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Covid positive, fooled by cold symptoms (just forwarding information)

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Good day to all, I’d just like to put some information here. I’m double vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine. I have Nplate treatment every week so I’m tested regularly for covid. Wednesday 25th Aug I had a covid test, didn’t have any notification of a problem. I had my treatment on the Friday(27th) Saturday (28) I started having symptoms of a cold, sneezing. Sunday I felt like I was getting a bad cold. My husband was also the same but his symptoms started two days before mine. So we did a test each, both positive for Covid. We got a test done at a test station, that came back positive. We both have covid. We’ve been isolating, thanks to the vaccine had mild effects, treatable with cold and flu meds. Delta variant has different symptoms to the others. But we’ve both lost smell, husband taste as well. It fooled us, so be careful it might not just be a cold. We’ve lost out on our holiday now because people are still spreading it

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I hope you both make a safe and speedy recovery. Have you downloaded the (free) ZOE Covid Symptom Survey app? (This collates data from millions of people logging in daily to report their health/symptoms, providing the basis for plentiful top quality research, which is reported on in the app, with links to papers/preprints.) Among the mass of useful information provided by the app is a recent list of the five most common symptoms in people who have been double vaccinated. These are headache, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, and loss of smell.

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I’m not sure if that’s what the NHS track and trace prompted us to do because we’ve filled out lots of forms in the first couple of days. You get called nearly every day to make sure you are isolating and asked about symptoms etc. But I’ll go and have a look at the app. It’s just that those five symptoms are not announced anywhere like we had on radio and tv during ad breaks. It should be. I found out today our next door neighbours had covid four weeks ago. My neighbour told me his wife is scared to go out she was quite bad with it. He’s managed to get her to walk round the block but she doesn’t want to go out. Another symptom is the feeling of impending doom, I had that yesterday for a short while, hubby had it today.

There just needs to be some posters displaying those symptoms on shop doors, buses for vaccinated people to be aware of.

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itplassne in reply to swheels

You're absolutely right that those symptoms need to be widely advertised: that's what the lead scientist from the Zoe Covid Symptom Survey has been advocating for ages! Sadly, the government doesn't seem to take any notice 🙄

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