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positive ANA negative anticoagulant test

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I haven't been to a doc in a while but was told a number of years ago based on DSDNA test with numbers of 1000 to 1? I recently went to a new doctor and my old records aren't available. Physicians assistant order bloodwork and told me I was positive for ANA but no lupus anticoagulants detected. I asked about antiDSDNA test and she said the test she did confirmed I did not have lupus and no further testing necessary, is this correct?

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The PA said I tested positive for ANA when I went to office but that isn’t conclusive. I called and asked about running The antiDsdna I remembered from the past they said it wasn’t necessary. My labs said I tested isotope for Ana but negative for anticoagulation. Can I have lupus and be negative for anticoagulation

I am asking about lupus with doctor never heard of anything else that doctor is testing me for

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Ask away here: LUpus Patients Understanding & Support (LUPUS):


There isn't a blood test for SLE ie systemic lupus erythematosus. Diagnosis, which can take a long time, is made clinically, which is why you need a lupus specialist. Not all rheumatologists are experts and some have never treated a lupus patient.

Classic lupus presents with: malar rash, positive ANA & lupus nephritis! However, the majority do not present in this way, which is why it's difficult to diagnose. Diagnosis is made clinically - and over a long period of time in most cases. It took Dr Hughes 18 months to diagnose me! This is because to give a patient a wrong diagnosis, is catastrophic to the doctor-patient relationship.

To add to the difficulty, some patients are ANA negative. I am one of them. This is probably because the tests are not sensitive enough.

From what you wrote, I am not certain what was being tested. As has been said, the lupus anticoagulant, is not a test for SLE, but a complicated clotting test. About 25% of people with SLE also have APS/Hughes Syndrome. Many people have more than one autoimmune disease.

My advice is to see a lupus specialist.

You can contact me above.

With good wishes,


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Hi, it can be very confusing in the early days of diagnosis, I enclose our charity website which gives full information about Hughes Syndrome/APS: ghic.world/ Under the Hughes Syndrome section, you will see 'main tests' you could always ask your doctor to run those tests to rule it in or out! A lot get caught out with the LA test, which is for Hughes Syndrome/APS and not Lupus. I do also suggest you get your thyroid tested and in particular your thyroid antibodies, as this is something often missed. MaryF

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