Visit to St Mary's recurrent miscarriage clinic

Well my husband and i made the journey from derbyshire to London for an appointment with Mr Ray Ray. All in all the appointment was successful. We discussed my daughters pregnacy (and her low birth weight) and the recent loss of our 8th pregnancy at 14 weeks. Dr Rai has told me that the clexane and April combo just isn't enough. While they're doing their job I also need help to prevent inflammation which Dr rai believes caused evies low birth weight and the demise odds Joshua. So the plan for next time is to be put on steroids for the first 12 weeks. Fingers crossed this does the trick next time xx positive as worth while visit xx

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  • Glad it went OK Kate - Dr Raj Rai is one of the best and the treatment of adding steroids at the beginning is also carried out at St Thomas'. The belief is now that the early APS miscarriages are caused by inflammation and the trophoblast not embedding properly - hence the steroids. Hoping all works out for you when you're ready for the next time. Kx

  • Hi Kate, just on this topic - do you know if there is any med research/reading available on the treatment of early APS miscarriages with steroids I can pass onto my obstetrician?

  • Thank you Kate. Also another huge thanks as you are the one who recommended st Mary's to me xx k xx

  • Glad you are getting good care :)

    Hope it all goes well when you try next time, thinking of you both, take care xx

  • I am glad your appointment was helpful, I think everyone else will have their fingers crossed for you as well.

    Good luck

    Karen xx

  • St Mary's were wonderful with me to ! Your a brave lady I wish you all the luck in the world.

  • Good luck! So sorry foy your losses! I had 3 and that was devastating. I will keep you in my prayers.

    God Bless,


  • Good luck Kate. Our fingers are crossed for you!

  • Glad you are getting somewhere and have new hope xx

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