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has anybody in england heard from kristina

kristina left on last tuesday nite for her journey to start her adventure in england, i know she wont have any computer service for a while, so i was wondering if any one has heard from her, so i will be releaved to know she is safe and sound with you guys .if any one has heard please let me know, it would be deeply appreciated --thanks ----- jet

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Hi Jet

Nope sorry, but you would be welcome to give her my email, or info if she wants a contact here in the UK




hi-lesley- as far as i know she should be there. she had said she would have to get service for computer once she was there. i wouldnt be able to contact her till she contacts me with site info in wich to contact her, i just though some one in our group may have seen or talked to her- thanks much ----jet


Hey Jet!!! I am here safe and sound just getting settled in and stuff. I am out in the countryside!!! Its nice here, too! I will send you an email later tonight or tomorrow as I am headed out to get some curry for dinner. Its REALLY cold here but I hear it is in NH too?

I might be buying a car, too!!


hi kristina welcome to england, whereabouts are you?


Kaysie- thank you! I am in whittlesford near cambridge.


hi buddy my e mail said you had answered me , it took 27 min.s to show on screen. glad your safe hon you had me worried. remember to drive on the correct side of road ---ha-ha-ha or would left side be rite- im confusing my self - bbn-----ill be home tonite , having foot problems again,or unless something goes wrong with dad. -------007- sherlock h.


LOL!! I am well but jet lagged. I basically did a flip flop of my days and nights and took a very long nap today. Left hip is killing me at times but I am coping. I am very much in the middle of "nowhere" East Anglia in a very small town which is very lovely. Mick got me settled and still waiting on my new cell phone and on the information about the car, which is too good a deal to pass up really. It will give me ability to travel and see much more!

I am staying in a lovely 5 bedroom home, driveway is about a 1/4 mile long. Such gorgeous wildlife here I can't wait to see it in spring and summer!! Classes have begun and I am already struggling but I always do first few weeks until I get into a routine or take first tests (and do well). then I will be able to relax.

I am just about unpacked and settled, though. Lots I still need to do, but coming along nicely considering I just got here.

I am so sorry I didnt get to see you Jet (and Mary too!). I will for sure when I get back or else you need to get a passport and come here- there is a huge national patient forum in May right in London you know!!

I think mid next week I will trek into London to sort out my medications and do a few errands I need. Haven't been on a walk here yet, as today was very cold. The frost stayed most of the day and was like a dusting of diamond crystals, very fine and sparkly.

I think I am going to love it here (once it warms and there is more sun!). In the meantime, I study, study, study and try to get settled.


Welcome Kristina! Hope you will be happy here. I am sure you will bump into a lot of us at the Patients Day in May.


I will be there for sure! Can't wait!


Hi kristina

glad you here n safe. Welcome to the UK.

Hope your pain settles and good luck with your studies.

Hopin to make it to London in may for forum. Also have appointment in may at st tommies in London, so hopefully see you their.

Take care gentle hugs love sheena xxxxxx :-) :+) :-)


let me know and maybe I can meet you in London for lunch or something!


sorry i made you lagg- happy you are good ,you have my e-mail site still, send me your new one, when you can. get settled- study enjoy - make me proud. go to eye specialist monday- dartmouth wedsday, got lots of questions for doc chou. duke requesting lots of records from c.h.s.[ kelley ] has said -next neuro, diabetes specialist, eye specialist, dartmouth- doc chou made mention of hemotlo. we will see. - be good -be safe - be you -----jet


hi sheena my friend how be you- have missed you- not so red - not so bumpy- not swollen - just itchy and sore ------me


Glad its imporving Jet, and sorry I missed lobster man!!! Email is the same for now. Will have new phone sorted in a week or so as I have one on order.


Hi Kristina

I'm Dave, I don't know you but welcome to the UK and I'm glad you like our countryside; where abouts are you staying?

I have APS, diagnosed in 2002 and have seen Prof Hughes several times; due to see him again on 15th February.

I'm a Chartered Building Surveyor, running my own practice from home, and I'm also a musician (I sing in and conduct choirs and I'm a composer).

If you would like to get in touch while you are over here my email addrss is:

Very best wishes.



Hi Dave!! I am staying in Whittlesford, a bit south of Cambridge. I just met a lady that is in the Cambridge Choir the other night!!! Not sure how far you are from me but def should try to meet!

My email is

Sounds like you keep busy- how has APS affected you?

I absolutely adore Professor Hughes! You are lucky to have some of the top specialists in the world here.


good morning england!!!!!- cold as h---. out side this morning here, 4 below -0- burrrrrrrrrrrr. now kristina- just where did you come up with kukukajoo,,, its sounds like a brillant colored african bird off some sort- maybe it shows your colorful personality . ya-ya. well you certainly are being noticed over there. !! this is good. sheena where are you my morning glory, didnt hear back from you yesterday my friend- hpoe you are feeling well this morning,


Ya-ya jet!! It comes from the Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel actually. Long story but it does fit my personality and its realy fun to say, too!!

How you doing? went grocery shopping today- was really amazed by the selection and missing so many American things too. Will make do quite nicely though I am sure. Also went to a pub for lunch and it was delicious!!

Will be cooking for Neil a lot (my gracious host) as he is a bachelor and needs some decent meals!!

Off to study a bit and stoke the woodstove- thankfully I am used to keeping them lit!!


PS my phone is crap- cant figure out how to call on it. Should have the new one soon though- maybe this week sometime if I am lucky!


Hi jet

sorry been sleeping off the effects of allergic reaction to something, not know what. Bit better now.

How you keeping? Hows dad?

Will pm email n phone number.

Good to hear you getting better my friend.

Take care gentle hugs sheena xxxxxx :-) :-) :-)


kristina if you meet up with sheena- give her my e-mail site, you should still have it. it was sheena or suzy that had given me there phone number but i cant find it , i could have you call them and give them my e-mail ,that way to .. i dont want to put it out here because of problems i have been having with this site. thanks hon ------------------- me. suzy where have you been. if you read this im missing you also ?!?!------jet


Kristina - Hi was just catching up on people's posts and was interested to see you had moved to England. I don't actually live that far from you - I live in the next county Norfolk (my brother lives just outside Cambridge). I am studying for my Bsc in Adult Nursing at the University of East Anglia. Where are you studying? at one of the colleges in Cambridge or at Angia Ruskin? I am not originally from England but have lived here for nearly 5 years in July.

Nicky :-)


Nicky, are you from the US? I am actually taking online courses through University of Wyoming and I think I bit off more than I can chew!! Hard getting settled and organized but is coming along.

I hope we get a chance to meet up!!! Where we are both studying Nursing I bet we could be of help to each other and def have that in common. Please email me (see above) and once I get the car and figure out how to drive lets try to get together.


nicky- where rae you from origionally- ---jet


good morning all- weds 18 th off to dartmouth this morning , spent last couple of days, pawring thru original paperwork of 1 st dia. paper work-igg -igm-basically all blood work to be able to have a comparison of, that was then , this is now, type of deal , to determine if i had dificiencys present in blood then or did they develop later in time?? also sad to say im losing one of my beloved nurses, tiffany my supervising nurse, who has been so helpful thru this all . also so not sure of nurse kelley either. i got to get away from my doc also , hes so afraid of doing wrong hes doing nothing but to make me madder at his lack of leader ship. so next couple of days need to talk to hospital women that oversees docs to see who is out there so im not jumping from frying pan to the fire. it seems there is no end to this. o well thanks for listening to me babble. --------------jet


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