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I'm confused about the test results mentioned on here. I know there are three tests. I know and totally believe in deep-negative. Prof. Hughes talks about sometimes how weak positives can have more symptoms than strong positives. I also read the interesting story of the identical twins Prof. Hughes treated. Some of you on here, mention triple positive results?

My question is; does it matter if you are positive to one test and not the others.

Surely you have APS or you don't?

I was Lupus anticoagulant positive once 4 years ago; but I'd been negative before that particular test and after. I have had symptoms since age 11 (1978) I am Primary Sjogrens, secondary Lupus & Hughes.

I'd like to gain a better understanding thank you 💋

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  • You can have APS on one positive antibody (there are three of them), but you can also have APS if you are not positive to any of them but have the symptoms.

    Sometimes you get the symptoms later on and also the antibodies change from postive to negative or vise versa.

    To have a diagnose it does not matter if you have got one or two or are triple positive.

    There are several autoimmun illnesses and some of them are "cousins" so it is therefor important to have a Specialist (usually a Rheumatologist) who can distinguish between them to have a correct diagnosis and also treatment.

    MS is sometimes mixed up with APS if a Neurologist does not know much about APS as they do not understand that the key to APS is our very sticky blood.

    Hope that was an answer on your question.


  • Thank you! Very helpful 💋

  • Hi we are all different, some people can remain sero negative for years, I was, now I regularly pass two of the tests out of three, some may only pass one, or some all three, and some go in and out of negative/positive results with any combination. The story of the identical twins is very useful, I have printed that one out for medical professionals on many occasions.


  • can you do that print out again Mary please --Thanks my friend

  • Thank you my friend. you must be so organised--ME terrible. I have things in this computer i can't get to !! sad isn't it LOL

  • Join the 'pea brain club'. I am the CEO of it! MaryF

  • You never would know it as you seem to have everything we all depend on, you and " L" an "Kerstin" and our past admin."s you people are the best !!

  • Thanks, keep well. MaryF

  • And the same to you my friend . I will know more on Monday last dosages of Enox is Sunday night. see what my crazy blood does then ??

  • i have always said " my brain rolling down the edge of a Razor blade -would look like a BB rolling down a four lane highway " LOL :-) :-) :-)

  • I've only ever been positive (twice in 14 weeks) for Lupus Anticoagulant but not the other two. Have had a jugular vein DVT so diagnosis for me was 'easy'.

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