Recommended food according to my condition(lupus anticoagulant and hypothyreosis)?

Hi to all! I will be grateful if somebody tell me advice about recommended food according to my condition(lupus anticoagulant and hypothyreosis)? At the end of April I will start with therapy(aspirin and clexane) and I hope that I will stay pregnant very soon but also that I will birth live and healthy baby. Best wishes to all...

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  • Hello and welcome.

    I'm sure some of our lady members will reply to you soon.

    Best wishes.


  • Thanks Dave. Best wishes...

  • Hello, you do need to keep a balanced diet to be as healthy as possible as with all medical conditions. However next time your doctor or medical consultant does blood tests, do get them to look at your levels of vitamin D, Iron, and B12, these need to be kept at the right level to help you. Some people with autoimmune problems find that they have stomach problems which are greatly helped by not eating gluten in the diet, but this is not necessary for everybody. Also make sure your Thyroid hormones are adequately treated before commencing pregnancy and indeed all the way through.


  • Thanks a lot for yours advices MaryF. I noticed that when I am avoiding gluten-free food I feel better. Next week I have appointment control for thyroid and I will ask the doctor for doing test level od vit.D, Iron and B12.

    Best wishes...

  • I like many others on here avoid gluten totally! MaryF

  • Hi,

    Are you on any bloodthinners for Lupus Anticoaglant at present? I have all the antibodies for APS and in high titres but I have children and grandchildren now. I have also Lupus Anticoagulant like you have.

    Best wishes and Good Luck from

    Kerstin in Stockholm

  • Thanks for writing me Lure2. I found out that i have positive lupus anticoagulant after my second miscarriage(about 4 months ago). At present i am not taking any therapy (At the end of april I will start with therapy(aspirin and clexane) as a preparation for pregnancy, bacause both od my miscarriages were very early.

    Best wishes to you and your family...

  • Hi Lure2. I want you to ask since when you were diagnosed APS? Maybe when you were pregnant you didn`t have APS(LA). My doctor said that LA can be result from different things like not well treated tonsils, same vaccin etc.

  • First of all I hope you have got a doctor that is a Specialist of APS. Have you got a diagnose from him/her of Hughes Syndrome (APS)?

    Have you done the other tests for APS and they were negative and did you have high antibodies of Lupus Anticoagulant? Did they do it twice?

    As Mary says, see to it that your Thyroid hormones are treated before you try to have a baby.

    I was operated for Hyperparathyreidose when I was on baby-Aspirin. I have never had any miscarriages. There seems to be at least two different sorts of APS and one is without miscarriages.That is the one that occur at a higher age. I do not know when I got APS. My first TIA or stroke was in 2002 and after that date I have all the antibodies there are for APS positive and in hight titres every time. The doctors cheque it twice a year.


  • Hi Lure2! In my country there is no specialist of APS(usually we are treated by hematologist and gynecologist). I made test for lupus anticoagulant 4 times(always positive but not high antibodies). Once were AFA positive.

    I read that you have been vaccinated before your trip. Maybe that is the reason of getting APS.

    Thanks for your advices about thyroid treatment before trying to have baby.

    Best wishes to you...

  • I have read that you are from Makedonia. I read that it is a very nice country with nice people but rather small country. I can understand that you do not have an APS-Specialist but this illness is so rare and not known by most doctors.

    You can

  • The computer went crazy, but not me ..... You can have a look at the Hughes Syndrome Foundation Charity website and take a copy to your Doctor in charge about the symptoms etc there is. The best thing of course it would be if you could try to see a doctor with the knowledge of APS.

    You can also read books about this illness: I prefer "Sticky Blood Explained" by Kay Thackray. She has got APS herself and she tells about the different symptoms and how to live with this illness. It is a very good book and relatives can also understand our illness better after reading the book.

    I have an uncle and a grandfather with the same symptoms like me. This illness can run i families. It is impossible to understand what can trigger it but a sudden dramatic event or operation can start it I have learnt.

    Stay on here as this site is the best place to be on when having APS. I am too old for the questions about having a baby but others are very good and will certainly help you. So stay on!

    Best to you from Kerstin in Stockholm

  • Thanks Lure2(Kerstin) for your support and care. Where I can find the book that you suggested to me? your advices are very important to me. I am glad that i am on this site. Thanks again. Best to you and your family...

  • I bought serveral books about APS here in Sweden and also in England written by Prof Graham Hughes and Kay Thackray.

    As an Administrator I learnt that you can buy several books on "Hughes Syndrome Foundation Charity website". I have bought some in pocket via HSF but also on the internet here in Sweden.

    I know there are several women here on this site that have great knowledge of difficulties to have a baby and also miscarriages so put your questions here and you vill have the best answers.


  • Thanks a lot for your replay Kerstin. I feel very calm when i am reading your answers, it gives me hope and consolation. Best wishes...

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