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IGM Cardiolipin Positive, low vitamin D and fluctuating calcium levels (low normal PTH)

Hi folks, I have just been found to be positive for IGM Cardiolipin, but not for the other cardiolipin antibody, and I'm due to be re-tested in few weeks' time. I have also been identified as being vitamin D deficient. My last blood test showed by calcium levels to be within range, so I am now due to start on cholecalciferol (D3). My question is whether starting vitamin D prior to being re-tested for the antibodies will skew the results. Am I okay to start straight away or should I hang fire just yet? I would really welcome your thoughts - thanks.

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Its quite normal not to test positive to other antibody tests so I would not worry too much about that. Many of us are Vit D deficient. Apparently Vit D can help to lower antibodies as it lowers inflammation but it depends on the dose and how high it is and how long you take it for. We cant advise on what you are asking but if you are very low in Vit D if you were me I would not wait to start taking the supplement. An APS specialist should not rely on just a blood test to give a diagnosis!


Thanks APsnotFab. I have just started taking it as I am absolutely desperate, but I was wondering if for the sake of a few weeks, I might potentially do myself more harm by taking something which might potentially mask another condition (if I have one). I am so relieved that after years of fighting to get even one GP to take me seriously, I have finally found one who was willing to refer me on to help identify the problem, and now I can finllay start to get the treatment I need. Phew!


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