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2 nd day off wafarin- don't start enox till sunday - swimming and work out took it's toll on me today- was suppost to start with my new therapist / trainer tomorrow but had to cancel - withdrawals i think- was looking foward to starting with her- i will be her 1 st person with APS- she is quite knowledgeable ???{ spelling}-- a couple of my DC's were looking for a more positive start , but i am having muscle pain and spasms- not good- surgery on Tuesday-late morning -- HORRAY- i have some meds for pain but a little reluctant to take them this close to tuesday as they can linger. down to 175 lbs. yesterday 11 pounds down from start- need 5 more and to hold it. trainer should be good for me here with this- she is known to be a hard a-- on this type of thing. and lord knows i need { Mary can't take all the glory } some one like her. she is one sharp lady- she has been talking to my Dc.'s- [don't know if that is good or not }??????? Dc. Megan thinks it will be great for me and will be checking in with her time to time{ boy i may be in trouble???}but good trouble for once:-)-- o well gotta get some sleep -- old tierd -not so fat - hurting - but much lighter me.

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  • Hi jet I'm glad you have managed to lose the weight but please don't make yourself suffer unnecessarily. If they have offered you pain meds you should start to use them as it will be less strain on your body if you are not in a lot of pain.

    I was a little confused about you being off warfarin but not starting heparin. Are they not bridging you with that until the surgery?

    Anyway hope you are not too bad and thinking about you. X

  • Hi AP - i went of warfarin on thursday the 7 th-- INR that day 5.3 { my range is 2.5 to 3.5} i start 120 ml enox 0n sunday morning---- monday morning last dose of enox has to be no less than 24 hour's before surgery which is 11:30 tuesday morning- i know wisdome tooth upper left side is going - it's what they are going to find out what that quater size thing they found on X-ray is up by left cheek bone and just what are they going to have to do ????????- after all this is done administer 40 mls of lov-nox SQ 6 to 8 hours after wound closure at the discretion 0f the attending oral surgeon-based on achievement of satisfactory hemostasis,venodynes and early ambulation- it was my understanding that i will remain on LOV- rite thru the 2 nd surgery on the 27 th of this month- although this paper work does not state this - it picks up on 2 nd procedure pre op- so i will have to get this straightened out with my rheumy -- does this make sence ???? me

  • yes it does jet :-) I would not worry too much about losing anymore weight if you are having oral surgery because you will be on slops for a few days anyway after that. I had all 4 wisdom teeth out in one go ......ouch!! Shame you have to face 2 surgeries in such a short space of time but still getting it all over and done with will mean you can recuperate and move on and get your body recovered as soon as possible.

    Be thinking of you on Tuesday. x

  • i want to get these out the way -hip last surgery is getting worse -i hope i can make it thru summer before they need to do a total right hip -- need months between those surgries the hernia and the total hip- i'll let you know how i make out ------- not so fat- sore - but hanging in there -jet

  • Sending you fun and good wishes.. hope you feel a lot better soon, soon you will be the bionic man... again! Mary F x

  • thanks Mary- was really looking forward to working with new trainer - Kristin- She is supost to call me today some time ? and maybe some light work out on monday- she has been in contact with my paincare Dc.s - she is JUST what i need- i think i went thru this crap before but i wasn't working at swiming so hard to try to get this fat out of liver- i only have late june to rid myself of it- and be a constant 16 lbs down on my weight- i was 185 {about } now new digital scale i'm hanging about 176 up and down a couple of lbs each way --- then the 2 week down time after hernia surgery i will most likely go back up ---- the dental oral surgery i will be on liquids for awhile i suspect -- you know the [drill ]-- liquid ,steak,cheese burgers, etc. and Mary { the gustapo } and my diabetes and nutritonalist {Shawna - the warden } and Kristin { the BOSS } . i will be under the microscope i am sure.O and i can't forget Megan from paincare checking in on me also :-) :-) :-)----------------------- really in all i have some geat people and they actually sincerly care which is comforting -- and then there is always you guys out there - if i can't talk for a couple of day's { of wich Mary will just love - ask our Sheena about that one -she will contest to that } i will still be able to type--??? or a much as i ever could . but i still don't know just what they will be doing and they don't either till they get in there- o well back to my paperwork -- way behind on that-------- Thanks to all ----------- stichtes

  • Hi bud, so glad you are losing the weight, as I know it will help you in the long run mentally & physically, but just be careful matey........I'm sure you know what your doing tho'....I hope it isnt a ploy to get us over there to kick your butt?!!!!!

    Good luck with it all.............

    Take care....your forever clumsy Suzy :)

  • HAY -- Hows my long distant love!!!!- i need to lose the weight as i stated above -BUT!!!!!! if i thought for one minute it would get you guys over here i would be 120 lbs asap. i get goose bumps just thinking about it {WOW} and you of all people know goose bumps HA HA HA -- hows things on your end????? getting better i hope . i wanted our Sheena to E me when you were there and i would of called and we could of talked :-( :-( :-(- O well at least you made it to Sheena's with out falling HA HA - i have been managing to stay upright so far- be glad when you get a phone at home -mis our chats. your witt , your drive for keeping me in line with threats of those BOOTS, and of course your you !!!!!! when pic's of new abode coming. Jess told me she was going to put me in a bubble -- maybe you to :-)n get back when possible my friend ---- you give me a case of HAPPY HEART -------- thanks ---- jittry jet

  • Aaaaaaahhhhhh......glad you feeling happier :)

    Pleased you havn't fell over again!!! pics will come soon bud, keep well :)

  • Feel better soon jet. You have a lot of people cheering you on...Teresa

  • Thanks so much Teresa , busy day today ,starting pretty early, last shot of enox. this morning- blood done last time before oral surgery - INR must be below 1.5 or vitamin K to lower it. thanks Teresa and all for the support. not looking forward for -not so much the wisdom tooth as what this is in my cheek - and what will it take to fix it ? ----------------jittery jet

  • here we go all --- will get back ASAP - thanks to all for your support--------------------nervous ned------------------------------- jet

  • O well I'm back- it was an abscess and surgeon said it did look like it had been there for at least a couple of years-- had to srape all affected bone surfaces-- cut out tissue- flushed out area--put in a antibiotic sponge , this will disolve as well as inner stiches and outer stiches.INR yesterday was 1.3---- 6 to 8 hrs start 40 mls . of lonenox- - need to check back with Rhuemy on this for the next 2 weeks before next surgery- if all goes good with this one -- gotta go lay down still bleeding ----------------me

  • Heard back from Rheumy- only spotting with the bleed- took 40 ml lovenox for today - 120 starting tomorrow till day before 2 nd surgery the 26 -- nothing morning of the 27 th- tomorrow i see my PCP {GRRRRRRRR } about my diabetes-- that's at 9:20 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaA.M. then my dentist @ 10:30 and hopes to get into te pool ?? but i don't know if the BOSS- Kristin my trainer will let me- { she is going to be a hard one to try to manipulate } she already has my # so she say's--- She is going to be good for me-in more ways that one !!!! . i am a challenge for her and she likes that-- any coment's ????? :-) jet

  • Hi Jet! Just checking in. Glad it was nothing sinister and all went well. Im sure you are sore so stay on the slops for a couple of days and take it easy.....tell that trainer of yours we say you have to have a few days off!! x

  • O- buy no means would she put me in harms way-- she is so protective of me - i'm her 1 st ever aps patient-- also i am problably the 1 st ever to get my insurance to cover such a thing -- but i will copy this and show it to her . she is very intelligent woman, but i will let her know she IS being watched by my witches of the midlands. Englands finest. my BUDS- i am really looking forward to working with her also, we talked the other day an she wanted to know just where i had to be with my wieght and the fatty liver. if any thing she will be the one to pull back on thr reins . like { wooow Boy .} but she isn't bashful and will step right up,if need be- this is why she is good for me i think. i can't re-injure my self in the process and she will see that i don't. thanks my lovely --anything else you want me to tell her ????????? :-):-) :-) ---lazy jet

  • O well all i can start my swimming today -- no snorkling- but i can start with Kristin @ 2:00 can swim with fins etc.-- just no snorkle and i don't think i'l get it past her {THE_ BOSS } - she calls my DC's and has the ordres so i guess it will be just swimming , but i'm so happy to just get back to at least some of my routine-- gaining wieght that i worked so hard to lose and then the surgery on the 27 th that i am sure is going to set me back - on doing next to nothin for 2 weeks- my friend JESS has only 7 of the 48 4,000 ft mountains left to climb, she will have done them in less than a year which is a great feat- not done by many - she is a true inspiration to me and alot others- some of you out there have her E mail after she finishes the she will be attending a ceremony of which i hope i can attend- she wil be with a alot of her climbing friends - she so want's to be able to finish. Jess has been with me all the way - the ups and down 's- going to appt's with me when ever i needed her- she is remarkable- in all ways - a true friend and confidant, she does put her pic's on the face book - i know some of you have seen them , O well enough babling - i gotta get ready for my swim -------------- thanks to all ----------- flipper

  • Im trying NOT to conjure up an image of you as flipper!! Personally my exercise would be enough just putting the fins on and getting in the pool let alone doing any exercise once there so I take my hat off to you if you manage that. I would have landed on my backside in a heap long before getting anywhere near the water!!! :-D

  • O well aps- servived my 1 st in water lesson with the BOSS-- she was funny -she laughted when i showed her a copy of all the responces i have from you all.- yours especially-she said wow - where are these people from ??? i told we speak to others all over the world !! she was impressed-she would ask where is this one from - where is that one from-- i told her we take care of each other -- she said i can see that in a hurry . i told here she would be watched and evaluated by my on line family-- of course the next thing out of her mouth was just what are you going to write about todays meeting ????? she will just have to waite and see . - the lesson went well but it wasn't enough to challange me so we have to step it up BUT she won't with out DC.Bryne or Megan approving it ,so after my trip to Leb monday morning I'LL have to E-mail them and get that straightened out. i want to be in the nautlis room before surgery on the 27 th - i don't really believe they will let me back in the pool with a 4.5 inch incision and you know where that will be, hope dc. has a steady hand that day ??????!!!!!! :-(-- but if im in the dry{ nautlis } room before i should be able to go back there if i can get cleared 1 ST BEFORE the surgery. thats my plan anyways- she still is having trouble with my age she still thinks im 10 years younger - when she puts all my info in to her hand held gizmo there its not coming up the way she thinks it still has me as over weight and i am still down 10 pounds- but i'm building muscle mass and muscle weights more than fat so she is calibrating it into the machine . i still have to be a sustained 16 pounds below start weight of 186-- i was 175.8 -in the buff yesterday morning - i try to weigh my self the same time and under the same conditions allways. and a few pounds could make a big difference in the end results when i go back to the gastroencronologist office at the end of JUNE--- i am going to see if i can get KIM [gastro ]to ok an ultrasound at the end of this month to see just how well im doing with the fat in the liver -- thats the biggest problem i face right now, and by far the one thing all dc.s are watching.will keep you up dated on me and the BOSSES progress------------------------ not so fat flipper -- just a tad swollen in the face area--me P.S. sorry about the short novel ?? :-)

  • Hi, now then so many names, flipper? Slim? Gummy? Bear? Vacuum operative? Swollen face? :-) :-) :-)

    How you doin hon? I know you off to see the Boss tomorrow, she seems to be doing a great job! You sound so much more positive and it's great to hear!! Of course you know wherever you are, we are thinking of you! So pleased the weight is coming off, all that swimming practice, you'lle be swimming the Atlantic in no time! :-) :-)

    Good luck Wednesday, I hope they sort everything out in time, will wait to hear from Jess!

    Talk tomorrow hon, make sure the Boss don't work you too hard and I'm sure the Gestapo will give you plenty of earache before you go in, (if she can get a word in, that is)

    Take care big gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxxx :-) :-) :-)

  • Well- Sheena we can add another name to my list of names ----- "swollen , purple , pudgie groin----- now thats a name with color-------------:-) ME!

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