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How many have tested negative on Lupus Anticoagulant but positive on aCL and Anti-B2GP1?

Have seen my new GP this morning, what a lovely lady! She confirmed that my last GP had done the Lupus anticoagulant test which was normal but none of the others. Because she didn't have my medical records yet she couldn't order blood tests but has referred me straight to a rheumatologist to discuss my symptoms and family history, they can then do the tests. Can't believe what a difference a GP makes!!!

How many others of you have had neg Lupus anticoagulant and positive on the aCL or anti-B2GP1?, would it need to be positive on all three tests for a diagnosis?

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Hi hon

I have positive LA but negative on the others, weird but true! I do have APS and other conditions. Any of the three tests, positive 12 weeks apart are considered enough along with clinical symptoms!

Some people however, are negative on all but may be diagnosed on clinical symptoms, this is sero-negative APS. The trouble is that knowledge of APS, in particular sero-negative APS is patchy to say the least.

Take a look at hughes-syndrome.org for info to take to rheumy or other docs.

Diagnosis can be a troublesome journey, (may be an understatement) but once there and with correct treatment, APS can be dealt with.

I hope you're feeling ok today.

Gentle hugs love Sheena xxxx :-) :-) :-)



I'm consistanly positive for aCL and negative for LA.

Best wishes.

Dave x


I have tested positive for B2GP1 however now neg, but positive on the tvst for APS so confirmed diagnosis there, but negative on LA, although getting more and more symptoms, so just been re-tested as have rash up my legs that they think either micro thrombosis or vasculitus waiting fr results and biopsy

Hope you are ok



You may want to listen to this years Patient Day audio of the lecture of Prof Rahman who talks about the blood tests and in particular seronegative APS which is when someone has Hughes Syndrome but does not test positive to the three main aPL blood tests which are LA (Lupus Anticoagulant, aCL ( anticardiolipin antibodies) and anti-B2GP1 (anti-beta2glycoprotein1). You will find his lecture at around 34 mins into the tape and is the third lecture of the day after prof Hughes and Prof Hunt.

The transcript will be available to purchase from the Hughes Foundation shortly at a very reasonable price.



I tested negative for the lupus indicator, and positive for only one (can't remember which) of the others. Can this change? As Lesley said she is getting a retest, does that mean you could have different positives later?


I think it can personally. I have consistently been seronegative but then last year had a very high anti B2GP1. At first I was excited about it but Prof Khamashta felt it could be a lab mistake because it was such a jump. Then this year I have had another positive...just... but also the following test there was a positive aCL. Again it was not terribly high but it was positive. Now they are ALL back to normal again. It shows that antibodies come and go.

My thyroid antibodies do the same, one minute they are really high, then one of the two high, the other normal and sometimes both normal. What are we like huh! lol :-)


I am diagnosed with PAPS. I am negative on lupus and positive on the other two. I am treated with plaquenil, folbic, and aspirin.


I have consistently had negative lupus anticoagulant and positive aPL and anti-B2GP1. I was told by a rheumy that LA will be negative if you are on Coumadin, and by another rheumy that LA may not be negative but cannot be accurately tested when you are on Coumadin. Does anybody know if this is true?


Yes its true that when you are on warfarin (coumadin) that you can't be tested for the LA antibody.


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