anxiety attack?

hi all. just wondered if anybody's experience of panic attacks is the same as mine. Basically not sure if what I experience is a panic attack or not. I'll be minding my own business, like just now I was reading online the best way to prevent blackheads (too much info??!!) and then suddenly my heart seems to either miss a beat and restart ... or maybe does one beat stronger than usual, I dunno -all I know is that randomly I am distracted from what I am doing and very aware of my heartbeat. Nothing heart-related happens after that. But then over the course of the next few seconds (minutes?) my hands and feet feel tingly and cold, a strange sensation across my forehead like somebody is pushing their palm against my forehead. and then I just feel like i'm drifting away ... my vision is different somehow. like white light everywhere? I feel like i'm entering some other realm. so strange, that makes me panic. then after 4-5 minutes it fades out slowly. This happens to me every couple of months or so, has been happening for so many years now I can't pinpoint exactly when it started. Maybe age 12 or something. Does this sound like a panic attack? I do have a problem with anxiety. I've definitely been anxious today. But I am wondering if maybe it's a blood pressure problem, or my iron is low ... any thoughts? x

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  • I get those a lot almost everyday like two days ago i had like 12 i was crying all day thinking i was gonna die. After the skipped or hard beat i get a headache

  • Hello

    It sounds like you may be having palpitations , sometimes even when we feel relaxed we can still be anxious & not realize it & then we get the missed heartbeat , I have had this often x

  • My doctor told me that is normal reaction of the heart. Sometimes the heart will take an extra beat (feels like a little jump) especially if you have been up and moving and then are sitting down to relax. She told me that it is totally normal, and the responce that you get after is the panic because we are so much more in tune with our bodies. Now that I know it is a normal thing I do not get the panic after like I used to.

  • Thank you all for your responses :-) xx

  • I think you should have this checked out . Go to your doctor and speak to them about the concerns you have , if everything comes back ok then you will have peace of mind and you willknow that there is nothing wrong with you .

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