Can Aspirin make a difference on cardiolipin / B2Glycoprotein test?

I was tested high for cardiolipin and B2Glycoprotein, mostly the B2Glycoprotein and wondered if taking aspirin and not eating as much vitamin would make my numbers go down. I have my second test in 2 months to evaluate if I have Hughes. I really dont want to go on blood thinners. I have thoracic outlet as well.

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  • Hi and welcome to this site!

    The numbers of the titres from the two antibodies you are going to take for the second time, are not affected by Aspirin or Vitamins as far as I know. I have taken the bloodtests for the 3 antibodies (also high and positive for 14 years) first with baby-Aspirin and later with Warfarin.

    I hope you are looking for an APS-Specialist as that is very important to get the right treatment. I can tell you that I was so happy as the Warfarin worked and my symptoms disappeared.

    I suggest you continue with your Aspirin if it works for you as you can take the bloods with that drug.

    Suggestion no 2: read "Sticky Blood Explained" by Kay Thackray. She has APS and writes about the symptoms. Very good that book!

    Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

  • Thank you for your reply. Did the baby Apirin help you at all? I am seeing a Rheumatoid doctor currently. What kind of specialist is a APS dr? I got a clot in 2008 and was on warfarin for 4 years and it was so awful. I had more symptoms after the clot and warfarin than before. Lately just feel a little dizzy sometimes. Thanks I will check out the book.

  • That depends on what symptoms we have. You have not told us that but I had neurological symptoms and TIAs etc and the Baby-Aspirin helped to begin with.

    Later on I had to take Warfarin and then the neurological symptoms disappeared completely. Read about APS you will see what I mean.

    We have noticed here that the Neurologists do not "get" what APS is about - that is too thick blood that has to be stable and properly thinned. We need a rather high INR most of us otherwise the symptoms will not go away.

    Sometimes when members see a Specialist of APS they also loose a couple of the diagnoses (or other symptoms) they had when they came at first. That is one of the reason why we should have an Expert and there are very few of them. He knows APS and how to treat it correctly.

    We do not like the Neurologists so well but a Rheumatologist or a Hematologist are ver good as to APS. I have both and a lung/heart doctor if I need it.


  • There are ordinary Rheumatologists and there are also Rheumatologists who are APS-Specialists and that is the Doctor you should try to find. They are rare but important for us.


  • Thanks

  • When I had my blood clot in 2008 I had a sore and bruised arm. This time felt faint, dizzy, weak, foggy and shaky. Only felt for a couple of weeks then symptoms went away.

  • Welcome, you have had some excellent advice already. I would sit tight and wait for the next results, where are you located? It helps to have a specialist who fully understands the condition. MaryF

  • SLC, UT

  • What is SLC, UT?


  • Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

  • I have 3 auto immune diseases now and wish they would just treat that and not just the symptoms.

  • chellsee40 wish they would just treat that and not just the symptoms.Part of finding an APS (antiphospholipid Syndrome) specialist is so that they not only treat your condition as a whole but the symptoms that you currently have. After all if you were symptomless you would not be bothering too much about the condition but it still would not mean you did not have it!!

    Taking Aspirin or vitamins will not affect your antibodies, which by the way, you have for life. So if you are diagnosed with Hughes/APS Syndrome you have it for ever even though your antibodies may go up and down.

    I find it difficult to believe that you were taken off your warfarin, normally once on it for Hughes you are on it for life. If it is not agreeing with you or your symptoms are worse then its because your dose is probably wrong. Again thats what a specialist will sort out and if warfarin still does not work there are alternatives but going back to aspirin is usually not one of them on its own, which may explain why you still have symptoms.

  • When I had my clots before they did the testing for APS but said it was negative after all 3 tests but kept me on it for thoracic outlet. Now they want to test me again and my levels are alot higher this time but only on the one test. I have been off Warfarin for 3 years now.

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