I'm back

Everything went well some problems -kidney's not draining-but we mastered that- after some discomfort----- stayed an extra night - Things i won't take for granted anymore # 1getting off and on the toilet !!!! --#2 simply walking with out pain- #3 a simplebowel movement with out any meds to help-#4 getting in and out of my reclineror my bed in that matter. gotta call dc. [rhuemy ] this A.M. to see what he wants to do bridge of love-nox and start warfarin - on vicodin-- they are helping-- needless to say no flippers for awhile -end of week i can start dry exercising slowly- no water till start of next week ,gotta find a water proof bandage-need to get back at it so i don't gain to much weight back -- sill need to be down 16 lbs by the end of june. -- can't sit any longer GRRRRRRR -- need to move - but all is well so far .. stitches

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  • Hi there... great update xx Keep well and don't over do it! Mary F x

  • Well Done Dry Flipper!! Knew we wouldnt keep you down for long. Do as your told and take it easy!! xx

  • Big gentle hugs hon, you're doing great love xxxxx :-) :-) :-)

  • I was just thinking about you Jet. So glad that you're now on the road to recovery. xxx

  • they just doubled up my dosage of the vicodon-- lots of swelling, not much room left -everything sticking ????????/!!!!!! i can't shower till tonight-1 st change of dressing then to- no brusing yet - BOY they must of done some awful amount of probing -from mister left " T " to hip bone. Dc. wants me to keep walking- still no word on starting back to warfarin- t told the team doc. from surgeons office that we had a prodicall set in place -but he said he wanted me to check back with Rhueumy- GUESS WHAT -- HE'S on VACATION so i had to talk to his nurse and she is the one i had all the trouble with a few weeks ago - she said she has no discharge paper work even though the procedure was done up there.-- O BOY just got i call from Nurse she was able to contact Rheumy -- i start a 120 dosage of love nox and a dose of warfarin- i'll have to call Coumadin clinic now and find out what dosage of warfarin -- will get right back :-) swollen -sticky - just in stitches - me

  • Ouch hon :-( :-(

    Hope you feel less sore soon my friend!

    Big gentle hugs n love Sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)

  • Hi - hon -Thanks-- My Megan from Pain Care called to see if i was OK !! what a nice thing to do . she is the one who gives me my back shots-- she asked if i needed anything -i told her where most of my pain is i don't know if she could do any thing - Mister left " T "- she said not now ???? {that shocked me }- to close to surgery date-- but if still in Pain on like wensday call her?!?!?!--{A NEEDLE THERE??????? } at 1 st i didn't think she was serious ???? SHE WAS .every time for a bowl movement it feels like a harpoon jabbing me and you know where:-( :-( :-(--------------more pain pills--- taking 2 every 5 hours now. Mary said to tell you she has been waiting on me hand and foot !!! BUT she said she won't touch ANYTHING in bettween !!!!!-- :-( I think ,for the 1 st time in my life i would refuse a helping hand there ?????????? This operation is 20 times more painful that the hip. no wonder the Dc. { surgeon insisted on me using stool softeners} he wasn't kidding- just got up from a nap-sleeping alot during the day, of which i never do- a cough or a sneez----OUCH-tears to the eyes type of pain.Megan said to me -- J-- you take those pain meds so you can walk, its going to to be the best thing - no need of you being in that much pain and i know you don't like taking them BUT you must. Stomack gergling again - just took 2 more vicodin ( hope they work fast before i have to go again ). i had no idea it was going to be like this ???? was hoping on of the squirls running around the back yard would steal that nut!!!!!! I'll call you in the A.M.--- if my voice is a few octives higher you will know why !!!!! Megan said that whole area from scrodum up to hip bone is all inguinal area and all is compromise with an operation like that- alot of tugging and pulling goes on in an operation like that and boy it feels like they used a come along or a auto wrecker !!!!!!.. teary eyed-- non jumping - slow moving me -- ALMOST FORGOT -- , lovely jess said i should use a frozen package of peas as a compress??????? she said it gives a whole new meaning to the saying PLAYING HARD BALL. isn't she just a barrel of laughs ??????- she realy is a sweet heart.she knows the the discomfort i'm in, but it hurts to laugh !!!!! remember my saying laughter is good medicine -- well guess what -- NOT ALWAYS talk to you tomorrow --------------------------me

  • good morning all--- so just literally ROLLED OUT OF BED - time to go to kitchen for pain meds , but had to check comp 1 st.-- Jess climbing i believe her last 2 mountains today WOW she is amazing -I'm so proud of her !!!! -- THE BOSS E me ,she is in colorado with her 5 USA finalists in compertion snow boarding . so glad to hear from her and she made trip OK..gotta get some vico in me before my 1 st movment if you know what i mean !!!!! can't wait to hear from you all . always good feed back -this morning it seems so far to be better than yesterdays start !!!! you are my only contact his a.m. no BOSS till tonight - no Jess till late this afternoon----------------- gasey- gergeling- eye squinting -me :-)

  • Ah...poor you, but you will look back over the past couple of days and actually see that you have come quite a long way. Its a slow progress but in another couple of days you will have transformed still further. Hang in there (not so) big guy and be patient, things will be better soon, I promise :-) xx

  • will you also promise i'll grow big and strong ?????? and grow back hair ?????? you are good for my ego HA HA HA Thanks for your cocern it's deeply apreciated - keep the humor comimg --- i can laugh now ?1?!?! -- coughing and sneeezing -- well another matter.-----------Stitches

  • Im sending you my alter ego AbFab video to make you laugh! Cant post it here as its a bit naughty and it might offend Enjoy Darling... :-D

  • Leave the swelling but take away the pain, :-) ah hem, sorry, tee hee!! :-)

    Enjoyed our chat hon, lots of laughter, good for the soul!!

    Love n gentle hugs xxxxx :-) :-) :-)

  • Happy day after Easter up there n NH. I hope you are progressing through recovery. Forgive my spaciness, and forgive prying, but what surgery did you have? I'm awake here in WV at 3 AM due to that invisible OA troll who lives under my mattress and periodically chews on my hip bone in the middle of the night. First time the pain has woken me up in months. So what did I do wrong yesterday? A sunrise service before breakfast and Alleve? Too much walking? ( even though I used a crutch for much of the day? ) Or was it the use of the crutch which irritated the joint?

    Weather? Or was the moon NOT in the 7 th house and Jupiter refused to align with Mars?

    Let me tell you-- I'm counting the days until my drive to Duke for the steroid injection! 29 to go.

    Again, I trust you find this day after Easter will show continued improvement and return to normalcy! ( and less pain!)


  • I had an Ingiunial hernia -left side---------------surgery was 3-27-13 ,up in LEBANON- HAD COMPLICATIONS WITH URINATION, but we got that straightened out with out catheterization-- had some constipation--- and the realization -- i was down right in pain.---------going to see Dc. Megan today at Pain Care ,she is going to take a peek - DON"T TOUCH,, TO PAINFUL------------ OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!------just me ,stitches.

  • Good on you: Mary F - I am sure you will be fine as long as they don't dare prod you in the wrong place. X

  • Mary NBC universal has blocked it from playing in this counrty on copyright grounds -- sorry hon !! it looked interesting :-(----------------- ststches

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