out :-)

With all you do and take on and the worry I am not shocked you loose weight , my husband is the same not that he worries as such but he burns it of quicker than he can put it on because he is always on the go and I think you could be like that to :-)

Yes you make sure they let you reduce your hours and if not then go on sick and don't feel guilty as you tried and if they won't listen they leave you with no other choice

Let us know how you get on with it all :-) x


It's not very nice is it I worry when I get it, not sure if I have an infection my ears get itchy inside but no sign of infection.

Hope your infection clears up soon, are you on antibiotics?

The excersizes do make you dizzy if you try them. You sit on the side of the bed turn your head 45 Deg and lie on your side looking up stay there for 30 seconds.

I think you could be right lulu-1 I do a lot don't really give myself a break.

Work are been a huge pain but I will speak to her after tue as it looks like I'm have to get another note.

I shouldn't feel guilty with the way I've been treat there.

Thank you lulu-1



Hi lulu-1

I've been suspended from work,

Made the complaint on Monday too.

So my anxiety is z bit high today along with stress.



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