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Looking for happy stories

To the lovely bunch out there,

I have had three miscarriages before I was formally diagnosed with (obstetric) APS. Unfortunately I have had another miscarriage despite aspirin 100mg and clexane 40mg.

Now I’m also on Plaquenil 100mg and Pred 5mg to add to the cocktail.

(although my rheumatologist suggested I take Pred 20mg and clexane 60mg while second opinion from a haematologist suggested me taking the current regimen I’m on..)

Understandably there is not much evidence in terms of best management after clexane and aspirin.

Would love to hear from anyone with similar experience.

I’m curious what some of you may be on apart from clexane+aspirin and at what doses.

Also if anyone is going/has gone through IVF with APS, would love to hear from you too.

Thank you and best wishes to you all.

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Hi and welcome, lots of us on here have had very happy outcomes and improved management of our health by a) having the right specialist, these are listed on the right hand side under pinned posts, or some on our charity website: It is crucial that you have the right medical professional helping you with all of this, most of us have in end managed to find this satisfactory arrangement which not only helps us as individuals but all our various GP practices.

I am sure you will have plenty of replies.


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Yes I have had many great things happen to me after losing two babies due to APS. I have three healthy beautiful children!


Sorry I'm Heather from Ohio

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We have specialists listed on the website above, and also we have lots of members from the USA on here, who will have some ideas also. MaryF


Heatherrae as this is Winz thread, unless you are answering her question, can you please post your own and introduce yourself on there so you can get your own feedback and it does not hijack this thread. Thank you


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