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Update on Casey

Well all , first of all Thank You all so much for your concern for my little man.

Casey went for his follow up yesterday { 4/1/14 ] stitches still in , they should dissolve , Dc. that did the surgery said he looks great and that he had a lot done . Actually this was the 1 st time i had to really talk to him as Casey's surgery went so long . He was suppose to be in at 9:00 A.m. and out by 10:30 --- he didn't get out of surgery till 2:00 . This is the total procedure--- Molar out 3 roots involved some how -- scrape bad bone on upper back jaw-total 11 teeth out .He can start his old food again , the hard ones and also his chewy treats { OF COURSE HE LOVES THAT }.just keep an eye on any bleeding and the stitches . Had 1 st estimate covered, about $ 600.0 dollars -- final balance now now $1,100.00 OUCH -- My Angel Jessica { NOT JESS Mary's niece, My !st Angel ] is trying to get me some more help with the bill..

Now on my end MRI last Thursday - still no results , this was for spine and neck up to skull , this is where i get my shots ,36 of them every 2 weeks.hoping for some answers of any kind on this . it's taken me about a year to get this done. Go Thursday to see new Rhuemy -- this man has lost touch with reality- he has no clue -BUT - he thinks he is great and if you don't believe it just ask him !!!! but till i can find another i don't have much choice in the matter. Jess will be attending the appointment with me.This Doctor 's first right up of the appointment states that i told him Casey was a seeing eye dog -- now keep in mind Casey was there with me { CASEY IS A CHIHUAHUA his weight is 10.2 pounds }hardly a seeing eye dog -He also went on to say-because i haven't had any bleeding in head or body that i must be doing well ??? He has never looked into my past history and all the problems i have had along with the hospitalizations etc. the list is long. since Nov.2 nd of 2011 i have had 110 tests done all done at Dartmouth of which he can pull up on his computer if he wasn't so dam lazy . also 89 appointments to correspond to the testing . GRRRRRRRRRR. But lets see . I did find the pole done in two years ago by HSF that shows how many of us are treated by Rheumy's after diagnosis. He didn't believe me when i made that statement .he said in his report that i put all my trust in the internet and he also made mention of the Hughes site of which he most likely has never seen -- He thinks he is a legend in time BUT I think he is a legend in his own mind !!!!! He had a resident Dc. there with us at last appt. that agreed with me that he should of at least taken the time to look at my past - The other Dc was shocked he had done nothing of this -even the nurse that brought us in and I had asked about any records she had to get ready for him , she said she was surprised that he hadn't asked her for any and that she would ask him again to make sure that there wasn't any mistake or over looked ? still nothing from Mr, ZERO. But i will bring His past report in WITH all the corrections on it and TRY AGAIN and try to keep my composure . Jess try's to keep me COOL should I say..I hope to meet her for breakfast before 10:00 meeting and go over what we need to accomplish if at all possible ??? HA HA .

But on a more positive note --I have had the pleasure to talk by phone to one of our members and that has been great - there are some of you a talk to via phone which i think is great - I have a international account on my phone so i can call anywhere in the world {ALMOST } some countries are more expensive that say England , which is where i call the most out of country .and of course Canada is included in my Basic international plan.So It's 4:00 A.M. here now - been up since 3:00- can't sleep { NOCTURNAL } I guess -- got my 3 hours sleep already HA 0 well enough . i can start my coffee and get ready for the rest of my day !!!!!! BBN SLEEPLESS IN NEW HAMPSHIRE---------------JET----------- non-flipper----- AGAIN GRRRR

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Thanks for the update, you sound upbeat, I am glad you challenge the bits that are not up to scratch etc. I hope you get sleepy soon. MaryF


thank you very much for your always warm and loving concern with me and Casey


I am glad your little man Casey looks great. Thanks for the news.

Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm


Thank YoU Very much for your loving concern :-)


I'm glad Casey is okay ...and I loved your description of the doctor ....too many of them are legends in their own minds :-)


thanks Hon for your loving concern with Casey and Me :-)


I agree with Tassie!



Well did it again -- My appointment with the nit wit Doctor is Friday and not today ?????? loosing my memory I think , I don't know {{ I DON"T REMEMBER }}} HA of course I needed to wait for my s.s. money to go into my account so it goes in today so I should be all set to take my Angel Jess to breakfast HORRAY ------ She has done so much for me and means the world to me as one of my best friends .

Now appointment is in Manchester , about a half hour from here - about 18 minute drive on highway--- but need to find street where she wants to go for breakfast .

well up at 4:20 A.M. but a good start to day BBN ... Casey and ME


So glad Casey is doing well :-D

Wish you could get more of a stable answer in your diagnosis.... Do you need some boots to kick them with?!!

Good Jess :-D enjoy your breckie tomoz ;-)

Hey I've had 3 appointments this week &got them all mixed up!!

Take care bud. :-D


Really pleased Casey is doing well Jet.

Thank you so much for making me laugh about your Doc., especially the bit about asking how great he is he will tell you. Legend eh?

I also think you are more of a legend convincing him that Casey is a Guide Dog ha ha! Go Casey bet you could be if you wanted anyway.

Have good breakfast and appointment xxxx


Casey never stops amazing us -- meaning= Me , Dc. meg - Blood lab . people----- Vets's etc he just starts doing these things like alarming me of Flares - tremors- muscle spasms, even when i shouldn't be hiking as my leg muscles will lock and not work !!!!! he is just amazing --- and so full of love for everyone he meets and knows. as soon as i can get some videos sent out on this computer , you will see this remarkable little dog. When Dc. meg wrote my last letter for his file at ADA she explains just how remarkable he really is . -- my little man-- unconditional love and devotion, no matter what and when i get upset about something he is all over it , I get THE LOOK from him HA HA -- Thanks all Casey and me. Off to the blood lab for INR - still nothing on MRI done last week ????- HUMMMMMMMMM


Well perhaps thats a good thing Jet - you don't want them to find nasties do you? So glad Casey is all recovered, he will love you even more for the care you give him. My dog thinks he is a retriever because when we got him we had one so he retrieves a ball better than most labradors and will sniff one out too! No one has told him that Shih Tzu's are supposed to not be able to do that! The other day my husband came home from work and he was so excited as usual, he had not been left for long as I had a late meeting. My hubby said that after he came in he just stood at the door waiting to see if I was coming in too and then just sat there waiting and listening for me. He stayed there until I came home! All together now....Ahhhhh! :-D What would we do without our four legged friends?


Amen---- my friend


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