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after some pretty hard bouts with sharp throbbing pain in left leg- got to Dc.'s and had it checked out ,i knew something was wrong as this pain was in the very same spot as a hugh clot i had in 2009. they measured leg -checked blood flow- all the good stuff and the Dc. said i dont think it is a clot - he asked what i wanted him to do ???????? so i asked him what do you suggest ? nothing was the questionable look !!! so i spoke up and said in veiw of my past history of DVT and PE both lungs -i would like an ultra sound!! -- he said well you are on warfarin and hydroxy. !!!!! i told him of many cases of cloting while on thinners- i get this questionable look ?????????? I got my ultra sound ,and guess what !! not dvt but i was right superficial clots in veins in same spot on leg as previous DVT. needless to say he was very reluctant to have to tell me i was right and he knew he was going to hear from me that people can and will clot on thinners -- so guys i say stick to what your body is telling you.!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even the tech that did ultra sound has seen many people on thinners clot, she was saying that just as i think she spotted the clots. i got this slight giggle .. she was great she couldn't tell me just what she saw BUT with a little persuation-smooth talk ( and a mini chocolate bar] and me holding a patient questionere- and telling her and thanking her ----- i got a round about answer [ god bless her] glad it's not DVT - and no real great danger right now ----going to be sore for a few months. but it does make me think where else could i be clotting ???????????????????????? thanks for reading my rant !!!!!! sticky sludge blood sore gimpy me :-) :-)

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  • Sorry to hear your news... and good on you for your force 10 polite assertive style.. it is the only way...don't worry my five imagined conditions have caused havoc over time as have my children, but proved right in the end... which is not the point really... it is about getting swift care with people being professional and kind! Get better soon. Mary F x

  • Thanks my friend-when i made questions of where else i could be clotting , about a month ago i had a real bad head day -was real scary- i hadn't had a problem with head in almost a year??i didn't push that issue at the time of appt. but maybe i should have???????????????. o well at least i have there attention now :-). i start my appts. with a paincare Dc. -- they treat the pain more so than the cause . as they havn't been able to do anything with this constant numbness and tingling in arms since a wasp sting last august ??this is a new thing and she and all my specialist are on board. a cutting edge type of thing . the Dc. is a vascular specialist and has been talking to the other Dc,s they are all waiting to see the results . Dc,Byrne is a very aggressive young woman. she said she loves a challenge to help her patients, well she has one with me .?????????? Dc. has only met me once and i'm not so sure she is ready for some one like me, but i grow on people -kinda like warts HA. And of course i will keep you all informed as to just how it all works for me . who knows we may find some relief for some others out there. can't tell you much more than that right now . keep my fingers crossed. and hope for some positive results.

  • Sorry to hear about your clot bud :(

    Glad they are on top of it & you will be sorted with it.......I really hope things start to improve for you, you have had enough medical issues thrown at you recently!!!!

    All the best & keep smiling, waiting too for your positive results :)

  • Hi Jet - sorry to hear about this but you are an inspiration with your positive attitude! Hang in there and keep letting us know how things are going. Big Hug x

  • Hi jet

    Sorry to hear about the clots but glad the docs listened to you and that you are helping them learn much more about aps, seeing the problems it causes first hand. Sometimes docs need to realise theory is not always right. My own gp said yesterday that you don't get sludgy blood when on warfarin.

  • Hi Jet

    Hope the leg not misbehaving to much! Bear with a blooming sore leg!! Sorry hon, you really don't need anymore c##p!!! Teaching them docs a thing or two, not that we want to!! An easy life would be nice!! Please docs if you reading help, we are a very nice bunch of peeps really!! :-)

    Big gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)

  • I can never be that forceful in my appointments but i so wish i could! Sorry to hear your news Jet but well done for standing your ground with the ultrasound! :)

  • Well done Jet. I try to keep the sarcasm out of my voice and try very hard to choose words that do not make it seem as though I am talking down to the docs, ( but of course, in truth I am,) as I explain that an INR is a number of probability, not certainty. So even if you have an INR of 3 or above, if you sit on a cramped plane seat for 6 hours, normal blood or sludge blood which is being medically treated to more closely resemble normal blood --you're gonna be at a higher probability risk for a clot. Duh!!! ( I refrain from saying the "Duh.")

    But well done!

  • Good morning world of the sludge bloods--- O well been a busy week, Pain Care Doc put me back on Baclofen full dosages for entire week this is for injurded back muscles , last week learned of superficial clots, got another new Dc., dermatologist ,young gal.. she knows nothing of APS - she checked my skin problem with mt feet , now and again it's advanced to far for dia. so another new steroid cream ?i asked how quick i could get an appt. if i needed one ---- a month or two ,but call if it gets worse.. she said there is no emergenceies in dermatology- o great so i call to say what my feet had to be amputated ??? i offered her info on APS ,only to hear i'll look it up ??? on my way out i passed bye a ajoining office to see her and her nurse in quite a heated disccussion , hope it didn't concern me .. off to dartmouth this morning- high hopes of answers-- DC.Chou my rheumy 1) can i have more clotts around body that weren't checked that might explain my head- non-healing back and intensifing-numbness and tingling in hands and arms 2) check steriod creams from dermatologist 3}check nerve deading drugs from Dc.Byrne [ paincare ] and trigger point injections in back non-steroid 4 ] check all meds and usual follow up -- therapy on thurs and new stretching [ the rack ] this may have to wait till next week when regular therapist returns from the islands.was suppost to start a couple of clinics -- diabetes and nutrition tommorrow but conflict in appts... friday back to Dc. Bryne for follow up and if Dc, Chou doesn't object that tpi injection in damaged muscle in back. she told me it's going to be very painful and there isn't any pre numbing for it. i told her i'm game if it will help with healing process. i told her she looks like an angle so maybe that would help with the pain end of things HA HA HA -- she got a chuckle out of that one.- O well gotta jump into the rain room wash body and watch skin rinse off my feet, a daily occurance. how are all my witches doing in England????? you know which witches you are !!!!!!!.. good sunny morning here, great morning for my 1 1/2 hour drive -- it's very warm here this a.m. in the 40 ties. my pcp says no sitting for more than an hour at a time ????? i guess i'll have to stop the clock for my journey. wil let you know the out come of this very busy appt.. ---------------------- BBN ------------------------- jet

  • Good Luck jet and just so you know the trigger point injections are not that bad - Ive had quite a few of them. Think of a wasp sting for 10 secs and you will be at about the pain level! So short term pain for long term gain!! Mine last around 4 months.

    You can also keep the benefit going by finding a Myofascial Release Therapist. If you dont know what Im talking about let me know and I'll send you details because the best ones are trained in Florida so you must have some good ones near you. x

  • thank you AP not a good day in all- Dc. Chou now looking at Catastrophic --- - nothing for sure yet need a total body MRI -- he has to check with my insurance -and also how to do it with the least amount of radiation as i have had alot ??-- i should hear from him tomorrow and i may have to make a few more trips back up there- tring to grasp just what this is all going to mean ??? been checking into it a little more than i thought i knew .. because of all my recent problems the head --the back - and recient superficial clotts he is very concerned- i asked him if my having this checked was founded ----- he said absolutely -- i can't be to careful here-- the recent head problem the most concern... -then to top off the day my cars transmission locked because of a faulty automatic starter HORRRRRRRAY- then my cell phone S--t the bed. so good news -- bad car-- and cell ---- that was my 3 for today -----did get a little chance to talk of other meds Dc.Bryne suggested-- but they took a back seat real quick----------------- AP im am real interested in your info---- it's 9:44 here now --5 hours difference -get back to me in your A.M. and i'll get back to you when i get up --thats if i sleep at all tonite ?????????? Had 2 dc's there today -- a new dc in training.. i like this as it gets our problems out there-- what was even better Dc. Chou let me educate him -- that was supper. he listened real close -- made alot of notes' won't be surprised if i don't see alot more of the student Dc. in the near future this is in my mind just great. only wish there were alot more student dc's there. o well my friends---------- bbn------ jet -- would like some feed back - and will take it back to dc's.

  • AP just looked up the myofascial release -- a good thing to bring up friday to Dc, Byrne --want more info ---- your great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!------------- have i told you how lovely you look today :-) HORRRRRRAY

  • O AP the wasp sting thing is a sore subject with me --- it landed me in ER for a few days in the past august :-)---------------------- just kidding :-)

  • Jet.....flattery will get you everywhere!! :-) Here is some info on MFR...First of all general and then from the more specific website of John Barnes often seen as the main man these days. You can find one of his trained therapists on that website or Im sure could google MFR and see if there is one trained in your local area. You can even go to his place I understand to be worked on.

    If you find a good therapist you can work with them and they will reward you and be worth their weight in gold. I have been using them on and off for almost 20 years now coming across one when I lived abroad quite by accident. The gentleness of the treatment allowed my body to recover so much quicker from a PT session then a normal PT (Physio's in the UK). Last year I found a really good one right on my door step who works with breast cancer patients after their ops and had so much success he has written a thesis which may be used by surgeons in the future for the way they operate as he discovered that many of his patients were all getting the same pain based on the incision scar.

    This treatment is particularly good for Fibro and anyone with Myofascial Pain Syndrome.

    Sorry to hear whats going on....hang on in there it may not be as bad as it sounds. Take each day as it comes xx

    PS...forgot about you and wasps and bees....should have thought about a different analogy durrrr :-(

  • Good morning AP --love your sence of humor !! I can use it about now for sure-- i looked up your links -made some copies and will take them with me today to phiscial therapy. my regular thearipist is in the islands - and my temp is pretty good -- some of the discriptions sounds like some of the pressure points they are using now. but will take it to them . not alot of sleep last night but i guess it could of been worse- did a bit more research ,.there are a number of different aspects to the total dia. one that caught my eye was theevidence of small vessal throbosisin at least one organ or tissue and lab comfirmation of APL. this sounds all to close to home . thanks for your help-- it's off to lab for my 3 day ritual blood test-- then to therapy-didn't do my exercises just didn't have it in me this morning , and for this i will fall in dis-favor !!!!!--mind kinda racing to no where right now - gotta settle down here . let me know if you come up with anything else--------------------nervous ned

  • You hang in there and have a relaaaaxing therapy session as stressing will not do any good.

    Drive safely and let us know how you get on. Patsy may just have to dig up a little clip to cheer you up..... x :-D

  • may i assume you are Patsy?????????????????????????????got a call from Dc.Chou {rheumy } up there in Lebanon --- he talked to radiology-- no MRI -- trying to set appts they are doint a CT scan and also alot of ultra sounds --an hour plus of the ultra sounds,am still waiting for info and the appointment on the CT-- no blood results as of yet - thats been pretty good -for me anyways---------------------------wow do you have wild hair ????????????????? :-) am a bit better after talking to Chou this morning -- he was chance to actually get the last ultra sound pic's from last nov 29 th clots in left leg.. just got dall from Lebanon --- tues the 11Th all ultra sounds and C T scans, but i now have to drive up there tomorrow for pre testing blood work--- bue thats all right with me , only the Dc's dont like me sitting that long BUT what am i going to do ??????????????????????????? the pin cushion

  • Moi? Patsy is the character that Joanna Lumley the Actress plays in the sit com "Absolutely Fabulous" - thats her in the picture. (hence the take on my name)

    Take a look!

    Have a safe drive tomorrow and stop off on the way for a stretch! x

  • I've wondered about the situation of having a clot when on warfarin -- good for you for speaking up about the ultrasound. That's what my thought was, but a doctor told me, "If you have a clot, you're already on the treatment for it." That somewhat made sense, but it didn't make me feel better.

  • thats all wel and good you may be on the treatment but more of them can ghange dia. -- in my case they are looking at CAPS - just had another ultra and GT - no results yet -a few more days at least

  • Same boat Jet.... watch my video and have a giggle ;-)

  • Hay AP that was good the bloopers are great-- the one where the man walks into the pole -------- well that happened to me about 20 years ago --i was at the beach with my buddies and my custom van was parralell parked right on tha board walk , three beautys came by and i jump out of van walking with them and strutting not paying any attention where i was walking and POW --walked straight into a parking meter ?|].;'/--- knocked one of my teeth out !!!!!! boy i could of crawled into a hole if there had been one there. we all laughted it off and had a great day after that . but when i aw that clip -well did it ever bring back memories. thanks i needed that - i have managed to pull alot of those things in my time

  • Good...glad it helped...we do aim to please :-D

  • my aim wasn't that good_ my spelling is something else also?????????????????????? :-)

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