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How do 4 aspirin/day compare in terms of strength with clexane injection?

Probably a stoooopid 'how long is a piece of string' question ... but does anyone know/want to hazard a guess at how 4x75mg aspirin/day would compare in terms of strength/efficacy with a clexane jab? I think my clexane jabs are 40mls.

I'm finding they definitely help - probably 30-50% better: less foggy/sluggish; less 'handbag in the fridge' syndrome; better memory (long way off perfect - but what can you expect at 60 anyhow?); just clearer/brighter altogether. BUT I HATE the bruises, even titchy ones, so will want to find an alternative. I know what the alternatives are (at present, till we get Pradaxa or whatever). I was just thinking I might try 4 aspirin a day instead of 2, as Prof K suggested when I saw him a couple of weeks back and was wondering if anyone else had any experience of doing this compared with clexane.

Thanks peeps.

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They work in a totally different way, so cannot be compared.

My Haematologist tells me that 75mg of Aspirin hits the platelets for several days and therefore there is no benefit in taking more than that per day.

If Clexane keeps you feeling reasonably well I think you should stick with it, bruises and all. I get the same kind of bruises on Fragmin but it makes me feel much better than Warfarin did.

best wishes.



Thanks Dave, but nah, bruises are definitely a no-no, ugh, ugly! Maybe it's a girl thing :D.

Hmmmm, interesting what you say about 1 aspirin/day since I know I'm not the only one to be advised by APS specialist docs that increasing aspirin increases anticoag effect.


To avoid bruises, inject really really really slowly, to the point where you can hardly see the heparin going down at all. If you feel any stinging stop injecting and wait for it to pass before you continue. when all the heparin has gone in, wait before withdrawing the needle for a few seconds and then withdraw it slowly. Put firm pressure on the spot where the needle has come out but do not rub. If possible just relax for a minute or two afterwards.

I have been doing this for 21 months and I rarely now get a bruise.


I heard similar to Dave from Prof D'Cruz at St Thomas' - the maximum that platelets are affected by is 150mg so there is no point in taking any more than that if you're just using aspirin as an anticoagulant. Aspirin is not usually taken in conjunction with heparin.


All I can say is this is what Prof K recommended to me - to try 300mg aspirin/day since I wasn't happy with the bruising from clexane. Bit worrying if it's the wrong advice!! Perhaps this could be followed up? Thanks.

I should emphasise that I am doing a clexane TRIAL, this hasn't been prescribed long-term, yet. I was also told not to reduce my aspirin while trying the clexane - but that makes sense as it would be jiggling with two variables at once if I stopped the 2 aspirin/day while trying the clexane, and therefore not informative.


Hello Kate

Prof H has me on 75mg Aspirin as well as Fragmin and he has said for me to take an additional 75mg Aspirin if I have one of my 'Funny Turns', so opinion seems to be divided.

Dave x


Thanks for that Dave - interesting as I have only heard of aspirin and heparin in pregnancy. I can only really comment on the guidelines within the NHS say, I guess when doctors practice privately they can use their own discretion.

Out of interest - Coppernob - was your advice given on the NHS or privately?




Both! Both times by Professor Khamashta. The advice about trying 300mg aspirin/day was given on 5th April at Tommy's.


Thanks for that - I will seek clarification from both of them and hope they don't end up fighting! :)


I am on warfarin now but have done the heparin trial and have them to use as and when needed.

I would like to go back to heparin as I could then eat what I want when I want and not have test so often.

Personally I think bruises are a small price to pay for feeling better. I would not want shed loads of aspirin as it may cause stomach damage.

You really should follow the advice of your own consultant as they know your medical history and none of us can judge for you.


In the US, we often use aspirin 325 mg daily especially in patients who have had a heart attack. We also use 81 mg aspirin ("baby aspirin"). Some people are thought to have "aspirin resistance" and require a higher dose, but more recently this theory has been called into question by some. It's the usual when there isn't a clear cut answer--different MDs or different places do things differently.


I was also on Clexane & aspirin 75mg. I had to come off aspirin due to gastric bleed so my Clexane was increased from 60 to 80.

Regarding bruising I would rather endure this side effect than .have a stroke.



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