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Looking for successful pregnancy stories! after APS diagnosis

Hello All!

I have had recurrent early miscarriages and was diagnosed with APS after my wonderful gynaecologist agreed to 'investigate me'

I am now 27 weeks pregnant, I am taking aspirin and heparin daily and the baby is doing well. I have been advised to give up my part time job and REST! My gynaecologist is always preparing me for the worst though, and its a horrible thought to have got this far and for things to go wrong. So if ANYONE has any positive and successful pregnancy after APS diagnosis stories please share them with me.

I am hoping I only have 10 more weeks of this constant worrying as I may be induced early!


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Hi there

I did have lots of miscarriages before diagnosis but with heparin and lots of tlc I did have a successful pregnancy and my little girl will be 6 years old in a couple of weeks. For the last 2 months I nagged my doctor almost daily to do an early c-section as I was convinced she would be safer out of me than in but he would not give in until I was 37 weeks. I was constantly terrified which isn't ideal for your health or the baby but we're only human.

I didn't work for the latter half of my pregnancy, don't think I could have coped with that as well - plus the fact I was enormous and had so much amniotic fluid Caitlin could still do a full turn at 37 weeks and she was nearly 9lbs at birth so I tended to scare people if I ventured out (doctors included!)

You're doing really great, I hope all keeps going well

Love Sharon x

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Thank you sharon and congratulations.

I am a nervous wreck, and being at home all day on my own has caused me to have a constant low mood and feel very tearful, but I think maybe I should approach the situation differently and think 'thank goodness I am pregnant and all seems fine, bed rest is essential and I will hopefully never be bored or lonely once little man arrives'

Helen x


Hi there,

Well I had lots of miscarriages (7) before my DX and also 2 successful pregnancy's without any meds before dx also - having said that, for you, yup rest, but also be mindful when in bed about keeping those joints moving :) - to help low mood, why not try some meditation? if you are interested in this, or even a gentle massage according to where you are I would help if you are interested? I could even chat to you on the phone again if you would like. Like you said, be a happy bunny you have got to 27 weeks, wow!! an achievement you are 2/3 of the way there, so positive thoughts :)

Keep well and the same for your beautiful son :)



Check out my blogs on my profile- will probably be like reading your own thoughts!! xx


Hi there HPWELLSY.......nearly 14yrs ago this summer I had a 31wk pregnancy that ended up in emergency caesarean section due to pre-eclampsia(now I know was caused by APS) gorgeous 2lb 12oz son was born perfectly healthy but cause of his weight being "small for pre-term" he was kept in the SCBU unit until he was 4lb but he was breathing on his own & APS wasn't diagnosed until afterwards but I STILL managed to have a successful pregnancy......I didn't go on to have anymore as where I stay not much was known about APS 10+yrs ago......please try not to worry these precious few months away.....easier said than done I know especially if your mind is working overtime.......but do as you're told (crikey am bossy today!!) take things easy, relax & rest as often as you can.......I hope you keep posting every so often to let us know how you're doing & how you're keeping............wishing you well =)

Janet .x.


Hi hon,

Although I've had many miscarriages I have my 3 miracle children, all born pre diagnosis. So they made it against the odds and without treatment. So take hope from all the successes, you're doing great, hang in there and take it easy, thinking of you, sending positive thoughts your way.

We here when you feeling tearful and low, will help if we can.

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Helen congratulations on your pregnancy!

I am so sorry for your lost angels. This disorder can be so cruel sometimes.

I had two healthy bubs and several early miscarriages before diagnosis. I then went onto have another healthy bub with the help of aspirin and clexane and another miscarriage after that but I didn't realise I was pregnant so wasn't on clexane early enough.

I worried every second of that pregnancy and even for a long time after but worrying doesn't help ...I worked that one out but I know its pretty hard not to worry.

Being on the aspirin/clexane combination can increase your chances from around 20% without to up to 80% with the treatment. So pretty good odds.

Okay from a born worrier and catastrophiser very good advice to to try and relax, take as much pampering as you can get, try and find things to distract you and be very proud that you have come so far and almost there.

Feel free to message me any time.


I was lucky enough to be diagnosed long before I'd thought about having children, and thanks to the Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham now have two children (12 and 14). I was taking warfarin at the time of conception, so did early pregnancy tests and was immediately swapped onto Fragmin and aspirin. Both children were born slightly early, they were induced so that I could be carefully monitored throughout labour. I was never told to rest, but I wasn't going to work then anyway!

Emma x


Hi Helen, when your little one gets here you won't be bored :) maybe you could take up quilting or scrapbooking to pass the time. I was just recently diagnosed so during my pregnancy I was oblivious to the APS although i have had symptoms all my life. When I was pregnant with my daughter I did not know I was pregnant until I was over 12 weeks due to all the bleeding. I had bleeding on and off until just past 20 weeks. Shortly after they decided to put me on heparin since I had a history of PE. I was induced at 38 weeks so I could come off the thinners. My pregnancy was rough, the birth was complicated but I have a beautiful, healthy 1 year old princess. I hope my body can handle another pregnancy I would really like to have another one soon. :)

Take it easy, don't overdo it with anything, follow your doctors advice and most of all trust your instincts. If you think something is wrong don't hesitate to go in to get checked out.


As soon as I found out I was pregnant I went straight onto baby aspirin and heparin. Worse support stockings throughout pregnancy. Sailed through the pregnancy no problems at all. Got regular checks and doctors were always saying I was not out of the woods ecah time I had a scan. Blood pressure absolutely normal all the way through. Gave birth to a healthy little boy. My pregnancy and birth was actually much easier than my best friend who does not have APS and was not on any medication throughout her pregnancy. Good luck!! x

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Forgot to say I worked full time all through my pregnacy without one day off sick. Finished 1 month before baby was due and he arrived two weeks early!


I successfully had three whoppers: Eldest 23, and youngest 13 x

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I to suffered miscarriages and had a heart attack while 20 weeks pregnant in 1995. Dec 13, 1995, 6weeks before my due date my labor was induced. that day I delivered Savannah 6 weeks early and was 9lbs 15.4 oz and healthy as can be.. I had a heparin pic line in and they had to be im control of the labor and delivery.....

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I was diagnosed with APS 17 years ago and I am on lifelong warfarin. I had my first child four years ago at the age of 33. It was a heavily monitored pregnancy and I was on clexane injections all the way through and for 3 months afterwards. Even though I had an episode of bleeding and chest pains in the early weeks, it was a textbook pregnancy and I worked up until 36 weeks. I was induced 4 days after my due date and gave birth to a girl, 5lb 1oz.

Then came two miscarriages, despite being on clexane - it was horrific.

I then got pregnant last year and the pregnancy was far from textbook. Again, I was on clexane injections but this time they decided to add aspirin. I struggled greatly with my joints and pelvis and ended up with a pelvic belt and crutches. I suffered a blood clot in the eye and nearly lost my eyesight, I also developed gestational diabetes and was told by the consultant at 26 weeks to pack a bag as it could be anytime from then on.

This time I finished work at 34 weeks. A birth plan was discussed and an epidural and c-section were ruled out. I was induced at 39+2 and gave birth to a boy 7lb 6oz in a labour that lasted an hour from start to finish. I wanted to enjoy that pregnancy but I couldn't because I was so worried as to what the next hurdle was going to be.

My advice to you would be to ask as many questions as you need to and please trust your instincts. I am so lucky as I now have two blessings in my life and it was worth every heartbreaking moment. I wish you all the very best in your pregnancy.

Charlotte :-)


wow guys THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing positive news!

Everytime I try and look into APS and pregnancy its always horror stories! I am a nervous wreck as it is without seeing all the extra negatives!

The aspirin and the fragmin seem to be doing their job and my little boy is definitely a fighter and very active which puts my mind at rest.

I have chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia so the bed rest is definitely important. Funnily enough someone said to me the CFS and FM maybe linked to having APS? I know it attacks the immune system.

I am so pleased you all have lovely happy endings to your stories. Rebecca I will check out your blog. Thanks Everyone



Hi Helen

Try not to worry so much, just take one day at a time. I was diagnosed in 1999,... Had 3 losses (21w,16w and 11w) but I also have now 2 beautiful boys ... 3.5years and 10months. I never gave up , despite the feeling shattered every time another was lost. My successes were both delivered by Caesar under general, at 36 and 35 weeks, both very good weights. they won't give epidural if u r on LMW heparin, as it's too risky with bleeds. My meds for both bubs were heparin, plaquenil and prednisone, as I also had to ward off the lupus as well! Take it easy, rest up and stay positive !! u r well and truely on the home stretch now.

Take care and all the best,

Linda x

Ps I was told by doctors to forget having kids, and that if I got to 28 w I would b doing well! But they were all proven wrong in the end.


I had 7 miscarriages before diagnosis in 1999. Got pregnant 12 days after diagnosis (I had been put on asprin immediately) and safely carried twin girls to 37 weeks. Had Heparin and asprin until 34 weeks. My girls will be 13 this year. Like Linda I was told to forget having kids but we all prove them wrong in the end! Good luck, fingers crossed for you. Emma xx


Yes...there is wonderful life after tragedy. I too have had multiple ectopic pregnancy and I have 3 beautiful children. Try to stay positive...and I would agree with your doctor on the resting part. With APS you may be prone to other issues like pre-eclampsia and pre-mature birth (I dealt with both issues).

It is time to baby yourself my friend. Allow yourself this time of rest for your little one to have the best life possible.

When I found I was pregnant with my now third child (my 13th pregnancy) doctors wanted to terminate the pregnancy because I had such a rough pregnancy with my second child. ( I was close to dying due to eclampsia). I perservered and although it wasnt easy I was blessed with my daughter. You must listen to the silent voice that lies within all of us Moms....

I am praying for you.

Beverly <3


My first born was my second pregnancy and wasnt too bad...born a healthy 9 pounds full term. My second born induced 11 1/2 weeks early due to pre eclampsia and was 3 lbs. 6 0z. (she is a flourishing mother to be herself now !!..and having NO problems in her first pregnancy!!) My third born was 6 weeks early..induced...I had a feeling something was wrong...didnt feel anything...but went to the doctor and her heart rates were dropping to zero. They did induce her right away and she was 5 pounds 2 oz. HANG in There....


Thanks again for all the positive wonderful messages! Tonight my hubby & I have finally taken the plunge and chosen a pram & car seat and paid the deposit, this was hard for us as we didn't want to choose/buy anything nd jinx it all.

I'm 28 weeks today - baby keeping me up ALL night kicking but my gosh is it reassuring!!! I'd rather have no sleep & know he's happy and healthy!

Heat wave in uk has proven a little too much today & made me sicky and lethargic but going to treat myself to a pedicure tonight and chillax!

Much love mummies x


Yay Helen!!!

Hang in there sister; been there and after 4 miscarriages had my daughter while on Heparin and aspirin. I had absolutely NO complications but had a planned c-section; not because of the APS but a uterus that was divided in half so she only had half the space to grow! Ironically, she is now 15 and 5' 10"!!!!

The fibro and fatigue are often part and parcel; I still have joint pain and sometimes the fatigue (especially at the beginning of being a mother) made me think holy &#*% what was I thinking! You sound like you are doing wonderfully and yes, buy the pram!

The one beautiful and true thing my neo-natologist said was that whether you rest or not is irrelevant. Stress and fatigue does nothing to affect a baby; he gave the example of all the moms globally who have given birth in war, famine and under the most stressful of circumstances. Never, ever blame yourself.

So there you have it. Sending big love to you and your boy.



Thank you very much everyone


Hi:) I had our first child in 2005, days later, stokes,etc. I was told about a year later that I had APS and not to get pregnant again and not to take birth control... Needless to say, after our best efforts, I got pregnant again. I was terrified!!! My obgyn had me take daily heparin shots and kept a watchful eye on us the entire pregnancy. I had a csection at 34 weeks and our little bundle stayed in ICU for several days to grow stronger! It's been almost 7 years now, we are both healthy and happy!!:) best wishes, mommaleda


lovely story mommaleda thank you x


Here's a great positive story for you! My daughter just had her second baby after all three APS blood tests were positive( no clinical symptoms except migraines) She got tested at my Hematologist because I was diagnosed APS after PE & DVT 6 years ago. Several members in my large family have lost late term babies, so we knew to get tested for the AntiCardioLipin Antibodies. Then found out that OB/GYN Docs wait until you have at least two failed pregnancies BEFORE they even test! SO, Hematologist told her, AT your FIRST missed period come to me - BEFORE the OB. Started her on shots when she was about 4 weeks pregnant. Doc said once she was taking shots THEN find an OB to take her! She was on low dose Lovenox and aspirin until 38 weeks. She went into labor 4 days later, but would have been induced if she hadn't. Baby & Mom fine TWICE! She started back on the shots 24 hours after delivery for 6 weeks. Has decided not to push it and will not be trying for more. Feeling incredibly blessed and hoping you will be too!

P.S. Rest is possibly good, But make sure you move around and stay active.


I was diagnosed in 2000..... I have 4 healthy boys :-) lovenox twice a day and baby aspirin. I went to high risk and when the lungs were developed about 36 weeks I was induced. Good luck


3 beautiful babies ! 2 boys 23,&19 - 1 girl 14 All Born early but doing great. I was on total bedrest got up to use the potty.


So sorry to hear of your miscarriages. My only advice can be is that you stick to your guns and don't take no for an answer. Make them listen to you and demand a planned c section at the latest 38 weeks but pref a bit earlier if you can. You need regular scans to check on size of your baby. Believe me, if I knew what I know now, they would have had to drag me out of that hospital wanting answers after being labelled to be a "neurotic mum to be" (failed prev IVF). Luckily due to earlier surgery I was a 38 week c section (my son would not have lasted another day due to state of placenta). He was 4lbs and bag of bones, needed SCU and lots of feeding. I them had major clot incident...blood transfusions etc, 10 days in hospital. 16 years later I have had official diagnosis.

Be strong and make them listen. Drs are only human and not as special as they think they are. It is yours and your baby's life in their hands so gather as much info as you can and don't let them fob you off (I was told by obs consultant the night before that I was having a BIG baby!)

Rest, take care of yourself and make sure they get the message that you are not be messed around. I cross everything for you to have a beautiful baby and much happiness.


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