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Xmas pic' from Treacle my Hughes mascot!

Xmas pic' from Treacle my Hughes mascot!

Here is a little pic' of the rabbit that has trouble with her back legs & walking.

She is the little 'hunny bunny' I made 'my Hughes mascot' as she struggles but still is soooo sweet!

She has to be bathed frequently & has regular exercises on her harness I rigged up for her, but she stil loves to cuddle up to you, licks your hands when you fuss her & loves food & treats.

I refuse to give up on her as she is'nt in pain & has such a great personality about her. :)

She may be 'just a bunny' but she is an inspiration that just isn't ready to give up!

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I love pictures of your animals. Truffle is really lucky to have you as a mum we have got 2 rabbits they make lovely pets don't they. they have the full run of our small garden.and love it. In the morning you can see them begging at our back door

Love Karen xx


suez you can include truffle in your pics if you would like, our x-mas duo, in fur and fuzz jet


Aaaahhh thank you Karen :) I do love animals...good job with the 2 grown boys that still live with me...they are more hard work than the pets!!! :) xx

OK Jet...I will include Treacle...I cant believe I put her Dad's name Truffle for the title not her name Treacle!! I've changed it now...just a Hughie moment there!!!

I'm often told my boots look like there's a animal already in them anyway!! I have fur in my boots, jackets & gloves!! not real fur either!!.....If I was in the 60's I would have been the one with the spray paint spraying ladies fur jackets!!

I am a true hippy/ goth/ rocker/ gypsy type of girl!!

Oh no...I dont even want to know what you are thinking now Jet...or you Paddy!!!

:) :)


our wild flower child, in full blum of course, one of mother natures child, with a heart as big as the moon ,and a personality that shines as bright . there was that really that bad suez jet


How sweet after all :)


lol well erm........ Ok then lol I know have an image in my head i need a pic of these boots now lol

Treacle is lovley and he can join the gang anytime as are you sue.



Ha ha's good to laugh/cackle! can always rely on you two!! :)

I'll show you a pic' of the 'now well talked about boots' some time!!!

On my blog/web site is also info' about the shelter I run now too if anyone wants a peep. :)

I'm updating it all the time.



lol....ok a pic' of the 'boots' are now on my web/blog too!!!! :)


She has been moving both back legs/feet to help her in her harness today :)

I watched her move her feet & legs more today.

I presume she may never walk properly, but she has improved a lot over the last few days, so anything is better than how she was. Just getting the circulation going is good. :)


ok suze- see i cant even spell your name rite, wow o wow , has any body ever told you [ niece heels ] trust me if i ever develope a fettish its back to the scuba suit. yet again another swim, why dont you guys take a boot , [ i mean a boat ] to the states , well suze in closing , its 1:00 here , i think this is all my old over run heart can take, may god bless, ps i have something up my sleeve , i just have to talk to my tailer, for just a thread of thought. bbn jet


WELL suez , i just viewed your part 2 of blog ????? how many husbands do you really have, or is so late i am seeing things in tripplit, see i told you i couldnt spell with out [sheena] where are you , my little dafadil. o well ok to late at nite for this, getting brain cramps all be well jet

Reply you mean the wedding images?!! for the husbands ? or the critters page?!!!! :)

Only once me :)

Did you look at all 16 posts last night?!! must have took you forever!!

Hope you got some sleep in the end :)


I am posting this in memory of the little fighter that lost her fight in the end Tuesday evening :(

Thought you would like to know.

Treacle was fine until Tuesday afternoon/evening, she seemed to be improving, moving both back legs quite well, eating well too, but then she didn't want her food....or usual cereal treats & seemed to be confused, so I put her on my knee in her blanket as I felt something was wrong.....within 15 mins she had what I can only describe as a fit/muscle spasms :( she had about 7 of these within about 1/2 an hour, then let out a couple of little squeals & then she passed..........I have lost another one of my furry friends, she will be missed hugely :(

Hope she has now found peace wherever she has gone in spirit & is running around like a bunny should be now .

She is still my Hughes mascot as she had a lot of fight in her for such a small sweetie.


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