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Could I have Hughes syndrome??

Im not sure if I have "sticky blood" but have heard 2 medical professionals use it after I've had miscarriages and asked if I'd ever been prescribed aspirin. I had 3 miscarriages then gave birth to 4 children then suffered another miscarriage then I gave birth to my 5th child, but have just miscarried again. Is it possible to have this condition but still manage to have children???

Any advice/answers welcome!!!

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Hello, and a big welcome to you, In answer to your questions, yes it is possible to have this condition and still have children when untreated, although the chances of a safer pregnancy for both mother and child increase drastically with the correct medication. Well done to the various doctors who have suggested that you might have this - and I hope you and them do follow up this lead. Usually a simple blood test will help decipher whether you have it or not, but some of us have it and fail blood tests this is called 'Seronegative Hughes Syndrome'. There are plenty of papers on the Hughes Syndrome Foundation website that you could print out for interested parties, and or give them the details of the site. Where are you locate?, as you may have others who live near to you. Mary F x


Hi welcome to the forum, I'm glad you have had your other children ok :)

yes it is still possible to have children with APS but obviously there could be more complications.

As Mary states above you need to have the tests done & see what it comes up with, better to know now than wait for other symptoms to arise..........good luck with it all x


Hi Kay, i was untreated with my first two boys (pre-dx) then treated during my third pregnancy.


Hi I think that I may have Hughes S too but am unsure what the doctor will say if I present him with a list of symptoms etc what are you going to do next? :-)


Well thats what I had to do - take a list of the symptoms I had and a list of Hughes symptoms and showed him how many I had. I asked for a second opinion and he asked who I wanted to go and see. I said Prof Hughes! I had two children and three miscarriages in between and all before I knew I had it. Sometimes I think you just have a gut feeling about these things without being a hypochondriac :-)


I had 2 sons, then had 3 m/cs. I found out after my 2nd m/c. I did have a/3rd son. With him I had a stroke and heart failure.


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