Is it possible false negative test for lupus anticoagulant?

Hello everyone

I am surprised because this time test show negative lupus anticoagulant. But I am not peaceful at all because from April needed to start therapy before pregnancy(because two miscarriages in early pregnancy). But when my hematologist saw negative test for LA told me that there is no need of any therapy. What is yours opinion?

Thank you in advance for all


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  • It is possible to go in and out of positive and negative testing, have you passed a test before where this showed up, either way you need to be managed by somebody who fully understands the condition. Please remind me where you are located. MaryF

  • I am from Macedonia, here we do not have specialist for APS.

  • Did you read the papers I sent you, as there were some medical names on them from your country worth contacting? Best wishes to you. MaryF

  • No, I did not. I have not received any papers with medical names from my country. Please send them again to me.

    Thank you very much....

  • I think I may have put the under another member's post as we have another person on here from Macedonia:


  • Thank you MaryF

    Best wishes to you...

  • Your doctor may like to look at our charity website, do tell him/her that it is not unusual to go through negative testing, it does not mean the disease has gone away...


  • I have tried to tell my hematologist about my contact with this site, but she tell me to stop reading forums. She thinks that disease has gone away because of last negative testing. I am afraid that if they do not give me therapy I will have miscarriage again. I will try to contact with persons from paper that you sent to me.

    Thanks again for your answers and care...

  • Your doctor perhaps needs to know that the charity is not a forum! This is a forum attached to the charity. Best wishes... and follow up those names on the paper, you may get some more modern advice. MaryF

  • Another paper here with some names:


  • I forgot to say that three times in period of 6 months tests for lupus anticoagulant was positive, and yesterday i got fist time negative test.

  • I have tested both positive and negative (currently negative) but the Professor believes it is sensible to continue treatment as, as Mary states, it is possible for results to fluctuate. I know it's hard when your Doctor tells you that no treatment is required but your previous positive results should surely count for something.

  • Thanks for your answer Lissylou

    Best wishes to you...

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