Best book to buy on APS?

I was diagnosed a couple of months ago (also with SLE) and would now like to read more about the illness. I have a limited budget so am restricted to buying just one book on Hughes Syndrome. Grateful for your recommendations - from the Amazon website I see that Professor Hughes co-wrote his latest book (HS: Highways and Byways, I think from memory) just last year. So presumably this is the most up to date information, although whether that makes it the best book to buy may be another thing. Many thanks.

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  • If you think of money I would not buy "Highways and Byways". At least in Sweden it was expensive and it is mainly written to the professionals . I have bought 6 books written by Kay Thackray, Triona Holden/prof Hughes and the the rest from prof Graham Hughes.

    If you do not know so much about APS I think you should buy "Sticky blood explained" (this is in my opinion VERY good) and also "More sticky blood". These two are written by Kay Thackray.

    The other books are also very good of course!

    Have a nice Reading! Kerstin

  • Hi Kerstin

    My last reply didn't seem to 'take', so trying again. I hadn't noticed from my glance through Amazon that the Hughes book was so expensive - it really is! Thanks for your other recommendations; tack! And basta lyckonskningar, Sarah

  • Thank you for this! I was recently diagnosed also and didn't realize there were any books. I will be ordering! :)

  • Hi

    You can download Kay Thackeray's books as ebooks. I did.

    Blessings Ann

  • Thank you, Ann.

  • Hello where did you download the ebook from?

  • Hi.

    I got it as a PDF on my computer years ago. Sorry, I can't remember how!

    Hughie brain again!

    Hope you can get a copy.

    Blessings Ann

  • mrsMouseSJ,

    Thank you for your Swedish reply! How come ....? I only ment the first book was expensive. Hope you will find something positive. I did.

    Best wishes from Kerstin

  • I haven't tried but could you borrow one from a library, I think but I don't know that they will try and get hold of one for you

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