Best way to give birth?

Hi all, im new to the site. I was diagnosed with HS in October 2011 after 8 miscarriages. Im now nearly 26 weeks pregnant taking aspirin and 10,000 units of Heparin a day. Im looking for some advice on the best way to give birth to our child, is a C Section or Vaginal birth best? and what kinds of pain relief would be suitable?

Thank you

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  • Hello, this is a very individual thing, and your obstetrician and your haematologist need up to the minute information and also careful monitoring of your situation. I had my three with no c section, but it was carefully handled! I am sure they can reassure you if you speak to them! They have to fine tune your drugs when labour starts or indeed if a C section becomes the chosen delivery by them for whatever reason. I am sure lots of other ladies will give even better advise than this, due to more recent experiences than mine! Last one 13 . 5 years ago! Mary F x

  • thank you for your help mary f, will speak to my haematologist next time i see her

  • Hi, I think it depends on your personal birth plan and any complications that can arise towards the end. If you suffer with growth retardation like I did then steroids for the babys lungs after 28wks is what i was given and told that was best, then if early labour happens then the baby will have the best chance. I was told by my consultant that wherever possible a natural birth is best as it makes the baby and its lungs work a bit before its born and does it good.I had one c section out of 5 pregnancies because the water was dissapearing from the amniotic sac - a problem with auto immunity pregnancies. I would speak to your gynae because I wish I could have had a natural birth with my son as he had problems with his lungs after being born despite the steroids - though nothing serious so dont worry - im sure your being closely monitored and the best birth plan is the one supported by both mother and consultant who trust each other and there knowledge/instinct. Bets of luck xxxx

  • thank you emmaj, unfortunately the hospital dont seem to give me much information. i have a growth scan in 2 weeks to see how bub getting on, im wondering if more info will be given after that.

  • Maybe you could ask for a consultant appt and discuss a solid plan so you know what your facing. I did find that they are very wary and unnerved by APS as everyone is different and nobody seems to want to say anything in case its proved to be wrong in the future or take anything for granted - every pregnancy is different, all 5 of mine were. I dont think they'l let you go to term, they never did with me and the best thing i did was trust my instincts x

  • i am seeing my obgyn consultant in 2 weeks so i will talk to them about a solid plan and get things put into place. thank you for your info, much appreciated nd very helpful, thanx

  • I can't answer your question but want to wish you all the luck in the world and look forward to hearing your good news blog on here :-)

  • Hi Katrina

    Welcome and glad you found us.

    Sorry to hear about your losses, many of us understand how you feel.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy and so glad you're getting treatment, I'm sure your obgyn will be able to advise you on what's best for you and baby, I would write down any questions you can think of, (memory can be an issue), that way you don't forget things, if doc not sure of anything ask if he/she would consider liaising with your haematologist.

    I had my three by emergency c-section, placenta problems, they were all born pre diagnosis and treatment, miracle babies cos I too had many miscarriages.

    Wishing you all the best, any questions or just feeling lost, need a rant whatever, we are here and will help if we can.

    Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxxx :-) :-) :-)

  • thank you lynn13 and sheena,

    i havent been told much about the potential health problems associated with HS, can you guys fill me in please and yeah i will definately be getting the pen and paper out. my consultant gonna be busy LOL

  • I think placenta problems are the main concern - maybe ask how closely you will be monitored towards the final stage and the laest date you will be left at before having baby out and via what way! And if anything is found how quickly will they get baby out and react. I was told by my consultant that after 35 weeks theres no evidence to suggest there is any benefit to being left in if theres any issues at all x

  • Hey honey,

    The trouble with this question - if you'll forgive me such a phrase - is that only you can answer th question, and probably only after you've already done it! My HS was undiagnosed when I was pregnant so we had a shocking time so I think the best thing is that you already know you have HS. My instinct would be to say C-section as I credit that with the (mostly) good result we had but as others haev alrady said, it's totlly an individ thing. I remember well that feeling of just wanting someon to give you the answers - but please just believ you will find your own way through it all adn I iwish youa ll the best for the birth adn the life you will haev as a mother. Congratulations, BTW!!

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